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The Right Resistance: Something fishy this way comes; the stealth Democrat plan to ditch Biden

The Democrat powers-that-be have decided! They don’t want senile president Joe Biden to run for reelection now!

How else could anyone explain what happened last week with the emerging story of the president having been caught with his hands in the cookie jar – or more descriptive, his fingerprints on boxes of documents, including a generous smattering of classified information – at his Chinese funded University of Pennsylvania pre-presidency office and then, get this, at his house in Delaware. It’s old news by now, but the garage space that holds Biden’s prize possession – his classic Corvette – also contained papers from his vice presidency days – and so did a room adjoining the garage.

All of this makes senile Joe a very, very naughty old geezer! No wonder he made all those AMTRAK commutes to his personal residence when he was Obama’s veep. Maybe he carried a briefcase full of classified materials each time he traveled to feed to Hunter when he arrived home!

The president himself, as would be expected, couldn’t/didn’t provide a satisfactory explanation for how the documents in either location (and let’s face it, there certainly have to be more spread throughout the Democrat cosmos) got there. According to the story handed out by the Biden people, the president’s lawyers just happened to be sifting through these locations – just before last year’s midterm elections – and discovered, to their absolute shock (NOT!) that bad stuff was in them!

Can’t you just envision the scene? “Hey Buster, look-ee here! Amidst these thousands of pages of nonsense there’s this one marked ‘Top Secret’ or something like that. It’s got names and stuff on Ukraine, Great Britain and Iran. Do you think this means anything? Why would this paper be here when the rest of the documents are about President Joe’s menu requests, personal jottings on ice cream and travel schedules for the year 2015?”

“Forget that, bud, look at that ‘Vette! My uncle had one of those once. Think Joe would mind if we took it for a little spin? It would be just like that scene in ‘Ferris Bueler’s Day Off’ when the parking attendants went on a joy ride in that classic Ferrari! He’s so stupid he’d never notice! But then we’d have to tell ‘em we found something, too.”

Sound a little fishy?

For those who adhere to an “Everything happens for a reason” type personal philosophy, of which I am one, there’s no way to account for these discoveries – and the subsequent covering up of the dirt for over two months – other than to conclude that the Democrat brain trust wanted it this way. Perhaps it was because there wasn’t a sufficient level of public relations damage done to the enemy during the Republicans’ battle over the Speakership a couple weeks ago. Or maybe it was due to the increasingly strong rumors that Biden would announce his reelection run soon. Whatever the deduction, senile Joe looks to be in a heap of trouble now.

Even the eternally compromised Attorney General Merrick Garland couldn’t get out from under the enormous corruption boulder this document thing inspired. Garland appointed a Special Counsel to delve into senile Joe’s office, garage and residence even further. Who knows, the Justice Department could just send the same FBI team that ransacked Mar-a-Lago last summer to do a once-over of casa de Biden, too. They’ve got experience going for them! Do you think they’ll sift through Dr. Jill’s unmentionables in their search mission just like they did for Melania Trump’s?

At any rate, this scandal will certainly influence senile Joe’s future plans whether he likes it or not. And at the epicenter of the inquiries will be son Hunter himself. In a piece titled “Hunter Biden among the storm clouds circling president’s reelection decision”, Katherine Doyle wrote at the Washington Examiner:

“News of Hunter’s case comes amid revelations that the elder Biden may have mishandled classified documents dating from the Obama administration that were discovered last year in his private office and Delaware garage. According to CNN, the files related to Iran, Ukraine, and the U.K.

“The twin legal dramas could shake up the race for the White House as newly-empowered House Republicans use their congressional authority to demand accountability from the Biden administration, with promises to investigate the president and his family’s foreign business ties…

“The timing of Biden’s documents scandal has fueled speculation about efforts to protect the president from the political repercussions of the case, which his aides said emerged days before the November elections. After uncovering the first batch of documents on Nov. 2, 2022, the White House waited months to reveal the discovery to the public. The White House said Thursday that it found a second tranche in December as Biden’s attorneys completed a search of the president’s residences. An additional document was located at Biden’s home this week.”

I always used to tell my kids, “Those who do not look do not find.” In their case it might’ve been a shoe was missing and they complained about only having one shoe before even trying to locate the other. But in senile Joe’s instance, clearly these pages have been there, gathering dust for days, months or years – and up until November, no one had thought to explore for them.

Why couldn’t the Democrats have been combing through all of Biden’s material during the COVID sequestration months when many, many government employees had nothing but time on their hands? Was there a high risk of contracting or spreading the Chinese Communist Party (or Wuhan, if you prefer) virus in closets and garages at shuttered offices and residences? Heck no. What a perfect opportunity to archive!

But someone, somewhere, knew these materials were there, yet the secret was safe until the proverbial Biden reelection stove heated to a point where the tea kettle whistled. Senile Joe’s insisted all along that he intended to run for a second term and his sense of urgency would only increase if a possible rematch against Donald Trump beckoned in the distance. Now that this scenario is a distinct possibility, one guesses that the Biden family holiday “conversations” over whether to do another campaign were rather brief and one-sided in the “let’s do it!” direction.

Meanwhile, polls continue to show that Americans don’t want Biden (or Trump for that matter) to be in the fray. A Gallup survey last week even showed that self-identifying Republicans now outnumber self-identified Democrats. (Thank you, Paul Bedard.) When has that ever been the case?

Democrat higher-ups must assume that if Biden were to run again that he would almost certainly win the nomination, solely from the fact no other credible Democrats would dare challenge him. And if they did, the party’s move to make South Carolina the first state to vote and to shift other African-American-heavy locales to the front of the primary calendar would make Biden’s re-nomination a mere formality.

Economic forecasts show the country will likely slow markedly or even slide into recession, but it won’t be quick enough to shift the entirety of the blame to senile Joe himself. Besides, the Democrat spin machine will pile the burden onto the new GOP House and the Republicans’ attempt to dampen how much the federal government spends. The ignorant low-information “The View” Democrat base will eat it up!

When it comes to elections, Democrats aren’t stupid. They’re ruthless. Just like somebody knew where senile Joe’s documents were all along, some Democrat saw the future with a nearly 82-year-old Biden on the 2024 ticket and pushed a panic button. I haven’t seen it bandied about in the news, but doesn’t this strange change in political wind direction have Obama’s musky aroma all over it? Or perhaps it’s a cooperative effort between the longtime friendly rivals Obamas and Clintons?

The Obamas think senile Joe is an idiot. Remember when Barack said (paraphrasing), “Never underestimate Joe’s ability to f**k things up”? There’s no love lost there, especially since Biden has turned out to be unabashed in his pursuit of socialist dystopia, something Obama laid the groundwork for and will now not get the glory for carrying it through.

And the Clintons must think that senile Joe’s first term should’ve been Hillary’s second term if fate hadn’t intervened and had it so that the devil Trump could prevail in the Electoral College in 2016. Crooked Hillary’s people are the ones who weakened Trump over the Russia-Russia-Russia affair, yet there was Biden, swooping in to collect all the benefits in 2020. And not share credit, either.

One can’t help but conclude there’s more than meets the eye to the Biden classified document scandal. Too much doesn’t make sense to figure all of it happened randomly. Not even senile Joe is that dumb and unaware. To the extent an inside job is possible, that’s certainly what it appears to be. Democrats want to take Biden down before he even announces a run for reelection.

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I hope Biden is the Democratic Party candidate in 2024--I desperately want a Trump-Biden rematch . . . !


"Do you think they’ll sift through Dr. Jill’s unmentionables in their search mission just like they did for Melania Trump’s?"

Whew, what a thought! There might be some perverted enjoyment in searching through Melania's unmentionables, but Jill's? Yick!

Replying to

But we must also hope Dr. Biden is okay. She was recently diagnosed with cancer; I would never wish illness or poor health on anyone regardless of their political ideology.


Jan 16, 2023

President Trump shared an article ( It's saying that President Obama can come to Little Joe Biden's rescue by simply saying that he gave Joe permission to take the documents. Sounds easy enough. But the problem is that by doing so, this validates the case Trump has been making about his own documents...essentially that the President can declassify documents, despite what some hacks, like Bill Barr and Karl Rove, have to say about it. There is no case as it concerns President Trump. I am glad this happened with Biden so that the DOJ can't try to say Trump is guilty but Biden is not. The cases are almost similar except Trump had the right and the authority to take…

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