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The Right Resistance: Senile Joe Biden’s disastrous hundred days forces Americans to turn away

“I couldn’t stand to watch.”

It’s something you might hear from onlookers at a crime scene, or Looky Lous gawking at a roaring fire engulfing a house. It’s said when an in-progress tragedy is so upsetting and grotesque that people with delicate sensibilities can’t partake in its horror. One glaring example was the live TV images of victims trapped in the 100-plus story World Trade Center (on 9/11/01) opting to end it all by leaping out of the high rise’s windows rather than enduring another second of the jet-fuel fed inferno.

Who wants to think about it? We’re not blind to reality, but that doesn’t mean we need it to kick us in the gut.

Mercifully, the “can’t watch” case I’m referring to was President Joe Biden’s address to the joint session of Congress the other night, which wasn’t your typical State of the Union-type speech. After surviving Biden’s first hundred days and witnessing its tragic results -- a southern border overrun by illegal aliens, a cabinet full of big government, freedom-squelching ideologues, an American culture relentlessly assaulted by accusations of “systemic racism” and institutional bias, a government spending spree unmatched in American history and various other transgressions against common sense and God-given liberties -- I couldn’t watch it.

It’s bad enough that Biden and Democrats appear immensely proud of their tear-up-the-railroad-tracks behind them brand of tradition annihilation, conservatives don’t need to see them gloat about it. The nation is polarized enough as it is. After three and a half months of the changing of the guard at the White House, senile Joe retains the love of his own left-leaning people… and not many others.

“...100 days into his term, President Joe Biden is more popular than former President Donald Trump. Beyond that, it’s up for debate...

“Being more popular than Trump was sufficient for Biden to win the presidential election. But Democrats once again underperformed their public poll numbers, barely holding on to the House, despite predictions they would increase their majority, and fighting Republicans to a 50-50 draw in the Senate, where Vice President Kamala Harris can break ties.

“The polling difficulties plagued Biden too, four years after Trump stunned Hillary Clinton in a poll-defying upset. ‘Thanks to the quirks of the Electoral College, the difference between a new administration and four more years of Donald Trump was merely 43,000 votes cast across Wisconsin, Georgia, and Arizona,’ a group of top Democratic pollsters wrote in an election postmortem. ‘Every one of us thought Democrats would have a better Election Day than they did.’”

That might’ve been the feeling among Democrat pollsters who were gullible enough to believe that a broken-down swamp aristocrat like Joe Biden was destined to sweep the nation like a Roomba robot vacuum cleaning an already spotless vinyl floor, but those of us outside the beltway figured otherwise. Sure, there was a smattering of Biden-Harris signs dotting liberal Democrat enclaves and a mostly silent undercurrent of people too scared of the Chinese Communist Party (or Wuhan, if you prefer) virus to risk disagreeing with the media on the wisdom of extending Trump’s time at the helm, but something didn’t seem right on Election Day.

A lot of people -- millions, it turns out -- were bent on voting against Trump. But this doesn’t mean those same millions preferred Joe Biden to him. Senile Joe was the ultimate default establishment candidate who luckily landed in the midst of a once-in-a-lifetime weak Democrat primary field where pundits seriously considered a socialist (Bernie Sanders), a gay thirty-something former mayor of a medium sized midwestern city (Pete Buttigieg) and a wretched fake Native American screeching liberal academian (Elizabeth Warren) as legitimate candidates to lead the free world.

Oh yeah, then there was Kamala Harris, though her race and gender based spiel didn’t even elevate her high enough for her candidacy to persist until the early voting states.

Not exactly the stuff of political dreams, is it? The pandemic itself, along with hour upon hour of liberal establishment media fearmongering got people in a tizzy. Instead of crediting Trump and his team for the more than capable job they were doing in managing the federal end of the plague, these phony panic-spreaders whipped up support for mail-in ballots and pressured politically petrified state legislatures to alter their voting practices to the point where practically every vote was counted regardless of authenticity.

And the matter’s never been thoroughly vetted, though states like Arizona are in the process of conducting forensic audits to determine where the truth lies. You can’t help but think that sooner or later they’ll find that they made a major boo-boo in early November of last year. Unfortunately, we’re stuck with senile Joe regardless.

In fairness, it should be noted that Trump did himself no favors by underperforming in the all-important first presidential debate, which normally wouldn’t be fatal to a campaign but it took place when many if not most states were already offering early voting and Americans who were on the fence saw a very poor “I can’t watch” showing by the incumbent. That was the first time I envisioned Trump losing the race… and the authorities made sure he did.

Hopefully someday we’ll learn the answer. In the meantime, Biden is riding on fairly high approval ratings for his “handling” of the COVID issue. Even here, it’s just a façade, a straw house constructed on an unstable sandy media-fostered foundation. Doddering Joe came into office with the infrastructure -- and vaccine -- that Trump already had in place. All he needed to do was continue the plan and people would see that something was being done to ease their fears. Then the Democrats took credit for the promising numbers and let Anthony Fauci do the talking.

Again, I didn’t watch the speech, but here’s guaranteeing that senile Joe didn’t refer to the dark political clouds on the horizon. Political commentators and historians don’t refer to a president’s first hundred days as a “honeymoon period” for nothing. The same style of surveys that show Biden with higher approval numbers than Trump at this point also reveal that America’s political polarization is as bad as ever, and there’s little to suggest it will improve under the current regime.

Far from being the uniting force that he promised to be during the campaign, Biden has repeatedly kicked and derided the things Trump’s ardent supporters cared about the most while adopting the language and tactics of the far left. Even longtime Democrat strategist James Carville warned this week that Democrats better separate themselves from “wokeness” or they’re going to get “clobbered.” Such candid honesty from a Democrat is rare, but Carville said what real people see.

Instead of adhering to such advice, senile Joe dived head-first into the noxious woke crowd’s cesspool of lies. His and Kamala Harris’s post Derek Chauvin verdict comments were inflammatory and infuriating to say the least. The vast majority of Americans support their local police and demand more law enforcement, not less. And if “Black Lives Matter”, then is Joe’s administration finally willing to speak out about the crime spike in most liberal cities?

People aren’t dumb. They see what’s happening around them and how the elected “leaders” respond to them. Senile Joe’s honeymoon period will eventually end and then Biden’s presidency will look and smell like rotting “woke” cuisine leftover from last November’s Democrat victory party.

At that point, conservatives won’t be the only ones saying, “I can’t stand to watch.”

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