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The Right Resistance: Removing race and gender excuses for the truly terrible Kamala Harris

Is there anything more fruitless than arguing with a liberal?

Those who regularly tangle with big government proponents already know the answer. Liberals must be the most self-assured people on earth because they feel free to share opinions with everyone, make wild, unsupported assertions, react defensively whenever they’re challenged and, perhaps worst of all, invariably make the conflict about you (as a conservative) or someone you support. Donald Trump backers understand well what it’s like to try and tout the good things the former president did in office. Just a short list of things that normally would be unimpeachable: Trump met with NATO leaders face-to-face and insisted that their countries contribute the recommended 2 percent of GDP to their own defense; on day one in office Trump reversed his predecessor’s de facto open borders policy and simply started enforcing the immigration laws that Congress had passed; and the 45th president opened up federal lands to energy exploration while maintaining tight controls on environmental care. Trump also pushed for tax cuts and to repeal Obamacare and worked overtime to cancel and then renegotiate trade deals with friendly nations that would allow the United States to compete on an even “playing field” while also encouraging stepped up sales of American products (such as pork and grain) to competitors and potential enemies alike, such as China. Trump also called for stiff sanctions on Russia, which normally might draw criticism for being too harsh (much tougher than his predecessor) and encouraged weapons sales to Ukraine so the nation could defend itself. These weren’t exactly the actions of a man who was “in bed” with Vladimir Putin were they? On COVID-19, Trump closed off travel with China while ignoring accusations of “racism” for targeting Asians. He then mobilized the resources of the federal government to ensure that governors of every state -- blue or red -- would have everything in place that they might need to work through the predicted waves of afflicted people. The shortages never came. Trump also brought forth potential treatments for the Chinese Communist Party (or Wuhan, if you prefer) virus, such as Hydroxychloroquine, to open another avenue to combatting the pandemic. The list goes on and on and on. Defending Trump’s personal behavior wasn’t always the easiest thing to do, but backing his job as chief executive was one of the simplest tasks you’re ever gonna find. None of it mattered to liberals. To those of us who’ve made Trump’s case for an appreciable time, trying to convince a hater of the man’s bona fides was as productive as beating your head against a block wall -- and almost as painful. Was it fair? No. It’s curious how many of those same liberals are shaming conservatives for not giving Kamala Harris a chance these days. Joe Biden’s vice president has engendered more than her share of commentary from all sides of the ideological spectrum. To the blindest and most heinous of Kamala apologists, it all boils down to unfair picking on a woman “of color”. In a blog piece entitled, “How white journalists fail in their coverage of Vice President Kamala Harris”, Ja’han Jones wrote at MSNBC earlier this week:

“Black politicians don’t need willfully ignorant white journalists humbling them to reach success. They need accurate news coverage, including acknowledgment of all the racist and sexist barriers to success they face. When members of the press rush to do the former, they inevitably fail to do the latter.

“Many of them get mired in nonsense. Here, I’m thinking about the recent media coverage of Harris’ cookware preferences, or her choice to use wired earbuds rather than Bluetooth headphones, or the obsession over her body language during her appearances with fellow Cabinet members. All of these are designed to present the vice president as careless, overly luxurious or cutthroat.

“To be clear, I’m not saying Harris is immune to valid criticism. I’m saying white members of the press routinely demonstrate an unwillingness, or inability, to reckon with the entirety of Harris’ experience as a Black public figure in the predominantly white world of politics. Despite their haughty tone and their self-assuredness, there’s a complexity missing from their coverage that’s glaring to anyone who’s experienced inequality.”

Hmmm. I don’t even know who Jones is (I looked it up, he’s ultra-offensive talk show host Joy Reid’s blogger), but he’s already exhibiting the kind of knee-jerk defensiveness that Trump supporters encountered whenever we tried to have a civil conversation with someone who was pre-convinced that Trump was the devil incarnate and only ran for president to check off another box on his egotistical bucket list.

To be fair, many conservatives, myself included, would be willing to concede that Harris has received more than her share of attention for her personality, including affixing some stereotypes normally associated with females. But to comment that Harris is a little light on the intellectual side pales in comparison to the names and “bimbo” labels that invariably accompany conservative female politicians.

Don’t believe it? How about Sarah Palin? Or Michele Bachmann? If you had a dollar for every time the press called the Minnesota conservative firebrand a “wingnut” you could retire comfortably. Both of these women either ran for president or were included on a campaign where they could’ve been in Harris’s role -- or even higher.

Today there are more examples of liberal dismissal of Republicans identifying as female. How about Marjorie Taylor Greene who is viciously lampooned by liberal media outlets? I haven’t looked for it, but I’m guessing Joy Reid has done more than her share of tearing MTG a new one. Then there’s the Colorado spark plug Lauren Boebert, who recently got involved in a dust-up over a joke she made at the awful, brother-marrying Ilhan Omar’s expense.

Boebert first drew unwarranted negative attention because she proudly brandishes her firearms. That was enough to get her labeled as a kook.

It isn’t just women, either. Conservative men who happen to be minorities aren’t given a pass by the media for their “past experiences.” Everyone who’s familiar with history in the past half-century knows Justice Clarence Thomas has a fascinating personal saga, growing up as a poor kid in rural Georgia and primarily raised by his grandparents. Would Jones suggest Thomas never experienced “discrimination”? Is Thomas therefore qualified to possess an opinion on Kamala Harris?

Thomas is one of the most admired men in the conservative movement today and is the longest serving current Supreme Court justice. Do white journalists covering him get it wrong when they sing his praises?

How about South Carolina Senator Tim Scott? Scott had his own early life struggles, being raised by a single mother and living in poverty. Tim was taken under the wing of a business owner who taught him the value of hard work and earning your way in life. Is Tim Scott less “black” than Kamala Harris?

What about Herschel Walker? The Heisman trophy winning former Georgia and NFL running back knows what it’s like to be counted out, yet rose up to not only enjoy a successful business career, he could very well find himself in the senate come January 2023.

These are great American stories, not just tales of pigmented people and women who took the straight and narrow path to where they are today. If Thomas passed away tomorrow, would the leftist media eulogize him as a hero and great example of his race? Or if Tim Scott runs for and wins the presidency someday, will he enjoy the same level of hero worship that the un-saintly race-baiting loser Barack Obama did?

There’s no arguing with a liberal on this subject. They already know everything, remember?

There just aren’t any excuses that work for Kamala Harris. But are there avenues to greater success? If being a woman is too much of an insurmountable burden for her, couldn’t she just claim she’s a man? Much has been written lately about how a transgender “woman” who’s a biological male has taken over the Pennsylvania University swim team. Is this “she” being discriminated against because “she” thinks being a woman is what “she” wants to do?

Or how about changing her policies? A tiger may not be able to change his (or her) stripes but you can advocate for policies that will win you respect from average people in the other political camp, can’t you? In Virginia, outgoing Governor Ralph Northam is having what appears to be a remarkable transformation of his own governing practices -- from conformist liberal to tax cutter! Northam has all-but adopted a good number of the incoming governor-elect, Glenn Youngkin’s policies.

For his trouble, some Republicans are saying nice things about Ralph, even if his switch in philosophy has come a little late in his term.

Arguing with liberals that Kamala Harris is earning terrible coverage from journalists of all races because she’s well, awful, doesn’t seem to be getting anywhere. As long as Harris continues to embarrass herself and her doddering doofus boss, don’t be surprised if the negative scrutiny doesn’t abate. There’s only so many times you can cry “discrimination”, after all.

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Charles Wilkins
Charles Wilkins
Dec 18, 2021

Biden has not lied about one campaign promise that was to unite our Country,that he did, more hate now, for biden and the democrats are at an all time high, so nuch so even in the great State of Texas personal land ownership has been given up by great Americans to complete the wall that Trump started. Biden has done his best to kill our spirit and our Country but now the American people are more united then ever to take biden and the democrat down. Sorry joe you have destroyed the democrat party forever, you deserve all what history will say about the biden's .Dalt biden blames all that has gone wrong since he has been in office on…


The "terrible Kamala Harris" is who the American voters wanted. Elections have consequences. If they had been a more responsible electorate, they wouldn't be faced with the "terrible Kamala Harris." Voters need to wake up--having regret after the fact changes nothing and does no good.


You cannot argue with, let alone have a discussion with, someone that is not grounded in truth. Leftism only "works" when you are no longer grounded in truth. (And truth finding is difficult enough as it is without people purposely trying to steer us all away from it.)


Dec 17, 2021

Is there anything more fruitless than arguing with a liberal?

My Dad had a variation of this statement. Never waste your time arguing with a Jackass.

That being said, the Democrats/Liberals political symbol is a .... wait for it ...

A JACKASS. Best thing we can do is say " Bless your Heart " ( Southern folks will understand ) and proceed on in solving our problems and disagreements the old fashion way, by using common sense.


Mike M
Mike M
Dec 17, 2021

I hate and despise everything about Willie Brown's ex girlfriend. And that's because she's an unmitigated Communist hypocrite and professional black racist who wants to turn this country into a glorified version of North Korea. The color of her skin and her sex are irrelevant.

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