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The Right Resistance: Raphael Warnock, Joe Biden, 2022, and Democrats winning

Is Joe Biden winning? We’ll find out part of the answer today as Georgians head to the polls – or more accurately, those who haven’t already voted drive to their precincts – to weigh-in

on the all-important U.S. Senate runoff race between Marxist incumbent Democrat Raphael Warnock and conservative outsider non-politician challenger Republican Herschel Walker.

Walker has worked all along to tie Warnock to Joe Biden’s policies -- a smart strategy considering the senile president’s approval rating is under water in Georgia by a healthy amount, as it is in most parts of the country. Last month’s midterm elections may not have gone the way Republicans wanted them to, but the Democrats’ better-than-predicted performance definitely wasn’t attributable to some odd national psychological renewal of favor towards the doddering Delawarean dunce in the White House.

As would be anticipated, Warnock outraised Walker by leaps and bounds this year, with over 90 percent of the Democrat’s money coming from outside the boundaries of the Peach State. As David Catron reported at The American Spectator last week, a who’s who of corporations chipped in big-time to try and push Raphael past the fifty percent plus one threshold. Walker’s money, by contrast, was predominantly small contributions, mostly from Georgians themselves.

Everyone knows Hollywood, government civil servants and the global financial industry New York interests love to intervene in close races, their funds largely dedicated to TV-ads smearing Walker as a lying hypocrite on abortion and long-time deranged ex-wife beater whose unstable persona could reappear at any moment. Like what did or did not happen decades ago has any bearing on how a Georgia senator would vote on senile Joe’s agenda next year.

Democrats can’t win on the issues so they make it all about someone’s personal choices years and years ago (see Moore, Judge Roy, in the 2017 Alabama senate runoff). This should serve as a warning to all conservatives and Republicans to never do anything in their lives that some faithless liberal will dredge up in the second half of this century and use against them decades down the road.

But what about Biden himself? Much has been said and written about his job performance and success in enacting his agenda despite his obvious inability to perform even basic duties of the presidency, like delivering coherent public speeches and avoiding falling asleep in overseas official visits. Is senile Joe really winning?

Republican former Speaker Newt Gingrich apparently thinks so. In a piece titled “Newt Gingrich warns the GOP: Biden is quietly winning”, Tom Howell Jr. reported last week at The Washington Times:

“The Republican who served as speaker in the mid to late 1990s said he disapproves of Mr. Biden’s job performance and policies, but the GOP must take a hard look at whether they are winning or losing, given the midterm results.

“He said fellow Republicans tend to ‘pettily focus’ on Mr. Biden’s speaking difficulties or lapses in memory, causing them to underestimate the president and his Democratic allies. ‘But remember: Presidents Dwight Eisenhower and Ronald Reagan both preferred to be underestimated. Both wanted people to think of them as pleasant — but not dangerous,’ he wrote in a blog post on Gingrich 360. …

“Mr. Gingrich urged Republicans to think deeply about what went wrong in 2022 and turn it into a sound strategy for 2024. ‘Today there is not nearly enough understanding (or acknowledgment) among leading Republicans that our system and approach failed,’ he wrote. ‘We need to rethink from the ground up how we are going to Defeat Big Government Socialism — including almost inevitable second-time Democrat Presidential Nominee Biden. This is a much bigger challenge than I would have guessed before the election.’”

Yes indeed, defeating senile Joe in 2024 will be a much more arduous test than anyone thought it would be, just like a lot of us figured that a heroic self-made man like Herschel Walker should dispatch a loser like Raphael Warnock in their own Georgia showdown. The choice isn’t difficult when presented with two entirely separate worldviews, but here we are again, having a tough time getting to a political safe point.

Conservatives and Republicans, myself included, often fall into the trap of trusting that a majority of voters in any district should see the current policy direction of the (now) Democrat majority as an undesirable and ineffective one. As though non-stop haranguing on racism, transgender “rights” and climate change is a winning strategy.

Apparently for the low-information voters who don’t give a hoot about things like affordable energy, traditional cultural values and sound government fiscal management, the Democrat slobbering over senile Joe and his non-merry band of socialist cutthroats, liars and finaglers is exactly what unenlightened political lightweights want to hear. Giveaways, subsidies and censoring alternative views is not only allowable in this thought process, it’s enviable.

The eternal question is whether Republicans and conservatives should dumb-down their proposals and message so as to lure a few percentage points worth of empty-headed morons (liberal young voters, abortion-loving single women and Anthony Fauci-worshipping nanny state adherents, et al.) over to the sane side. The alternative is to hope normal avenues of persuasion and evidence will actually sway a majority of Americans, eventually. With the pathetic level of civics knowledge in this country, good luck with this latter approach.

But I agree with Gingrich’s suggestion that Republicans have underestimated the political talents of senile Joe. As Obama himself pointed out after Donald Trump’s victory in 2016, almost every politician has lost an election at some point. Except for Biden. Many of us continue to think the Democrat won in 2020 under suspicious circumstances, but there’s no going back now.

Hard as it is to fathom, the 2024 Democrat nomination appears Joe Biden’s to lose, if he chooses to run. The always compromised liberal establishment media isn’t even talking about potential Biden successors for the Democrat nod any longer, and, as far as I can tell, there isn’t a single Democrat who’s strongly indicated he or she will try to bump off Joe if he gives it a go. Heck, even California’s Gavin Newsom reiterated recently that he’s out, and the slick-haired liberal probably believes he can do anything he wants.

I’m still not convinced that Biden will actually run again. Like a future Hall of Fame player who deems he’s had enough (doesn’t matter the sport), senile Joe may just decide to retire on top and go into broadcasting. Kidding about the last part, but with the American economy probably on the verge of tanking (despite strong employment numbers), why would Biden want to spend his ultra-golden years being hounded by people who want him gone?

Besides, if senile Joe were to declare that he’s permanently headed for the Hunter-resistant beach house on the eastern shore, wouldn’t it just open up a nasty Democrat scrum to succeed him? I have a hard time accepting that senile Joe – or any other Democrat -- actually likes Kamala Harris, and the opening of the race to non-Joes would generate a cavalcade of ambitious Beto O’Rourke/Pete Buttigieg types who surmise they have the right combination of demographic bona fides and fibbing capability to win.

Republican calculations on how to beat Democrats in 2024 aren’t all that perplexing to solve. They need a new and fresh bench of capable leaders, a new generation of grassroots organizers who will take the Democrats’ lead on early and mail-in voting and use the new rules to our own advantage. If Republicans won a large balance of votes in 2022, just think what a coordinated effort could do two years from now when GOP supporters have had a chance to assess what went wrong and fix some of the mistakes.

Much will depend on the top of the Republican ticket, and here’s hoping there will be a vigorous primary nominating process that will compel all possible contenders – including former president Trump – to earn their way. I’m convinced Biden can be beaten. We just have to be smart about it.

Debate will continue over whether Joe Biden and the Democrats are truly winning. The result in Georgia will stir more discussion and the real work begins this month in trying to limit the damage from the lame duck congressional session. After that, it’s open season on the Democrats and their sinister socialistic schemes. Will Republicans grasp the lessons of 2022?

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Herschel Walker's loss proves my point about the GOP fielding inferior, non-conservative candidates.


Kevin McCarthy is not a conservative. Electing him as House Speaker will do nothing to further our cause. I won't expect much from a McCarthy-led House (unless his first name is Joseph!).


The left is winning because the Republican Party continues to field inferior candidates like Herschel Walker for the Georgia senate seat. He is a flawed candidate. There are character questions raised by possible abortion issues in his past. Campaigning with a RINO like Nikki Haley doesn't help his cause either.

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