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The Right Resistance: Republicans must resist or face annihilation by… Joe Biden

Annihilation. Democrats don’t just hope to beat the Republican Party in the never-ending game of political combat, they seek to wipe it completely off the map, to expunge any trace

of its existence from future history books.

Decades from now, American kids, assuming they’ll be permitted to read anything factual at all, will be taught that Abraham Lincoln wasn’t really a real Republican, except for his backwards (in today’s sensibilities) nineteenth century views on race. Otherwise, the little sheep will be told that the 16th president laid the foundation for the modern Democrat party to emerge from the New Deal, seventy years after the “War to end slavery” took place.

Since the beneficiaries of Lincoln’s civil war steadfastness -- primarily African-Americans -- made a wholesale party switch to the liberal faction during FDR’s time, they were just wandering in the desert prior to discovering the Democrat promised land.

How can we be so certain?

Total victory is the take from President Joe Biden’s first solo press conference last Thursday. Sure, there was his multitude of verbal stumbles, blunders, memory lapses, Biden-ism-like language and the usual softball questions from the hopeless media so as to not challenge the frail mentality of their doddering hero. But digging through the enormous mountain of male bovine excrement emanating from senile Joe’s mouth, one could sense something darker and much more sinister at hand.

Specifically speaking, Biden remarked that he didn’t even know if there would be a Republican Party in existence to run against him in 2024. Joe was asked a question about if he intended to run for a second term in three years, and whether he anticipated Donald Trump would be his opponent. Biden confidently (for him) replied it was his plan to run again, but couldn’t predict if there would even be a GOP to contest him. Was it Joe’s usual blowhard hyperbole? Hardly.

Biden knows full well that Democrats will push and push and push until they get what they want. And it all starts with eliminating the senate filibuster for legislation. Oddly enough, they think the deed will be easier to accomplish after senile Joe’s haltingly pathetic performance behind the presidential lectern a few days ago.

“Senators who are the most adamant about eliminating the filibuster argue their job just got easier now that the president himself has associated it with the racist and oppressive policies of the Jim Crow South...

“The president’s comments are expected to increase pressure on Senate Democrats to repeal the filibuster when they come back to Washington after their April recess and take up voting rights and civil rights legislation, which Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) put at the top of his agenda in a letter to colleagues Thursday morning.

“The Senate will soon move to the For the People Act, which would make it easier to vote in federal elections and end congressional gerrymandering, and the John Lewis Voting Rights Act, legislation to restore protections in the 1965 Voting Rights Act that were curtailed in 2013 by the Supreme Court.”

In other words, anyone -- including a Democrat -- who dares vote against “expanding voting rights” might as well be branded as a gun totin’, skin color obsessin’, teeth missin’, vocabulary butcherin’, backwards rear redneck, straight from the “Deliverance” movie set, armed with banjo playing skills equivalent to the inbred bald kid from the epic early 70’s film. Jim Crow laws have been gone since before Joe Biden first laid eyes on the senate chamber, but they’re back in the form of contemporary Republicans!

Mitch McConnell already has more than his share of nicknames -- “Cocaine Mitch” or “Grim Reaper Mitch” or the “Murder Turtle” or from decades ago, “Darth Vader” -- but how long will it be before he’s called, “Jim Crow Mitch”? Or any Republican senator, for that matter. How about “Jim Crow Rand” or “Jim Crow Ted” or “Jim Crow…Lisa” (Murkowski)? Reputations develop in an instant and once formed, they’re hard to shed. Be prepared, Republicans. The race mongers are coming for you.

Again, this is what annihilation looks like. Both sides have expended their traditional ammunition and the fight over the filibuster represents hand-to-hand combat now. If you’re not willing to scratch your opponent’s eyes out with filthy, coronavirus concealing broken fingernails or knock them over the head with your steel rifle butt, you might as well start picking out your proverbial headstone and casket color.

The irony is that the Democrats’ war effort is being led by a man (or a woman, the VP?) who can’t remember anything about what he said last week. So senile Joe uses visual aids, just as if he were making a presentation to a care facility’s governing board for a switch in toilet paper. Someone typed those lines for him, too, and here’s betting the house that it wasn’t he who jotted down the text. Shouldn’t we ask who it was?

We’ve got a president who can’t even recall the most basic details of his own agenda. Seeing Biden referring to big-font printed notecards to trigger some impulse in his cobweb clouded brain was stunning, but not surprising. We all knew the man’s intellect began deteriorating years ago, but did anyone truly accept that it was this bad until he was up there alone before the world? If he takes questions next to [World Leader X] at an international summit, will he have his crib cards along with him then, too?

If Vladimir Putin is standing next to senile Joe, will the latter lean over and whisper, “Psst! Vlad, here’s how you should answer the nuclear disarmament question if it comes up. Kamala got together with the folks at the Pentagon and State Department and worked out language I can understand and say without my face shutting down. I know you don’t speak much English, but it’s supposedly idiot-proof. Look at me.”

More immediately concerning is the Democrats’ deployment of a divide and conquer strategy, using “Jim Crow” and racism as their filibuster-quashing weapon of choice. They realize the window for pushing through their leftist wish-list is time limited. If the GOP retakes either the House or Senate in next year’s mid-term elections, it’s sayonara for many of their biggest dreams. That’s why there’s such urgency now to abolish the 60-vote threshold.

Democrats likely won’t get this opportunity again -- complete control of the elected branches of the federal government -- so there’s no incentive to hold back now. And they have the tools at present to try and make inroads over the Republicans’ dominance of the judicial branch (at least at the Supreme Court level). So yes, Biden and cohorts are desperate, even if they won’t admit it. Or in Joe’s case, can’t remember it.

Will there be a Republican Party in 2024? If H.R. 1/S.R. 1 passes, maybe not. Installing mandatory mail-in-voting, getting rid of state voter ID laws, instituting same-day registration, allowing for ballot harvesting, etc. If these policies become the law of the land, there might not be many Republicans left from some states. The United States Congress would start looking like California’s or New York’s legislature.

The Green New Deal would pass without effective opposition. Taxes on corporations and high-earners would increase dramatically. Elizabeth Warren’s wealth tax would be imposed. Bernie Sanders would control the budgeting process. Abortion would be taxpayer funded. Religious charities would be forced to service transgenders and homosexual couples against their beliefs.

This is what happens in one-party states run by liberals. They’re ruthless. Just look at “Chucky” Schumer and Nancy Pelosi, shameless commanders of a chain gang.

It’s about time Republicans realized they’re in a fight to the death, and the enemy isn’t interested in offering quarter much less sending out terms for surrender. Political niceties and gentlemanly “presidential” behavior are so yesterday. The establishment George W. Bush’s of the world won’t cut it any longer. If you’re in a knife fight, you’d better bring a blade, not an olive branch.

Donald Trump taught Republicans how to fight. Can they stave off annihilation? Time will tell.

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29 mar 2021

Joe Biden casts doubt on the Republicans fielding a candidate against him in 2024. He has "no idea" if the Republican Party will still exist by then. I wonder what gave him that thought? The GOP has only been around since 1854, and still holds a lot of power around the country. Why wouldn't they field a candidate, Joe? Biden wants to be the first unanimous candidate since George Washington. It's the talk of a dictator to suggest your opponents won't be around for the next election. What's supposed to happen to make Republicans go away? Certainly not all of that "unity" he promised.

Mi piace

"Donald Trump taught Republicans how to fight."

He taught them, but they didn't learn. The establishment GOP STILL doesn't know that the old political rules of the game no longer apply, and that the Democrats are playing for keeps now.

Mi piace

John Ropaka
John Ropaka
28 mar 2021

After Billy McBride sits on the beach and finishes drinking his whiskey from a bottle, does he toss the bottle into the water or put it in a trash barrel. Only a fan would know.

Mi piace
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