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The Right Resistance: Refuting the Democrats’ phony abortion tidal wave in the 2022 midterms

The louder you screech the more earnestly you believe.

Or so it seems in Democrat-land these days when it comes to abortion. Adherents of the liberal party and their echo chamber partners in the mainstream establishment media appear buoyed by a theory among leftist politicos that the purported Republican “red wave” that was supposed to develop (for a number of reasons) in this year’s federal midterm elections will be flattened or even reversed due to Democrat-backers’ ultra-heightened level of rage over the Roe v. Wade-reversing Dobbs decision last June.

Yes, Democrats think the notion of sucking out the bodies and souls of unborn children will animate the otherwise slumbering liberal masses to vote in record numbers to keep Democrats calling the policy shots in Washington. Forget inflation, senile president Joe Biden’s multitude of ethical snafus, the complete disaster at the southern border and the rest of the Democrats’ “woke” cultural agenda, not to mention the tragic bungling of the Afghanistan pullout – all of that stuff will supposedly be superseded by angry suburban feminists ticked off about the Supreme Court and abortion.

It’s almost as though Democrats see the American people as akin to wine drunken ancient Roman citizens attending gladiator games in the grand coliseum standing and chanting “Kill! Kill! Kill!” in unison whenever a pregnant woman enters an abortion factory (a.k.a. clinic). Long gone is the old moderate and soothing-sounding “pro-choice” rhetoric about abortion remaining “Safe, Legal and Rare” – such mild platitudes have been replaced by open advocacy of stopping beating hearts and politicians gloating about the public’s hunger for death that will lead to the Democrats’ electoral salvation this November.

Polls on the subject are inconclusive and so have been the few recent special elections that were said by the “experts” to be bellwethers on the subject. It’s not preventing liberals from practically forecasting defiance of history, however.

In a piece titled “Democrats bank on Roe reversal also reversing November red wave”, W. James Antle III wrote at the Washington Examiner earlier this week:

“A poll by Echelon Insights, a Republican firm, found that when asked which issue is most important to their vote in November, respondents picked reducing inflation over protecting abortion rights by a 39-point margin. Nearly two-thirds of likely voters said inflation to just 27% who named abortion. Even among Democrats and Democratic-leaning voters, abortion just barely edged inflation, 48% to 46%...

“At the same time, there are real-world election results that suggest abortion can energize Democrats and demoralize centrist Republicans. Democrats won a special election in New York in which they focused on abortion, while the GOP tried to make the race about inflation. A Kansas amendment removing the right to abortion from the state constitution went down to defeat by a substantial margin in a high-turnout red state election in which polls had shown the public sharply divided on regulating the procedure.

“It may be the case that abortion doesn’t upend the red wave Republicans are counting on in November but does limit GOP pickup opportunities in pro-abortion rights areas. This could especially be a problem in flipping the 50-50 Senate, where Republicans are trying to take Democratic-held seats in places such as Colorado, New Hampshire, and Nevada.”

In other words, abortion is one of many topics of contention this year but it isn’t the only one. Here in southeastern Virginia, Democrat incumbent Rep. Elaine Luria’s TV ads thus far have all been about her Republican opponent’s “extreme” views on abortion – namely, that she (Jen Kiggans) is pro-life. What a travesty!

Do these people even realize what abortion does? I’ve never given Democrat voters much credit for super intelligence, but party politicians depend on the ignorance and apathy of people on the margins to win political victories. They’re the lowest of the low, Luria (who is a former Naval Officer of all things) being one of the bottom-scraping leading voices.

Are Americans really that enamored with abortion?

Democrats can huff and puff and blow their houses down all they like, but the American people as a voting entity don’t care nearly as much about abortion “rights” as liberals swear that they do. Sure, there’s the fringe element of American leftists who are single-issue voters – that issue being anything that herds all people into a small ring without an exit door so Democrat leaders can lecture them on what they’re supposed to believe – but it’s really not the case.

All liberal causes are based on a lie. Need examples? How about the common liberal position that poor people can’t be lifted out of poverty without benevolence and free welfare handouts in perpetuity from the central government. It’s a moral thing to provide help for those who need it – temporarily. It’s another matter entirely when you’re a Democrat congressman or senator proposing and passing legislation that creates permanent entitlements to guarantee dependency for some definable class of people.

Why do you think conservatives were so up in arms about Obamacare in 2009 and 2010? We figured – and it turns out we were right – that if Democrats were successful in sliding the proverbial camel’s nose under the tent that eventually the creature would occupy all of the sheltered space and the owner would be the one freezing outside in the cold. Debate over healthcare in this country has shifted in the decade-plus since Obamacare was passed. Rather than talking about market solutions and ways to reduce the cost of healthcare for everyone while also providing basic coverage for the destitute at a minimal level – we’ve now got politicians arguing over the size of the next nationwide subsidy.

Didn’t Republicans allow the “Inflation Reduction Act” to sneak through because they originally were told that previous Democrat bills were about healthcare? It’s the Democrats’ operative buzzword.

The truth is, Democrats won’t win with abortion no matter how much they believe it’s so. And the reason for this is abortion is based on a falsity, the notion that terminating a pregnancy is a “choice” and it really impacts only the woman in the scenario. How many times have Americans been told that “Healthcare choices should remain between a woman and her doctor?” Can’t you envision what these doctor-patient conversations actually entail?

Woman at an abortion clinic: “Hello, Doctor Strange, I’m here for an abortion. How much and when?”

Planned Parenthood hireling: “Great. All you need to do is fill out this government paperwork and we’ll get you in to see the specialist and then make an appointment for you. If you qualify, we might even be able to do it today.”

Woman: “I thought the Supreme Court took all abortion rights away, that’s why I rushed in here. The baby’s father doesn’t even know I’m pregnant. Is there someone I can talk to about options and, what do you do with the baby once it’s dead?”

Planned Parenthood: “We don’t look at it that way. Your pregnancy will be terminated in a safe, sterile and legal manner. The tissue mass in your body won’t feel a thing. Pinky swear on it! Everything will be taken care of, except, of course, for the lasting damage done to your mental health when you realize at some point that you were suckered into thinking that there’s nothing wrong with what you’re planning now.”

Of course, liberals would never admit anything like the last part of the conversation. The left relies on women receiving as little information as possible about the growing baby in the womb, or even acknowledging the humanity of such a thing. There is no grand debate about when life begins or future mental scars that won’t ever go away. Abortionists rely on the here and now and the urgency of getting the ignorant “birthing human” under the abortionist’s knife as quickly as possible.

Democrat politicians feed off that involuntary obliviousness while filling the heads of the gullible with inanities about “rights” and “back alleys” and vowing revenge against states that pass laws protecting the unborn. Are there really a large pool of unmotivated voters who will suddenly shift into overdrive to vote for Democrat candidates so they can preserve some other woman’s opportunity to cleanly get out of her pregnancy?

I don’t believe it, but it doesn’t take much for billionaire liberals to hire activists to comb college campuses and ghettoes with voter registration forms and buttons that say “Democrats love women’s rights.”

Other polls indicate that American voters are more focused on economic topics – sometimes known as “kitchen table issues” – and place their worries about abortion and “climate change” down near the bottom of their priority list. And there’s an even more substantial group of citizens who lose sleep over their own safety because of George Soros funded non-prosecutors and rampant street crime is everywhere.

Here's thinking Americans aren’t as politically illiterate as Democrats believe they are. There is bound to be a small percentage of citizens who were politically aroused by Dobbs, but there were probably an equal number that were inspired by it and want to take advantage of the chance to make progress on saving unborn lives in their states. They vote too.

Plus, as is invariably the case, Democrats are going overboard in labeling Republicans as “extreme” on abortion simply for advocating for saving babies’ lives. If people only understood what an abortion really does – the “procedure” would turn people off. Again, it’s a matter of educating the public, which will take time.

Democrats don’t have much of an economic record to run on this year so it’s only natural that they’ve chosen to highlight abortion in their congressional campaigns – and they seem to think that the louder they screech the more people will want to vote for them. Republicans must do more than run against Joe Biden’s record, they need an agenda that presents a better alternative.

Then we’ll discover just how much Americans really care about the Democrats’ “extreme” abortion position.

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