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The Right Resistance: Pay much attention to the phony politician behind the curtain – it’s Joe Biden

Fans of Hollywood movie lore recognize the otherwise innocuous saying as originating from the 1939 Judy Garland classic film “The Wizard of Oz,” where in one dramatic scene near the end, the actor depicting the “Great and powerful Oz” retreats behind a cover hoping to maintain the ruse that he is some sort of mystical mean-looking green being projected on a screen who shouts a lot and has cool bursts of fire accompanying his every wordy proclamation.

Casual observers swear the “Oz” story has nothing to do with contemporary politics, but in the real world of the Washington DC swamp, there are plenty of shameless politicians hiding behind make-believe canopies and spending their hours spouting platitudes and puffery as though they were great and powerful themselves – only to be exposed as frauds when the curtain is pulled back by a little dog (remember it was Toto who revealed the whole thing?) or at a press conference during an overseas trip representing the nation.

Senile president Joe Biden is one such thundering phony, and the old coot’s days of hiding behind the proverbial curtain appear to be numbered as more and more Americans get wise to the hot air emanating from Donald Trump’s successor. It wasn’t all that long ago that Biden promised to “restore the soul of the nation” and “heal the wounds” inflicted on the country’s body politic by the Republican bad orange man who came from the private business sector and reality television to make America great again.

The establishment media didn’t go for it. Trump accomplished many, many, impressive things during his four-year stint but the truth regarding his exploits never reached the convincible portion of the American public. Voters became susceptible to the Democrats’ snow job, which led to the election of the simpleton dunce Biden who can barely get facts straight or keep from falling over himself.

Longtime followers of American politics instantly recognized Biden for what he is – an intellectually challenged shell with little political talent who’s led a Forrest Gump-like existence of always being in the right place at the right time, a shyster of the highest order who’d managed to first finagle his way onto Barack Obama’s 2008 can’t-lose ticket and then toss his hat into the 2020 ring amidst the weakest presidential candidate field of all time.

With his greatest challengers being the ultra-socialist kook Bernie Sanders, the “Look at me, I’m gay” thirty-something Pete Buttigieg, the too-boring-for-primetime Amy Klobuchar, the faux Native American squaw Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren and a collection of retreads and losers who couldn’t change a flat tire if their lives depended on it, Senile Joe came out looking great and powerful by association.

Democrats are facing the bitter reality these days, and they’re not liking it. In a piece titled “Frustrated Democrats express alarm over Biden’s powerlessness”, Amie Parnes and Brett Samuels reported at The Hill:

“Biden has been dealt blow after blow in recent weeks: The Supreme Court struck down Roe v. Wade’s constitutional right to an abortion; the country is plagued by gun violence, the latest example falling during an Independence Day parade in suburban Chicago; and rising costs for gasoline, food and other goods have frustrated the public for months.

“In each case, Biden’s hands are largely tied, frustrating Democrats and contributing to the president’s political malaise. He has signed executive action and a bipartisan bill aiming to curb gun violence. He has taken some unilateral action to lower gas prices, such as releasing oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. And he has called on the Senate to alter the filibuster if needed to codify Roe v. Wade.

“None of those steps were expected to do or will do much to slow the gun violence plague, dramatically lower prices at the pump or bring back abortion rights in states where the procedure is being outlawed. And all of that is increasingly frustrating Democrats, who argue they voted Biden into office to enact change and are unhappy with the results.”

Boo hoo. It’s astonishing how Democrats can whine and moan about the president’s feebleness now when they knew all along that there really wasn’t a “Great and powerful” Biden at all, only a corrupted gaffe-committing dufus who hides from view most of the time and then injects himself into every bit of history he ever talks about while refusing to acknowledge the central personal role he’s played in his own public relations demise. Biden’s shown he can work the levers behind his invisible curtain and conjure up all the blame he wants to throw at others, but he’s not any good at maintaining the impression he’s really a great guy who cares about America and that the problems we’re experiencing are due to the dastardly Vladimir Putin or the mess Trump left behind after the 2020 election. In general, Democrat policy solutions don’t have any substance and their entire pitch revolves around calling conservatives racists while convincing the gullible and uninformed that the world will end unless liberals are given whatever they ask for legislatively.

If Joe Biden is indeed “powerless” to change the downward polling spiral of his administration, he never possessed the ability in the first place.

For all the incessant and relentless criticisms launched at Donald Trump during his half decade-plus in politics, no one ever accused him of being powerless. On the contrary, the standard liberal critique of Trump centered on him supposedly possessing too much power, that he was a hot tempered, poor mannered borderline lunatic who couldn’t keep any of his urges – carnal and otherwise – under control long enough to stave off another embarrassing incident.

How many times was Trump labeled as a spoiled brat hot-head who lived in his own insular world of watching TV news all day and all night and sharing his spur-of-the-moment spontaneous feelings via his Twitter thumbs? And that he wouldn’t listen to anyone, not even wife Melania, who might’ve counseled against his tyrannical instincts to control every micro detail of the presidency?

The establishment media picked on Trump without let-up, yet there never were any reports about Trump’s lacking power. Even to this day, Democrats and their media honks assert that Trump enjoys some mind-controlling authority over his tens of millions of minions, zombie-like folks who refuse to concede that their hero is a “threat to democracy” and should be confined behind bars for his purported role in the January 6 “insurrection”.

In suggesting so, no one’s claiming that Trump is/was always meek as a lamb and prone to saying please and thank you whenever he spoke to underlings and Democrats alike. When the media reported years ago that Trump hastily got up and stomped out of the room when meeting with Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Minority Leader “Chucky” Schumer, it was entirely believable.

Democrats were terrified of Trump’s “power”, not only his willingness to carry through with campaign promises that previous Republican presidents had shrunk from when the moment of truth arrived – like building a physical barrier between the U.S. and Mexico – but also his sway with the “ordinary” people who supported him. Trump had almost single-handedly turned the working class against Democrats and liberals feared that, if left unchecked, he would start chipping away at other treasured Democrat constituencies as well, like Hispanics.

If such a campaign were successful, it would only leave them the young and gullible college crowd, African-American women, limousine liberals and the hags at “The View” to keep Democrats in power. So they impeached Trump over nothing – twice. It didn’t work. And reports say that Trump is moving closer than ever to mounting a comeback campaign.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden is a prostrate little weakling, so much so that no one is talking about impeaching him, though there’ve been plenty of rumors that Democrats have discussed invoking the 25th Amendment to put Kamala Harris in his place. Only when these same Biden naysayers realize just how awful Harris is does the clamor die down. Kamala can’t even come off as the “man behind the curtain”.

Senile Joe is taking a lot of criticism from Democrats (such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez) for not doing enough to make himself and other party members look, for lack of a better way to put it, more “powerful”. They argue there are tools at his disposal, such as demanding that the Democrat-controlled senate ditch the filibuster for legislation, that would instantly solve their polling shortfalls.

But what could Biden say to Democrat senators Joe Manchin (of West Virginia) and Kyrsten Sinema (Arizona) that hasn’t already been pleaded? Even after the recent Dobbs decision, there’ve been no indications that the two Democrat holdouts have changed their opinions on keeping the filibuster. And Nancy Pelosi is busy dealing with her family’s personal scandal (husband Paul’s DUI address and criminal charge).

Biden has exercised plenty of “power” through his presidential pen, issuing disastrous (for America) executive orders on a number of topics, including abortion. Further, he’s continuously bashed the Supreme Court and seems to say all the right things in public to sustain the “Republicans are all evil” lie that keeps Democrat voters motivated.

To see Democrats struggling with the loss of power in the Biden administration is little consolation to Americans who voted for the more capable Donald Trump, a president who would’ve exercised his authority in a responsible manner on inflation, the southern border crisis and energy production, among others. In other words, we’d be much better off with Trump today.

Tell that to the Democrat behind the curtain.

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I'm inclined to disagree with the premise of this piece. Biden isn't the man behind the curtain, he IS the curtain. Someone or someones are actually behind the curtain making all the decisions. Biden is a doofus who only fronts the operation.

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