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The Right Resistance: Pelosi’s Baltimore mayor papa ignored racial segregation. Where’s the outrage?

There’s an oft-employed adage in golf that could just as easily be used in every aspect of living: “If not for bad luck, I’d have no luck at all.”

It’s heard whenever a golf ball takes a bad bounce off a sprinkler cover or a particularly well-aimed shot hits the pin and ricochets into a bunker. These are the types of occurrences that make you hate the game and love its unpredictability at the same time. Golf is an equal opportunity frustrater -- sooner or later, everyone is afflicted.

The old saying translates to politics as well, though for Democrats, I’d choose a slight derivative: “If not for hypocrisy, there’d be nothing left at all.” Such was the case last week when Speaker Nancy Pelosi was asked to comment on her late father’s tenure as Baltimore mayor. As a dutiful lock-step Democrat, she refused to denounce parts of his record that would earn him a good tongue-lashing -- if not stoning -- from today’s “woke” race obsessed liberal party. As everyone knows, Democrats have absolutely zero problem with applying contemporary liberal moral standards to historic figures and casting them into the pit of hades without due process or trial whenever they’re found lacking.

It's especially true with matters of race. Madame Speaker wouldn’t open up when one of her own was the subject of a retro-inquisition. Kery Murakami reported at The Washington Times:

“House Speaker Nancy Pelosi refuses to denounce her late father, former Baltimore Mayor Thomas D’Alesandro Jr., for supporting the erection of Confederate monuments in the city and perpetuating systemic racism by not stopping discriminatory practices, including refusing rental housing to Black people in White neighborhoods.

“Mrs. Pelosi, who has made confronting the country’s past racism and combating systemic racism a cornerstone of the House Democrats’ agenda, refused repeated requests this week to address her father’s legacy.

“Meanwhile, Democrats are pushing policies for White people to own up to their ancestors’ complicity in racism, including paying reparations to Black Americans.”

Pelosi’s papa called himself Mayor from 1947 to 1959, which was a difficult period in America’s struggle for equality under the law. Since Maryland -- at least at that time -- was still considered southern (below the Mason-Dixon line, right?) there was a great deal of angst regarding segregated neighborhoods. From reading Murakami’s article, you gather D’Alesandro was no rabid racist, but he clearly didn’t go as far as he possibly could have to guarantee civil rights.

The Speaker herself was born in 1940, so we assume that as a little girl and teen, she witnessed first-hand much of what her daddy was doing in the city. “Papa, why did you talk to those men and tell them they couldn’t build housing for black people in white neighborhoods? Isn’t everyone equal? Just like you were, I plan to be a politician and serve in the House of Representatives someday. Should I be like you and tell humans with darkened skin that they can’t live near me? Why? Why?”

In addition, D’Alesandro did preside over the erection of statues of Confederate Generals Thomas J. “Stonewall” Jackson and Robert E. Lee, and his comments at the dedication ceremonies would draw the infuriated righteous ire of just about every Black Lives Matter activist today. Very non-politically correct! Wow, us modern Americans could benefit from the historic figures’ examples? That they actually represented people seeking liberty and freedom? The mayor’s views coincided with that of most Americans prior to the recent judgment that every potentially unpleasant piece of history needs to be suppressed and expunged to please the race-mongers and ease the guilty consciences of white liberals at the same juncture.

Liberals worry for everyone, including people who died in 1987 (D’Alesandro’s death).

Though both sides in the War Between the States (or more commonly referred to as the “War of Northern Aggression” here in Virginia) claimed the Old Line State for their cause, most Marylanders fought for the union side. President Abraham Lincoln moved swiftly to impose martial law on Baltimore after a riot broke out there in the beginning stages of the conflict. The 16th president realized he couldn’t have the federal capital surrounded by enemy territory.

Despite this, there were Maryland regiments in the Confederate army, and probably thousands of Marylanders lie in cemeteries having fought and died for the south. Like its neighbor, Joe Biden’s Delaware (candidate Biden once proudly bragged that his was a former slave state), Maryland did not have a large number of slaves. But the stigma still stuck.

In 2021, Maryland politics are dominated by Democrats, who rely on large African-American populations who reside in still dilapidated Baltimore and the Washington DC suburbs for support. Some things never change. Why do these people keep voting for failure? Hypocrites!

As everyone knows, Pelosi got the ball rolling on removing offensive (to liberals) statuary in the Capitol building last year after the “mostly peaceful” protests in blue cities throughout the country. No doubt the move was prescient because Democrats would’ve claimed that strolling by Confederate figures would’ve fanned the passions of the January 6th “mostly peaceful” protesters and backwards racist Trump supporters as they toured the building.

No wonder the Speaker ran and hid that day!

In a different day and age, it wouldn’t matter a lick what Pelosi’s father did sixty and seventy years ago, and there’s no reason why a daughter should have to answer for the deeds of her parents in decades long past. But if non-pigmented folks are now going to be required to ante up for the nation’s racist heritage, people like San Fran Nan should occupy square one of perpetrators to look to for compensatory payments.

Like everything else associated with the concept of slavery reparations, this is a litigator’s dream! Imagine some law clerk in a law office somewhere poring over records from those black families who were forced through lack of choice to live in unsafe or unhealthy Baltimore communities because they weren’t permitted (by redlining banks, unchecked by the local government) to seek or purchase a place in a more desirable area. Were any of them victims of crimes? Did a distant relative succumb to cancer?

You can almost hear the voice in your head, a TV commercial from a sleazeball personal injury lawyer who smells blood in the water. “Did you or your family or anyone you know live in an impossibly filthy Baltimore neighborhood during the late 1940’s and 50’s? Or do you know someone who was traumatized by having to look at Confederate military heroes’ statues at the time? Our law firm specializes in winning large awards for victims of Nancy Pelosi’s father’s policies. Don’t delay! Call the firm of ‘Dewey, Cheatham and Howe!’ right away!”

The fine print will reveal that the attorneys only keep forty percent of all awards extorted from the government, plus costs, of course. After the process is concluded, there might be a few dimes left over!

As last summer’s mask-less trip to an otherwise locked down California hair salon demonstrated, there’s more than one topic where winery-owning limousine liberal Nancy Pelosi is a hypocrite. Practically every time she stands at the podium talking to the press, she’s lecturing decent citizens on how to behave or what to believe. If Democrats aren’t successful in selling their snow jobs to the public at large, they just cram legislation through the process and say, “We have to pass the bill in order to find out what’s in it.”

If the establishment media won’t hold liberals like Speaker Nancy Pelosi to account for their blaring “Do as I say, not as I do” contradictions, it’s up to the rest of us to make them suffer at the ballot box. It may or may not be relevant what Pelosi’s father did while serving as Baltimore Mayor more than a half-century ago. But the least she can do is explain her hypocrisy.

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Miembro desconocido
09 may 2021

Really, so now you’re going back 70 years to find something to whine about? The “conservatives“ are trying to enforce segregation today and you guys couldn‘t be more delighted.

Me gusta
Miembro desconocido
12 may 2021
Contestando a

I dunno what you're talking about.

But if a GOP congressman is gonna say slavery was a necessary evil to build our great nation, one should also acknowledge reparations are a necessary good - after all, we shouldn't be known as a nation of deadbeats who don't repay our debts.

Me gusta
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