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The Right Resistance: Reasons why making Biden pass a cognitive test isn’t such a good idea

“What if I fail?”


It’s something everyone’s asked themselves at some point, as doubt snaked its way into our

consciousness at crucial times, only to be dispelled by an injection of stellar confidence – or an energy drink. But for those who believe president senile Joe Biden’s increasingly erratic public appearances all-but demand that he be tested for dementia, the possibility of him not passing the test is very real and scares the bejesus out of Democrats.


If the obviously senile president can’t meet the mark, what then? It’s the operative question.


In an article titled “Biden under pressure to take cognitive test amid dementia concerns”, Susan Ferrechio reported at the Washington Times recently:


“President Biden’s memory lapses, confusion, stumbles and halting gait have ramped up calls that he undergo a cognitive test during his annual physical exam. Mr. Biden, 81, is set to undergo his physical as early as this month. White House aides said the exam, like last year’s, would not include a cognitive test required for many Americans older than 65.


“A growing number of lawmakers insist that Mr. Biden undergo tests to determine whether he is capable of running the country or is suffering from dementia. Dozens of House Republicans signed a letter calling on Mr. Biden to take a cognitive test or else be subjected to removal from office under the 25th Amendment.


“The lawmakers were responding to special counsel Robert K. Hur’s report on Mr. Biden’s retention of classified documents. Mr. Hur documented the president’s inability to recall critical information, including when his son Beau died. He said the president’s memory lapses were so significant that prosecuting him for improperly handling classified documents would be impossible. The letter cited instances in which Mr. Biden suffered memory lapses.”


For what it’s worth, senile Joe’s memory seems fine when it comes to remembering enemies or reminding himself to settle old scores. Perhaps hatred of conservative Republicans has been burned into his brain like the time he challenged “Corn Pop” to a fight when he was a youth (note: view the video and see if you notice any difference between the senile Joe of June, 2017 and now).


Americans have watched the president decline before our very eyes. For a man who wasn’t really all that bright to begin with, senile Joe Biden has slumped considerably. A cognitive test very well could confirm what we all see, but would it be a difference-maker for Biden among Democrats?


Beyond all that, would Republicans really want Biden to take the test and fail it? By the looks of it, senile Joe being assessed a less-than-passing “grade” on the exam could turn into one of those “be careful what you wish for, you might just get it” scenarios, in a number of ways.


First, the moment that senile Joe bombs the questions, the Bidens and establishment Democrats would come out of the woodworks claiming that the test was biased in some manner, or the person/doctor administering the exam wasn’t qualified or failed to ask the questions properly, or it was too cold or hot in the room, or senile Joe didn’t have his breakfast that morning, or he simply didn’t grasp what had been asked of him.


And, if the proper conditions had been met, senile Joe would’ve gotten a hundred percent! Can’t you see it now? Most, if not all Democrats have always been major apologists, spineless people who could instantaneously manufacture excuses for just about any personal flaw. Bill Clinton wasn’t a serial philanderer, accused rapist, former dope smoking hippy-turned Vietnam War dodger – liberals said he was a brilliant guy from a commoner background (from Hope, Arkansas, no less) who made it to Georgetown and a Rhodes scholarship, married a Wellesley girl and monopolized politics, no?


Likewise, Barack Obama wasn’t just a teenage leader of the “Choom Gang” who escaped Hawaii for the Midwest, took up as a radicalized, Bill Ayres-trained “community organizer” and regular attendee of Jeremiah Wright’s anti-American church, he was the first Black President, the purveyor of “Hope and Change” and the chosen one who would halt the rise of the oceans, correct?


Similarly, senile Joe Biden, in his younger days, wasn’t responsible for his plagiarizing habit, didn’t almost get kicked out of law school, didn’t habitually lie… about everything… and, of course, didn’t take up with Dr. Jill Biden while she was still married. For all anyone knows, Biden is an upstanding citizen, smart as a whip, and could pass any cognitive test if it were fed to him on a level playing surface with a properly sharpened Number 2 pencil.


Second, if/when senile Joe can’t pass the cognitive test, Democrats will devise their own set of criteria, administer an alternative test to constitute a “second opinion” and publish the findings and conclusions – that Biden is well versed in American history, the sciences, religion and the origins of Western Civilization, can easily recite the Preamble to the Constitution as well as the death dates of son Beau, his parents and Abraham Lincoln and rattled off, without error or hesitation, the names of every leader of a major country.


Democrats will neglect to mention that their exam was “open book” and, like in the once popular primetime gameshow “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?”, senile Joe was able to call up friends or poll the audience (of Democrat party leaders) whenever he was stumped. And there was no time limit, of course.


Three, if/when senile Joe flops on the test – and if Democrats choose to let it be known – then there will be a great discussion about whether to allow or urge vice president cackling Kamala Harris to commence a 25th Amendment removal process involving Biden’s cabinet members and selected Democrat House members.


House and Senate Democrats won’t wish to remove Biden because many of them wouldn’t want to take the test, either. Can you imagine Maxine Waters or Jerrold Nadler being compelled to take a cognitive examination? Or Cori Bush? Some of the dumbest people ever have been elected as Democrats to Congress and they weren’t held back?


How about the late California Senator Dianne Feinstein who served up until she was completely incapacitated, yet no one was telling her she had to take a cognitive assessment? A challenge to Feinstein would’ve been mocked as age discrimination as well as sexism, bigotry against Jewish senators and an innate bias against filthy rich people who came by their wealth due to foreign influences (China)!


Fourth, if/when Biden fails the test, Democrats will swear that the questions and the result were geared towards discriminating against individuals who’d had two brain surgeries and since recovered to be elected to several more senate terms and then be selected by a wannabe presidential candidate who simply needed a semi-coherent old bag of bones from an important state and who represented an important party constituency (in this case, Biden was said to help with the white working class) to be his running mate.


Five, if/when senile Joe can’t produce a passing score, it would legitimize over a year’s worth of Nikki Haley’s campaign. In addition to being the 2024 Republican presidential field’s only female candidate, Haley staked her case for electing her on the fact that both senile Joe and GOP horserace frontrunner Donald Trump are both well over the drinking age – for laxative cocktails.


Forget the fact that Trump has already taken a widely respected cognitive test and aced it with a perfect score, Haley has been making the rounds speaking as though the former president is on his last leg physically and mentally and could expire at any moment for no explainable reason.


Sixth, if/when senile Joe experiences a complete meltdown and applications are being filled out for his full commitment to a memory care facility, Kamala Harris will become president.


Lastly, and this is related to some of the other reasons, but if/when senile Joe fails a cognitive test, the establishment media will blame Donald Trump for the shortcoming, namely, that Trump is so heinous, uncouth, rude and off-putting that he drove the imminently decent and honorable Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr. to insanity and mind-numbness.


No one ever said opposing politicians have to like each other, but the angst that senile Joe feels for Trump goes well beyond a normal disdain or disrespect. Biden’s bile is pure hatred. If it could be said that Trump is running for president – again – because he wants to complete his mission of Making America Great Again, Biden is hanging on to politics well past his “sell by date” solely because of Trump.



Therefore, senile Joe isn’t motivated by climate change or dispensing with all forms of voter integrity in the name of “voting rights” or banning gasoline powered cars or showering Democrat constituents with gifts or securing safe passage for every illegal alien into the United States – or even by ensuring that abortion up until the moment of birth is available for every pregnancy-capable human being (transgenders inclusive). No, Biden wakes up every morning for the purpose of heading off Donald Trump.


It's an obsession that Democrats would argue is ruining his mind. Who knows… they might be right. After all, Trump is perhaps the only person in the world who’s in position to deprive Biden of the one thing that means most to the 81-year-old – a second term where he can “finish the job” of doing whatever it is that he set out to do.


And make Donald Trump be remembered as a two-time loser. Not even Barack Obama accomplished something like that.


The clamor over whether president senile Joe Biden should submit to a cognitive test will go on and on, because one thing won’t change: he’s never going to get any better. Only worse. Americans must have known that senile Joe was failing before he even ran for president in 2020, yet tens of millions voted for him anyway.


With that thought in mind, maybe it’s the Democrat voters who need a cognitive exam. Just saying.

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Feb 28

Joe Biden needs to take the cognitive test and have the chips fall where as they may. This is for the integrity of the Presidency. Biden defrauded the People of the United States. We have a man who was not duly elected, and a man who has been lying about his health. The Enemies of the People helped Biden get away with it.

It's interesting to see them try not to hold Biden accountable...that the Hur Report was no big deal, along with everything else that everyone can see, plain as day. There are a brave few who will speak up. Even the Clinton brain, James Carville, sounded the alarm over Biden skipping the Superbowl interview (it was somewhat tame,…

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