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The Right Resistance: Republicans’ great 2024 moment stems from great opportunity

Campaign strategists. Backseat drivers. Entrepreneurial coaches. Armchair quarterbacks. Beer goggles. Your standard know-it-all perched on a barstool at the end of the counter spouting off about current events as though he has some mystical crystal ball view into

what’s happening – and will occur when the dust settles on everything around us.


All of these people – or things – tell us that there might be an opportunity to do something which, in the reality of the moment, might not be quite so clear if we were thinking rationally in a state of calmness. Another way to describe it is impulsiveness, the “go for it” spirit that compels some people to go bungee jumping off a bridge over a rocky stream or sky diving from twelve thousand feet when they’re terrified of heights and not quite convinced that their parachute is fastened tight enough.


Then there are the opportunities that present themselves right before our eyes, like a truck-sized hole in the defense during a football goal-line situation. Take the ball and score the touchdown before the defenders realize what’s happened and adjust accordingly. It’s do or die… or you only live once. Steve Winwood once sang about it, “While you see a chance, take it.”Conservatives and Republicans need to realize that the time is now. The enemy’s made a series of grave errors, and the window of opportunity could close quickly. In an article titled “Stop Complaining About Your Opportunities, Republicans. Take Advantage of Biden’s Failures.”, the irreplaceable Scott McKay wrote at The American Spectator last week:


“The border alone ought to be enough to destroy the Democrats, because Biden’s migrant invasion has hit their own voters hardest. By all means, make them understand that.


“The trans issue. The Chinese bribes. The DEI clown show that keeps on clowning. The pandering to Hamas. The stupid EV mandates that hold the promise of breaking our auto industry and leaving businesses and consumers without reliable transportation. Name an issue and these clowns have made it worse — and, almost universally, obnoxiously so. I could write a whole book about the oodles of golden opportunities for political annihilation the Democrats have presented.


“Stop looking at this as the end of the world. Start looking at it as the end of their world. Because it is — if we’re good enough to make them suffer for their sins.”


As usual, McKay’s offered a realistic overview on the way things are today. I’m guessing most of us have been caught shaking our heads at the images we’ve seen on the evening news, flabbergasted that such things could take place in our beloved U.S.A. The economy is showing warning signs of impending stagflation due to excessive government spending-spurred inflation (hello, 1970’s!), illegal aliens are surging over the border in record numbers to not only be allowed to stay but also are given flights and rides to destinations of their choice, and fights are breaking out on college campuses between defenders of Hamas (or is it Hamas defenders?) and Jewish students who simply want to get an education in an environment where they won’t need to worry about being assaulted or killed.


Yes, the world’s going to h-ll in a proverbial handbasket and our government leaders are roundly ignoring the signs of Armageddon to come. There’s a presidential election this year and one party’s candidate is being tried for alleged “crimes” that happened years ago and where the law had to be stretched like Gumby to try and find something he (Donald J. Trump) did wrong.


The establishment media’s not doing its job, what else is new, and conservatives are furious that the elites are fixing the whole mess – and that the will of the people is being ignored.


But are Democrats realistically being so outlandish that they’ve provided a great opportunity?


I’ve used the example before, but when the words opportunity and greatness collide in the same sentence, I harken back to 1980 U.S. Hockey Coach Herb Brooks’ (played by conservative actor Kurt Russell) speech in the movie “Miracle” which aptly describes and depicts the type of American revivalist character that brought on the Reagan revolution after years of malaise in the Jimmy Carter years.


In short, Brooks began his talk to his players, “Great moments are born from great opportunities. And that’s what you have here tonight, boys. That’s what you’ve earned here tonight. One game. If we played 'em ten times, they might win nine. But not this game. Not tonight. Tonight, we skate with them. Tonight, we stay with them. And we shut them down because we can! Tonight, WE are the greatest hockey team in the world!”


Yeah! Tell me that Republicans shouldn’t end every one of their oratories to semi-engaged audiences with, “This year, WE are the greatest party in the world!” Or would doing this qualify as plagiarism? Perhaps we should ask senile Joe Biden what his thoughts were on appropriating others’ ideas and words to use for his own political benefit.


With all of this, it’s not lost on me that the Republican party – at least the establishment part of it – doesn’t really deserve the title of “greatest” or that the GOP, as an election-winning entity, hasn’t earned this stellar opportunity. But it doesn’t matter when you consider that senile Joe and his Democrat enablers in Congress and the states have practically handed the opening to us on a silver, government paid-for platter.


As I’ve watched the multitude of absurdly stupid and inane Palestinian protests across the country – “Wait, what are they asking for again?” – and the transparent “get Trump” nature of the various lawfare dealings in four places on the east coast, I couldn’t help but think, as McKay apparently does too, that the political stars are aligning in this most distasteful of moments to provide Republicans a historic, once in a century chance to rub the awful state of the country in the Democrats’ faces.


If this isn’t true, when has there been a better opportunity for a political “great moment” than in 2024?


Trump has largely become the beneficiary of senile Joe Biden’s and the Democrats’ utter corruption, selfish partisan single-mindedness, inexplicable obsession with destroying culture and traditions, and inability to contain their greed and personal vendettas -- but what does it mean in the larger sense? Is it that Trump is lucky? Or would any standard, generic Republican in a similar circumstance be just as politically blessed?


The boobirds would no doubt retort that, even with the country and world literally falling apart in front of our transfixed eyes glued to TV and computer screens, Trump is really only tied with scumbag senile Joe Biden in the presidential popular vote race and Republican congressional candidates and campaigns are being out-fundraised and spent by big numbers.


But the factors just mentioned, particularly the fundraising figure, simply point to the desperation of leftists and wealthy Democrats in trying to hold on to the remarkable progress (towards ruining the country) that they’ve enjoyed during the twelve combined years of Barack Obama and senile Joe Biden. They’re the ones who finally tossed away the finely crafted Democrat reputation of “moderates” to charge full-on towards creating the race-obsessed, LGBTQ-coddling, corporate strong-arming, burn-it-down mindset that Democrats in Bill Clinton’s mold once worked to foster.


Senile Joe himself used COVID in 2020 to disguise what he was really about, hiding in his basement as an excuse to “keep people safe” and duck real questions about his platform along the way. I can’t say for sure, but here’s guessing the Biden team had a couple party goons at the ready whenever senile Joe was on zoom camera with an interviewer waiting for a time when he’d have to “take a break” or end the conversation so as to address some other campaign-related task like calling Kamala Harris to offer her the vice president slot.


On the whole, Biden’s policies and manner of conducting “justice” under his administration have been a Godsend to the Republican party – and Trump. There’s definitely an opportunity there, one made possible by screwing up in noticeable ways to a half of the public that was already sick of the left’s derangement syndrome regarding Trump.


Even January 6th (2021) is coming back on the Democrats, who’ve instituted one set of standards for the “insurrectionist” Trump supporters and a different set for the miscreant slime that’s taking over college buildings and doing more real and imagined damage than any Trump backer could’ve done on the day the Electoral Votes were supposed to be counted.


Where is Joe Biden to tell the Hamas fans to “assemble peacefully” and protest like Trump said to his audience on January 6th? The images of the leftist “From the river to the sea” activists defacing statues and buildings and trashing everything they come into contact with gets regular folks thinking about the unfairness of it all. Then, seeing leftist judges denying Trump his due process rights completes the negative impression of Democrats many people have formulated.


Again, McKay is correct. Democrats have gifted to the Republicans all they’ll need to talk about between now and November by merely pointing out what the Democrats have done. Democrats need to be “branded” with senile Joe Biden’s record. They must be branded with the quotes from “The Squad” and every wacko defender of people who just want to bring this country down.


Will the “activists” perpetuate the violence all the way through the election? Leftists never know when to “dial it back” or quit. They see each crisis as a chance to pour their poison on every perceived cultural wound. Lastly, nothing satisfies them. They just seek to be covered on TV. If so, Republicans should be glad for it – and welcome it.


Opportunity presents itself in many different ways, and there’s no better time than 2024 to prove that every opening, no matter how large or small, deserves the best effort Republicans can muster to take advantage of it. Democrats have opened the door wide; conservatives need to walk right through and feel great about it.

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