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The Right Resistance: Should senile Joe Biden drop out of the ’24 race… or be kicked out?

Lots of people don’t care much for Joe Biden, so it’s probably not news to most political watchers that many of those same Biden detractors are now demanding the widely despised old crook clear out of the way for a better Democrat alternative in 2024.

You likely won’t hear repetitive chants of “Joe must go! Joe must go!” – except maybe at a Donald Trump rally -- but the feeling is similar among the multitude of folks who’ve already concluded that senile Joe’s days in the White House are numbered and he’s on his way out faster than a cocaine-sniffing canine who raised the alert close to the Biden family quarters at the vaunted mansion.

The curious thing about Biden’s predicted ouster is that the noise is coming from members of both parties. There’s growing speculation that senile Joe will suddenly realize he’s a corrupted shill of a human being and remove himself from the 2024 conversation – or simply take his name out of the equation entirely for fear of having his family’s businesses and reputations dragged through the wringer.

Senile Joe has always exhibited a self-imposed aura of political invincibility, but the shield has cracked considerably with the recent revelation of narcotics being discovered within the White House walls. All the previous dirt generated by Congressman James Comer’s House Committee didn’t do much to dent Biden’s reputation, but drugs in the executive mansion? Oh, the horrors!

At any rate, the proverbial dogs appear to be coming for poor ol’ back slappin’, hair sniffin’, child repellin’, female staffer molestin’, nude swimmin’, gaffe committin’, hot tempered and unpredictable senile Joe. The drumbeat of “Joe must go! Joe must go! Joe must go!” is deafening. And it’s only mid-July, 2023.

In a piece titled “Will Biden drop out of the 2024 race? You bet your sweet bippy”, Joseph Curl wrote at The Washington Times last week:

“[T]here’s another interesting thing going on in the campaign — which is, of course, already underway. Mr. Biden, who ran his last campaign from his basement as he hid from COVID-19 (and voters), is barely trying. Mr. Biden‘s campaign has so far hired just 20 aides and has no official headquarters. The liberal Politico, founded by two former Washington Post reporters, doesn’t think that’s a good sign.

“’Biden’s approach, while designed to save money, carries the risk of keeping his approval ratings at the low level where they are today. It also could limit his ability to better define the contours of the campaign at a time when the Republican field is bludgeoning each other in their own primary. Twelve years ago, his former boss, Barack Obama, moved swiftly in anticipation of facing off against Mitt Romney during the summer before the election year,’ three reporters wrote in a story headlined ‘Biden’s bargain-basement campaign strategy.’

“For the record, I’ll say again that Mr. Biden will not run in 2024. Like Johnson in 1968, Mr. Biden will drop out shortly after a handsome, popular (and far younger) candidate announces his candidacy — in this case, California Gov. Gavin Newsom, whose approval rating among state residents is 56%.”

Yes, and the tooth fairy might drop out of the sky and take Newsom’s place on the Democrat ticket instead. While I appreciate and even agree with Curl’s first premise, I think his second (involving Newsom replacing Biden) seems far-fetched, if not impossible. I think it’s entirely plausible that Biden may not be the one accepting the Democrat nomination next summer, but I doubt Newsom will be the one replacing him.

Democrats – and some commentary writers – forget that Newsom’s name is synonymous with COVID lockdowns and general cultural decay. As I wrote last week, California is losing productive people by the U-Haul truckload and the “undocumented” human beings replacing the business-owners in the Golden State don’t have the skill, cash, know-how or legal status to turn the place around. These are facts – and they are undisputed.

Besides, a Newsom candidacy would represent a turn away from what Democrats purport to believe in these days. It could be argued that elevating senile Joe in 2020 represented the third term of the ultra-cool and woke Barack Obama, and therefore, Biden’s appearance (as a pasty old, white, perverted goat (not G.O.A.T.)) wasn’t a major barrier to liberals as long as the half-century swamp dweller spouted all the right lines, praised the correct ideas and possessed the best attribute of all: the supposed ability to beat Donald Trump in the election.

If senile Joe were to be supplanted by Newsom, however, none of these “benefits” would be furthered by the switch. Newsom is plenty leftist and a true-believer, but his oily hairdo wouldn’t wow the “woke” crowd who unfailingly demand a little pigment in their political preferences. Newsom looks plastic and phony, not exactly the natural successor to Biden, who just embodies the traits without appearing sleazy. What connection does Newsom have to Obama? A blessing from “The One”, but that’s about it.

Add the fact Newsom and Kamala Harris are from the same state, and you’ve got a real problem at Democrat headquarters. How would someone like Donna Brazile take to the notion of bringing in manicured white dude Newsom from the west coast bullpen before dark toned Kamala even got to throw her first pitch? The hags at “The View” would cry bloody murder in such a scenario, and if the old, dried-out Chardonnay-swilling set gets animated, watch out.

The smart money – or just the big tech billionaire money – wouldn’t be tossed towards Newsom. It would go to either Harris or some other nationally marketable Democrat whose abortion and climate change credentials are beyond reproach. Or, at least towards someone like Trans Secretary Pete Buttigieg, a young-ish white choir-boy type who won in Iowa in 2020 and could stake a claim to being the next in line by virtue of his sexual orientation and featuring an ability to lie that’s comparable to Biden’s. But none of this will take place unless Biden fulfills Curl’s first prophecy – and steps down.

It's long been speculated by political watchers such as myself that senile Joe doesn’t truly have the fire for another run, and he’s only agreed to do so because he (presumably) sleeps in the same bed with the ultra-ambitious Dr. Jill Biden, and she craves another term as First Lady to enable her to go around the country speaking about Hispanics being breakfast tacos and presiding over the annual White House Christmas decorations tours. She doesn’t have to give nearly as many speeches as her hubby and the liberal establishment media calls her “doctor” even if she’s more like an education quack.

What would Biden gain by leaving anyway? For one, he could easily assert that he’s changed his mind due to health concerns. There isn’t a person in America – except maybe for Dr. Jill – who would dare question his sincerity on this subject. No amount of wincing, gritting his teeth, waving his closed fist, raising his voice or generally being an a-hole can cloak Joe’s deteriorating intellect for long.

I can’t say for sure, but Joe must lie awake at night pondering face-saving ways to get out before he actually has to do any campaign work. If Curl’s above cited Politico reports is true – and a full-blown campaign apparatus is yet to be assembled – it wouldn’t take much to simply make a phone call and tell everyone to take the Biden/Harris 2024 signs down – and this is “no joke”.

Citizens with common sense understand senile Joe doesn’t give a rat’s behind for the fate of America, but he sure as heck cares about his own legacy. The Democrats losing control of the House of Representatives last November changed everything for the Biden clan. No longer could the president and his cash-hungry relations count on using the bully pulpit to bludgeon Republicans with few or no repercussions. Further, all the dirty laundry they’d accumulated during his veep years (and during Trump’s presidency) automatically became fair game for examination.

The deep state can no longer protect senile Joe. His sagging poll numbers – and the condition of the listless economy – revealed that the Biden mystique was broken. Not even senile Joe’s squeaky-clean defense of aiding Ukraine in the eastern European country’s war with Russia survives scrutiny any longer, now that the president’s people gave the okay to send lethal (to civilians, especially children) cluster bomb ammunition to the beleaguered nation with very few tangible connections to the United States.

Further, what would Biden’s reelection platform be? Perhaps a strenuous defense of “Bidenomics” and an economy with (still) high inflation and slow – or no – growth? Or how about America’s sinking stature in the world? The porous open southern border? How about his administration’s record on furthering the cause of feminism by campaigning for biological guys who think they’re gals in women’s sports?

More than anything, I’d like to see a survey of Biden supporters, polling what they like the most about Biden. Would it be his fanning the flames of racial division in the country? His “woke” assault on the U.S. military? How about the Biden family hosting transgender freaks flashing their fake female breasts at little kids at a “Pride” celebration?

Biden swears he hopes to “Finish the Job”, but what exactly is meant by it? If reelected, would senile Joe keep the Merrick Garland justice department going after January 6, 2021 prisoners? Or outlaw all further fossil fuel exploration? Or write an executive order promising government paid-for solar panels and windmills for every household?

If senile Joe Biden looks tired, he certainly must be tired. Being president for one day is more than a lot of people his age can handle, much less face the prospect of serving for another four years. Republicans and Democrats alike question whether Biden’s still got it – and figure that retirement might be what’s best for him – today, tomorrow, or next year.

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17. Juli 2023

Remember Thug Biden's so called "campaign launch?" Just a simple video, a few minutes long, talking about nothing, promising nothing, running on nothing. He looked like he was forced into doing it, because speculation was rampant that he would not run again. RFK Jr had just got into the race and had semi-decent support. I suppose that his people wanted to stop the bleeding, so Thug Biden had to get in when he did, totally unprepared to campaign.

I'd say that Thug Biden is not keeping his word with Democrat voters. Among other things, I believe he sold his candidacy in 2020 as a 1 term deal. He's supposed to be handing this off to Kamala Harris. Her not being…

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