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The Right Resistance: Senile Joe Biden’s mis-managed decline and longing for the days of Trump

Managed decline. Or in the case of 2021 America, it’s mis-managed decline.

It’s a term we haven’t heard a lot lately, but in assessing president senile Joe Biden’s administration in its first seven months since taking the helm, the concept has come back into relevance. Wikipedia defines it: “Managed decline is a phrase that refers to the management of the decline (or ‘sunset’) phase at the end of a lifecycle, with the goal of minimizing costs or other forms of losses and harm. The concept originated in business where it referred to the management of companies and industries, but has since spread beyond to be used in other contexts.”

Bingo! “Managed decline” now refers to the American government, though the part about minimizing costs or other forms of losses and harm certainly doesn’t apply to the current circumstances -- so it’s more like mis-managed decline. Judging by the way things are falling apart in just about every conceivable way under the rickety fingers of senile Joe, one can’t help but think that our institutions are on their last leg. Naturally, the establishment media is doing its best to paint over the noticeable decaying of American power and credibility, but you’d have to be blind not to recognize it.

Former president Donald Trump poked at the Biden administration’s multiple failures last week and posed a question for those who seem outwardly glad that he’s no longer around.

“Former President Donald Trump mocked Democrats on Friday over the country’s mounting domestic and international problems, even asking if voters were pining for the days of his administration.

“Mr. Trump, who many believe is weighing another run for the White House in 2024, issued a statement lambasting President Biden, albeit not in name, for the current political situation. ‘Tragic mess in Afghanistan, a completely open and broken border, crime at record levels, oil prices through the roof, inflation rising, and taken advantage of by the entire world,’ Mr. Trump said. ‘DO YOU MISS ME YET?’

“Mr. Trump’s statement came one day after the White House announced it was dispatching 3,000 troops to Kabul, Afghanistan to expedite the evacuation of U.S. citizens. The move came as the Taliban insurgency continued to gobble cities and provinces across Afghanistan ahead of Mr. Biden‘s withdrawal date of Sept. 11.”

Of course, Trump’s quote came before the images of the Taliban’s overtaking of the Afghan capital of Kabul hit America’s TV sets over the weekend. These are trying times, indeed.

As to Trump’s “miss me” question, the answer is an emphatic “yes.” Although his tenure in office was marked by nonstop and (somewhat) self-created turmoil and day-by-day media inspired crises, even his enemies would confess that he seemed to have things under control. Then again, they’d never concede such a thing because more and more people would start missing Trump, perhaps even enough to establish a fraud-proof majority in the 2024 election.

Being president isn’t easy and you never have to look far in Washington to find a critic, but an objective observer would see lots of problems raging and no semblance of leadership to deal with them. The Biden people aren’t contrite publicly, but in out-of-view moments of candor, some of them admit that they’re losing the battle. A good example was Homeland Security Secretary Alejando Mayorkas last week, who, speaking off the record, told border patrol agents that his boss's administration is "going to lose" the war on border crossings because the illegal migrant numbers are "unsustainable." July saw another record number of aliens invading, to the point where even liberals are forced to talk about it.

Words mean things. And during last year’s campaign, ol’ senile Joe mumbled something about America being a welcoming country and his constant critiques of Trump’s immigration policy and border wall was music to the ears of smugglers and cartels that could anticipate a wave of newcomers from all corners of the earth to exploit. Now Mayorkas, behind closed doors, admits there’s a real crisis.

Hindsight is always 20-20, but it’s interesting to contemplate how much of what ails America today could’ve/would’ve been avoided if Trump had won reelection. On the border, there’s no doubt that Trump’s winning a second term would not have resulted in the human storm we’re experiencing now. The border wall would’ve continued to be built (completed by now?) and asylum seekers would’ve had to stay in Mexico until their cases were heard.

In other words, there wouldn’t be a crisis -- or at least not on the magnitude we’re seeing this summer. Further, the vice president wouldn’t have made a trip to central American countries to tell people to turn around if they were planning to head north. He wouldn’t have said “I haven’t been to Europe” when pressed to answer on why he hadn’t personally overseen the policy execution at the hot spots.

It wouldn’t be embarrassing for our country if Mike Pence were in Kamala Harris’s place. A simple glance at images from the U.S.-Mexico line and you think, ‘mis-managed decline.’

Hard as it is to believe, there are other worldly matters that steal focus away from the Biden administration’s immigration fiasco. Trump mentioned the “tragic mess in Afghanistan”, and that’s exactly what it is. With Biden having set the date for a full U.S. withdrawal from the hopelessly war torn and culturally backwards nation, the Islamic radical Taliban isn’t waiting for the final goodbye to retake territory it lost twenty years ago. The well-equipped (with U.S.-supplied weapons) Afghan army is ceding ground to the insurgents and it’s only a question of days or weeks as to when the whole country falls, if it hasn’t already.

Would it have been better under Trump? The former president also signaled that he was planning a pull-out from Afghanistan during his second term, but one can’t help but surmise it would’ve been carried out more efficiently and effectively than it has been under senile Joe. I, and many conservatives, agree that it was time to end the U.S. involvement there. But the way it’s being done now appears to be a complete capitulation without dignity. What happens to the allies who helped in the effort all those years?

When you concede defeat before you even withdraw, as Joe Biden has done, bad things ensue. We’re seeing them now. It’s one of the most disgraceful chapters in U.S. history, reminiscent of the last days of Saigon in the early 70’s. Mis-managed decline on steroids.

Trump also touched on energy policy in his “miss me yet?” jab at Biden. It’s the height of hypocrisy for the Democrat administration to place shackles on domestic oil production but then beg Saudi Arabia and OPEC to start producing more. One of the first actions senile Joe took was to cancel the Keystone Pipeline project, immediately putting tens of thousands of Americans out of work and sending a signal to the world that the United States was heading in the wrong direction in terms of future energy production.

Biden then halted issuing new leases for drilling on federal lands and regulated the existing industry, all of which served to curtail production and send prices skyrocketing. Gas prices are up over a buck a gallon since Joe raised his right hand and recited his oath of office. Many a wise economist has lectured that higher costs at the pump serve as the most regressive tax there is to the struggling wage earner. And they’re right. It’s a no brainer, actually. Mis-managed decline.

The gas station isn’t the only place where the credit card receipts are higher. Mostly due to the Biden administration’s fierce advocacy for dumping money into the economy while keeping millions of able-bodied people unemployed because it’s more lucrative (in terms of benefits) to remain idle, supply hasn’t matched demand. Stroll the supermarket aisles and you’ll see everything is more expensive. Your savings are worth less. Workers must work longer to earn the same amount of purchasing power.

All of this was eminently predictable. Just sit by and watch the economy burn with inflation if the pork-filled bipartisan “infrastructure” and $3.5 trillion budget resolution passes. The Federal Reserve can’t print money fast enough to keep up with the Democrats’ spending.

Lastly, Trump mentioned crime. The Biden “Justice” Department is so singularly focused on punishing January 6 defendants as “white supremacists” that America’s inner cities are suffering from lack of focus and purpose to protect the citizens there. Trump made law enforcement and safe cities a priority and would definitely have kept the intensity where it needed to be -- on prosecuting and incarcerating criminal perpetrators -- not on seeking out some “woke” notion of “systemic racism” and all that baloney.

Mis-managed decline is everywhere, and it’s all because of Joe Biden and the Democrat Congress pursuing liberal pipedreams and boondoggles rather than paying attention to reality. Donald Trump asked if Americans miss him yet. The answer is found in the feelings of depression and sadness at the state of the United States today. Definitely, “yes.”

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Aug 19, 2021

Yes, I do miss President Trump. I miss the guy who beat the odds to defeat the DC Establishment to get elected in 2016, not the illegitimate fool we have now. There should not be a Biden Administration to screw things up. I miss "America First." On the topic of Afghanistan, I think the Taliban taking over was inevitable. The question for Biden is - which by the way, he refused to take any on this - what did staying past the Trump date accomplish? I hear the Taliban seized all kinds of equipment our people had to leave behind. I would also ask, what did staying there past the original deadline of 2014 accomplish? Given that the Afghan Army…


Unfortunately it's not even mis-managed decline. It's enforced decline, when we should be having our best years. Trump proved that.

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