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The Right Resistance: Senile Joe Biden’s engine running on empty, Democrats seek change

With each passing day, the questions keep coming, namely, have Democrats finally had it with doddering dunce senile Joe Biden, and are they about to remove him?

The thought would have seemed preposterous a year ago. Not that I wish to rehash it, but Biden took the oath of office on Inauguration Day to the sound of sighs of relief from many Americans, primarily because these shortsighted citizens felt he might be a responsible chief executive and “unifying” leader who would “restore the soul of the nation” as he’d repeatedly promised during the 2020 campaign. They believed a Biden presidency would be less theatrical and headline generating than was Donald Trump’s. Two weeks earlier the capitol building had been the scene of lots of Trump supporters behaving badly – it was enough for even a contingent of longtime conservatives to hope for some sort of respite from drama.

The FBI’s involvement in the melee was subsequently exposed. Too late to change much with Democrats in charge.

It's a sad fact, but many Americans prefer calm and DC swamp corruption to an overabundance of showy behavior from the president himself. I don’t. I’d rather have great policy and a president who demonstrates the willingness to push it regardless of opinion polls or the fierce resistance of the Washington DC establishment. But elections are elections, and the vast majority of Americans apparently would rather cling to appearances over results.

This attitude seems to be changing with senile Joe at the helm, however. With each cringeworthy public appearance by Biden, each head-scratching gaffe and inexplicable outburst of anger exhibited by the man at the top, more and more people – including Democrats – are contemplating what would’ve been out of the question on that sunny January day a year and a half ago.

Not even the prospect of swapping Joe for his truly awful vice president, Kamala Harris, is scaring off the naysayers, though it’s not clear why. Harris can’t keep a staff in her office, often loses her train of thought in mid-sentence and has probably the worst political instincts of any human being with a beating heart to ever occupy a position of power.

Do the conservatives who favor ditching Biden really suppose conditions will improve under a president cackling Kamala? Wouldn’t Harris likely retain almost everyone currently working for senile Joe? These Obama retreads are obviously running the show anyway. Kamala isn’t smart enough to wholesale pull the proverbial plug on Biden’s political life-support machine.

Regardless, Americans are fed up with the whole scenario, to the point where even the hardened leftists are in near open rebellion against senile Joe. In a piece titled, “Why the Left Will Cut Biden Loose”, Victor Davis Hanson wrote last week at PJ Media:

“The latest controversies whirl around the British tabloid Daily Mail’s publication of the diary of Biden’s own daughter. From the Mail’s lurid reporting, Ashley Biden seems to suggest that she showered with her father at an age when ‘showers w/ my dad (probably [were] not appropriate).’ And she seemed to connect Biden familial inappropriateness with her regret over being ‘hyper-sexualized (at) a young age.’

“When Trump was accused by porn star Stormy Daniels of a consensual tryst or was caught on an old Access Hollywood tape crudely boasting about touching inappropriately female admirers, the resulting uproar nearly derailed the Trump 2016 campaign. The point is not just the asymmetrical treatment that has shielded Biden’s cognitive decline, his rude outbursts, his outrageous racialist slurs, and bizarre sexual aggressiveness.

“Instead, the Left now fears Biden’s terrible polls and a worse record — and the resulting damage he is doing to the Democratic Party. In such a losing political context, Democrats will soon find no further reason to cover for Biden’s own serial abhorrent personal behavior on matters of financial probity, sex, race, and truthfulness.”

As is always the case, VDH advanced a plethora of good contentions for why Democrats have finally had it with Joe Biden. I would argue everything that’s happening these days was well-known to Democrats before senile Joe even announced he was running for president… again. The man had already tried a national campaign twice before and didn’t win a single convention delegate either time.

Were the voters in 1988 (to be fair, Joe pulled out of the race early, in September 1987, because of the plagiarism scandal) or 2008 any less enlightened than they were in 2020? Apparently so, but only because Biden looked to be the best mount in a field full of also-rans, nags and crazy horses. Plus, he’d served eight years on his knees playing errand boy to the great Barack Obama, so instantaneously his stature was raised.

But it still took the real threat of a Bernie Sanders presidential nomination to finally scare Democrat voters into seeing promise and ability in Joe Biden. The party’s establishment certainly knew of Joe’s sleazy background, the reports of Hunter Biden’s corrupt business and disgusting personal exploits and also about Biden’s purported encounter with Tara Reade and his multitude of “creepy” episodes with accusers from all over the spectrum.

So, what’s changed now? Inflation, for one. It’s not entirely Joe’s fault, since the Democrat controlled Congress is the entity behind runaway appropriations that vastly increased the money supply at a time of COVID lockdowns, shortages and various other economic anomalies, but there’s no doubt that Biden himself had a hand in spreading the message of how more government spending was the cure for all price increases.

The people aren’t stupid. Americans see senile Joe, Kamala and his administration full of “woke” appointments and empty suits so lacking in common sense and political talent that decent people couldn’t help but conclude that Biden is responsible for everything that’s gone wrong. Idiot Biden can’t even ride a bike… once you learn, you never forget how, right?

It was senile Joe’s energy policies that provided his ultimate undoing. Just last week he introduced his plan to try and lower gas prices by suspending the $.18 a gallon federal gas tax for the busy summer driving season. Not content with merely offering a token of tax relief – which actually kills Democrats to do -- Biden reinforced his lack of understanding as to his role as the prime driver of inflation. Instead, he placed blame on greedy corporate heads and the oil industry, the same folks who powered (pardon the pun) so much economic growth and job expansion during his predecessor’s administration. An anonymous friend who tolerated the entire Biden address pointed out several inconsistencies with senile Joe’s “it’s the evil oil companies’” approach:

First, “The president and his allies” claim that Big Oil is making obscene profits at $5+ per gallon. During Mr. Trump's administration, pre-COVID gas was coming low-to-mid $2/gal., presumably yielding lower corresponding profits. Doesn't it then follow that Biden is actually a bigger friend to that industry than evil POTUS #45 in terms of creating record-profit conditions?

Second, lowering taxes -- what a concept! Doesn't this present a prime example that LOWERING taxes is good for ALL consumers (“the Rich” and “working families” alike), and shouldn't that principle apply to all other taxes? Necessary, yes, but not confiscatory or punitive.

Third, to be consistent about weaning the country off of fossil fuels, instead of pausing state and federal fuel taxes temporarily, shouldn't “the president and his allies” be advocating to RAISE both -- double or even triple them -- and REALLY get people to drive less and punish the evil Oil Companies. Or would that, you know, perhaps not go over too well before the Midterms? Still, somebody in the press should ask him about that, dont'cha think? Lastly, the headline should be: “The President wants to have his cake and eat it too.” Pause the fuel tax, but make up for the lost revenue ... somewhere else (i.e. print more money). Seems like Biden has stumbled upon the realization that this policy-making stuff (COVID money, Student Loan forgiveness, Build Back Better, Ukraine military aid, etc.) isn't so bad if you don't have to worry about where the money comes from.

Again, to be fair, Biden and Democrats never give a hoot about where the money comes from. To today’s Democrats, tax receipts must stem from some mystical place in the sky called “Wealthy Fair Share Land”, where successful people live and incessantly plot to shield their assets and portfolios from the ravenous hunger of the Fedzilla beast.

Democrats always believe that any person’s success is due to government help. Remember Obama famously saying, “You didn’t build that, somebody else made it happen?” Biden’s energy policies are no different. Particularly hilarious were Joe’s demands that the oil industry devote more attention to refinery capacity, since government regulations are responsible for curtailing refining in the fist place.

Talk about the pot calling the “climate change” kettle black.

Everyone knows senile Joe is full of hot air, but most of them recognized his over-heated blather long ago. The difference now is Biden is in charge and should be held fully accountable for the undesirable outcomes from his liberal policies. Such liability is reflected in opinion polls that show him deep underwater and needing to constantly come up for air.

In the end, Democrats can’t just dispense with Biden because there’s no way to improve the party’s standing with the hopeless Kamala Harris waiting to take over if senile Joe is done away with. Sighs of relief when Biden took over for Trump have been replaced by shouts of despair, and the Democrats’ day of reckoning creeps closer by the hour.

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