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The Right Resistance: Reserve your spot now for the Kamala Harris nationwide failure tour

Imagine the full-page newspaper ads now: “The Kamala Harris Show, coming to a taxpayer funded, hastily erected temporary stage near you.”

For those who’ve pondered what exactly it is that senile Joe Biden’s gal pal veep and righthand woman Kamala Harris does during the regular workday, wonder no more. News leaked last week that Kamala will be on the road quite a lot in the coming months, mostly domestically, and she’ll even be speaking to larger crowds than she was permitted to confront in the past.

If Democrats can get anyone to show up, that is. Most citizens with common sense wouldn’t be caught lifeless in the vicinity of the cackling gaffe machine occupying the Executive Office Building. Hardly anyone was fond of Harris before she was Joe Biden’s affirmative action choice for vice president, and her fan club has not appreciably expanded ever since reciting her oath on Inauguration Day.

Nevertheless, the public relations challenged Democrat administration believes that unleashing Kamala on an unsuspecting and skeptical public is a good thing, while explaining that it hasn’t happened more often in the past fourteen-plus months because COVID restrictions placed limits on crowd size. Open air and indoor baseball parks, football stadiums and basketball arenas have been packed for most of the past year or so, but apparently it wasn’t deemed prudent for the vice president to travel around the nation on Air Force Two and meet with mobs of sign-waving Democrat activists masquerading as ordinary people at pre-planned destination sites.

Could it be that the Biden brains finally ran out of ways to keep Kamala industrious around Washington DC, and figured that shipping her to the rest of the country might minimize the embarrassment to senile Joe and damage to his approval ratings? We’re about to find out, apparently.

In a story headlined “Harris to become Biden road warrior,” Amie Parnes reported at The Hill:

“Vice President Harris will be hitting the road more frequently in the coming weeks and months, sources familiar with the plans tell The Hill. With COVID-19 cases declining across the nation, Harris will be spending more time crisscrossing the country and touting the successes of the administration, the sources say. On the trips, the vice president will be discussing issues including infrastructure, expanded broadband access and key executive orders signed by President Biden.

“Harris [traveled] to Louisiana [last] Friday, and there will likely be another domestic trip [this] week, according to sources familiar with the vice president’s schedule. The sources say it’s the return to a more typical schedule for a vice president during nonpandemic times and that Harris will continue a rigorous traveling pace, particularly in the lead up to the midterm elections in November.

“The vice president will also be holding larger events at the White House and at other stops around the country, the sources say.”

Rejoice! Americans will get to see more evidence that Kamala Harris exists! Her regular appearances will allow local news crews to capture video footage of a non-masked vice president yucking it up with state and city officials, presenting the ultimate photo op for endangered Democrats to employ in leftist billionaire paid-for TV ads touting “moderation” and how they support the bipartisan Biden infrastructure agenda. But no oil drilling!

To all the Republicans who voted for the Biden-inspired “infrastructure” travesty last year: How do you feel about it now? Democrats don’t have anything else to fill their time with, do they? In her “show,” will Harris mention the exploding inflation rate, the grotesquely bloated federal budget deficit and the careening out of control national debt?

What Harris won’t be talking about is the horrific situation at the southern border, where, if memory serves correctly, she’s supposed to be in charge. Remember how NBC News’s Lester Holt asked Kamala when she planned to visit the line with Mexico and she answered, “Well I’ve never been to Europe, I don’t understand the point that you’re making?” With at least a couple trips to Europe now under her pantsuit belt, Harris can’t dodge the question any longer!

Harris doesn’t know anything more about addressing the illegal immigration crisis than she does helping Ukrainian refugees in Poland or scaring Russia’s Vladimir Putin out of his aggressive militaristic tendencies. But to liberals, she’s a woman with African and South Asian blood (the first one as VP!), so naturally Democrats figure she will connect with people of African and South Asian blood in blue states. This will definitely help with the administration’s moribund poll numbers, won’t it?

It certainly doesn’t look like Kamala has done a darn thing to resist the illegal border crossings down south. When she initially accepted senile Joe’s assignment to be “Border Czar”, she was tasked with studying the root causes of the invasion. Over a year later, to my knowledge, there’s been no report on what she found in her endless hours of investigation. What are those “root causes” of individuals from all over the world attempting to break into the U.S.? Was it climate change? Was it free welfare? Was it the promise of citizenship and federal retirement goodies and healthcare from womb to tomb? Was it to infiltrate the territory and plot terrorist attacks?

At any rate, American law enforcement wants Kamala relieved from her assignment. Perhaps the law men and women simply don’t recognize Harris’s skin color and ethnic background as sufficient justification for her being given such lofty responsibilities in the first place, but they see she’s botched the effort. There have been a record number of crossings in the past year alone, and what has Harris done about it?

You mean to say she can go around the country talking about the administration’s “accomplishments,” but she can’t make a second trip to the border to meet with the sheriffs? What gives? Anyone else think this “tour” is a bad idea? If you’re senile Joe Biden, what else would you do with Kamala? Getting her the heck out of Washington is probably the most viable solution to a big problem -- Harris’s cringe inducing personality -- that offers no easy fixes. Think about it: with the senate still deadlocked and Senator Joe Manchin exhibiting no sign of changing his mind on the awful Build Back (More) Better agenda, there likely won’t be many tie votes for hag-adocious Harris to break.

Harris’s other major duty -- to shepherd the Democrats’ “voting rights” bill through the legislative process -- was also a dramatic bust because of the still-in-place senate filibuster. Darn that Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema! I don’t recall whether Kamala met with either of them to use her considerable persuasive powers to get them to reverse themselves, but “voting rights” seems pretty darn dead in the meantime.

Therefore, Kamala’s one and only constitutional purpose -- to break ties -- will not prevent her from being jettisoned to remote parts of the country and world.

Is anyone pleased with this? Certainly, it would seem logical that those happiest to hear Harris will be out of office quite a bit are her staffers, who probably figure a day without the boss hovering over them is eight work hours they won’t have to deal with her emotional instability and incessant blame for her shortcomings. News stories of high-level helpers leaving the vice president’s employ have leveled off of late, mostly because everyone of any significance has already gotten the heck out of her hemisphere.

Therefore, the logical end result of Kamala’s travels won’t be a giant leap in either hers or senile Joe’s approval ratings, nor will it be improved prospects of success for Democrat congressional candidates this November, either. The folks who will benefit are Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham’s producers, since Harris will invariably provide their programs with more entertaining and sad moments to delight and enrage conservative viewers.

Liberal shows will avoid Kamala like the plague (or even a room full of Canadians and Americans who have yet to get the COVID-19 vaccine shots). The only voter constituencies still backing Harris are the most ardent Democrats in the first place, namely African-American women and white limousine liberals, the ones who still get thrills up their spines when they envision a “woman of color” standing by the seat of power.

Kamala hasn’t had answers for the real issues of concern for Americans. Immigration is her most glaring failure, but Harris’s recent trip to Europe didn’t reassure anyone that she is ready to step into senile Joe’s shoes at a moment’s notice. In case you need a reminder, Biden is 79-years-old and not exactly vibrant. The very thought of Kamala Harris as the next president is terrifying and nauseating.

Perhaps the Biden folks would be better off sending Hunter Biden around to promote his dad’s accomplishments. At least Hunter assuredly knows more about what his father is up to these days.

Sending Kamala Harris on the road to stump for the stalled Democrat agenda probably isn’t the most productive thing senile Joe Biden’s handlers could dream up, but what else can they do with her? Harris is the biggest mistake vice president of all time, a rolling verbal calamity happening in real time. Democrats secretly hope no one goes to see her.

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The more she travels, the higher likelihood that something unforeseen may happen along the way. Let's not forget how many Democrat operatives have met their end in bizarre ways. Remember Ron Brown?

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