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The Right Resistance: Poll outliers, wrong assumptions and panicked Democrats rule the day

A weekend removed from the latest headline-making episode of the 2024 Republican presidential primary non-horserace, there’s little evidence in the aftermath of last

Wednesday’s “official” debate (at the Ronald Reagan presidential library) that the balance of party power changed much, if at all. All the real “movement” seems to be in the potential general election match-up between former President Donald Trump and current bag o’ bones-in-chief, president senile Joe Biden.

Particularly attention-grabbing was a poll released a couple days prior to the talk-over-each-other fest, which revealed the supposedly ineligible and disgraced multi-indicted Republican Trump had opened up a large lead over Biden if the 2024 election were held today.

More perplexing even than the “outlier” poll’s findings was the terrified reaction from Democrats who couldn’t process how a legally-challenged political cretin like Trump could possibly be ascending in the all-important upcoming race while “good guy” Uncle Joe Biden dives to the depths of despair with no relief in sight.

Yes, it has gotten this bad, folks. In a piece appropriately titled “Biden Poll Freakout”, the always insightful Byron York reported at the Washington Examiner last week:

“The most newsworthy of the polls came from the Washington Post and ABC News. Biden's job approval rating in the new survey is 37%, with disapproval at 56%. Approval of his handling of the economy is 30%. Approval of his handling of the border crisis is 23%. The survey found deep unhappiness about the state of the economy in general, energy prices, food prices, and the income of average workers. Only 33% of Democrats said they want Biden to run for a second term, versus 62% who don't.

“Those are terrible numbers for a sitting president, but truth be told, they're not all that different from the results we've seen in many polls in recent months. So why the frenzy? Because of this question from the pollsters: ‘If the 2024 presidential election were being held today and the candidates were Donald Trump and Joe Biden, for whom would you vote? Would you lean toward Trump or Biden?’ The result was decisive: Trump held a 10-point lead, 52% to 42%, among registered voters.

“What? Trump with a 10-point lead? The prospect was too awful for the Washington Post and many others in the media. It must be wrong! An outlier! Indeed, in the headline and again in the article, the Washington Post declared its own finding an ‘outlier.’...”

Thus comes the shocking news – to Democrats – that maybe their 2024 assumptions thus far were not only slightly incorrect – they’re dead wrong. For far too long, liberals believed their own heated rhetoric regarding the mood of the country and overestimated by leaps and bounds the supposed antipathy Americans harbor for Trump at the same time. Surprise! Democrats, the hag hosts of ‘The View’ don’t represent independent voters, the twenty-or-so percent of middle seekers who allegedly decide national elections.

After all, do independents like inflation? A porous border? Illegal aliens overrunning cities? Accountability-less prosecutors letting crime go unaddressed and criminals go unpunished? Interest from the national debt eating out the heart of the federal budget? “Woke-ness” destroying American culture? How about transgender freaks bearing their fake boobies on the White House lawn?

What if the Democrats suddenly woke up one day and realized it wasn’t just the ethically challenged and mentally enfeebled old goat at the top of their ticket that is the cause of their decline? Could it be that there’s more to it than appearances and personalities, even for the Democrats?

Oh, horrors! It’s us! Not just him! Biden’s sleazy family and age reality have provided convenient excuses for Democrats to run and hide behind for months. It isn’t the party’s insistence on electric car mandates and climate change mumbo-jumbo that have soured the party’s union base, they’ve concluded, it’s senile Joe’s troubles! It isn’t that the open borders phenomenon is finally taking root in Democrat cities like New York and Chicago, it’s Kamala Harris’s unpopularity that’s dragging us down! Ditch him! Ditch her!

What happens when that sudden spark of realization hits and Democrats discern that it’s what they believe that is the real problem for them? Talk about a look in the mirror episode of truth.

Wouldn’t any Democrat who replaced Biden – even if it’s Kamala Harris or Michelle Obama – still need to distinguish him or herself from the current chief by articulating policy distinctions from the Democrat mainstream today? For example, you could substitute in Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s name in this sense, but RFK Jr.’s policy departures from the evolving Democrat norm have only earned him scorn and animosity from the powerful people.

No vaccine mandates? No mask mandates? No lockdowns? Gulp, let the people decide for themselves? Freedom of the press and information? Dang, we can’t have that, Democrats!

While Biden himself is certainly a big factor in his own demise, he’s not the only one driving him down. The Democrat mainstream corporate media (i.e., everything that isn’t conservative media) backs Biden’s policies even more than the man himself. The regular talkers and writers are slowly owning up to the fact that Biden’s listing ship has begun its inevitable descent to the bottom of the political ocean and have acted accordingly – namely, by dropping strong hints that senile Joe won’t be the 2024 Democrat nominee, even if he has to be forced out to get him to leave.

Incidentally, such an ouster would generate quite a scene, wouldn’t it? Just imagine a swarm of angry, discouraged press people going after poor Karine Jean-Pierre in the White House briefing room on the status of the old goat’s mental stability – if she hadn’t already committed career Hara-kiri by abandoning the Biden ship in favor of a cushy and job-secure TV position beside Jen Psaki at MSNBC (you know, the place where possessing brain cells isn’t a prerequisite).

Here's thinking Democrats will never experience this type of awakening because it’s far more soothing – to them – to perpetuate their delusions of conservative-valued regular people “clinging to guns and religion”. Or simply maintaining their “deplorable” predilections of conservative racism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia, hatred for the poor, caveman-like views on women’s rights and devotion to disinformation-derived free speech. This is hurting Democrats now.

Meanwhile, Democrats see themselves as pure as new fallen snow in Vermont with their full-throated advocacy for abortion “rights”, transgender “rights”, bigger and bigger subsidies for Democrat constituencies, race-based hiring and promotion, a “woke” military brass that prefers hunting down so-called “white supremacists” to killing enemies and, last but not least, enriching themselves through family connections to the tune of millions of dollars.

Oh yeah. Democrats apparently think it’s also okay to allow a recovering stroke victim (Pennsylvania Democrat Senator John Fetterman) to wear clothes he buys from a box store on the senate floor. Classy guy!

No one’s suggesting Donald Trump suddenly morphed into an angel or that Republicans are even close to perfect, but thanks to the transformative (in a bad way) administrations of Barack Obama and Joe Biden, there’s plenty of contrast between the parties these days. The frenzied establishment news media hyperventilates about senile Joe Biden and cackling Kamala because the biased journos realize there’s no way out from the trap they’re in – Biden and Harris in ’24 – short of an internal coup that lacks organization or a leader.

California’s Gov. Gavin Newsom is typically cited as the Democrat savior “White Knight” candidate in waiting, but he recently poured cold water – again – on the notion he’d be open to replacing senile Joe Biden should the Democrats find themselves in need of an emergency substitute. (Note – some conservatives, such as bomb thrower Kurt Schlichter, believe it’s all a ruse and Newsom is still planning to fill-in.)

But would average Americans truly find Newsom more palatable than senile Joe, since the policy agendas of the two men are practically identical? Slick Gavin tries making himself sound moderate during media appearances, but isn’t California leading the nation as a gigantic, beautiful but foul-smelling laboratory for every “woke” policy that eventually makes its way to Democrats in Congress?

Isn’t Newsom just Joe Biden minus the wrinkles and shuffling gait? What will America’s parents think of the Golden State’s failed public school systems, purge-inducing city downtowns and chronic nanny-state-isms on the environment and social policy? How would patriotic, informed citizens treat the Democrats’ no-limits abortion policies? Or the liberal party’s energy exploration constraints? Or government mandates on everything?

Sooner or later, Democrats will pay the price for the destruction their policies have wrought on the nation. Yes, a lone poll showing Donald Trump with a 10-point lead (when most other polls reveal a tight race or even tied) is somewhat shocking. Looking even closer, however, the lead was among registered voters, not a more-reliably conservative-leaning likely voter model. There’s still lots for Democrats to worry about here, as York highlighted the survey’s harsh results on Biden’s job performance, too.

To his credit, Trump has mostly abandoned his petty sniping at some of his fellow 2024 Republican competitors and instead pivoted to homing in on Joe Biden’s and the Democrats’ awful record. Last Wednesday’s Trump counter-rally with the candidate speaking to UAW union members and tradesmen was well conceived and just the type of strategy he’ll need to win over the “independent” voters both sides need.

For his part, Trump should lay as low as possible, keep his eye on the 2024 election, allow voters to assess the issues instead of just the candidates themselves and the people will decide. If Trump is able to shape his message without letting the outside media influence him, Americans will be hankering for a competent commander-in-chief to take the reins once again.

Then, a 10-point “outlier” poll might reflect a real average margin that even Democrats must acknowledge.

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