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The Right Resistance: Speakers, morons, masks and COVID-19. Where’s the right to be free?

My, what a kerfuffle it’s caused.

For those unfamiliar with the term, a “kerfuffle” is defined as: “commotion, disturbance, agitation, melee, rumpus” or “bother” and “fuss.” All of these words could be employed to describe the hysteria over the still undefined Chinese Communist Party (or Wuhan, if you prefer) virus that invaded the planet, likely as an unintentional (or intentional?) leak from a Chinese military biotech lab, sometime in 2019.

The subject has dominated the news and the world population’s consciousness since early spring of last year. It even took over a political campaign for the most powerful office in existence, leading to changes in voting regulations that had disastrous consequences and robbed the one-person-one-vote system of any integrity it had left. It also made a cult hero out of Dr. Anthony Fauci, the hypocritical star of our government’s anti-virus expert team.

“Trust the science!” was the rallying cry of the scaremongers. If you dared question the experts’ prevailing attitudes, you were branded a denier and probably had your social media shut down for fear of spreading “misinformation.” If you refused to wear a mask or other covering (I’m still partial to the guys and gals who wore rolled up shirts and bandanas), store clerks would track you down and demand that you strap one on or be escorted out of the location like a criminal.

Now president senile Joe Biden’s CDC has reissued a recommendation for everyone to wear masks indoors (in certain areas), regardless of vaccination status. They blame people who’ve made their own health choices for the necessity and urgency of the order. If only the far more deadly (to the fetus) abortion procedure were treated with such exigence, thousands of lives would be saved every day!

Ready to dig out the face diaper again? If not, Speaker Nancy Pelosi has a name for you. Kery Murakami reported at The Washington Times:

“The House of Representatives is again requiring people to wear masks to protect against COVID-19, in response to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s new guidance. And the mandate is again inspiring some fierce — and personal — partisan sniping.

“House Attending Physician Dr. Brian P. Monahan reinstated the mask mandate late Tuesday night both for people who are and are not vaccinated. The mandate came after the CDC changed course earlier in the day, recommending that everyone wear a mask in public indoor spaces in regions with high or substantial transmission rates for the deadly virus.

“When Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy questioned the decision, Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Wednesday morning called the California Republican ‘a moron.’”

To be frank and one-hundred-percent up front, at times in the past, I would’ve agreed with Pelosi’s characterization of McCarthy as a “moron”. But the GOP minority leader from California has demonstrated some real backbone lately, including on this issue. McCarthy pointed out that the senate still is not requiring masks for vaccinated individuals -- which, let’s face it, probably counts close to 100% of Congress.

So what’s the justification for telling everyone on the House side that they must, once again, restrict their breathing so as to prevent spreading a virus that isn’t harmful (to those who’ve had the shot) to them?

Like the term “Moron”, “Stupid” covers a lot of ground in describing the behavior of the liberal political ruling class. They act as though life depends on submitting to their pleas and orders to take one of the non-FDA-approved COVID vaccines. While the danger from being vaccinated is small, it’s much greater than zero. I personally know of a person who got gravely ill after receiving her second shot a couple months back. She was hospitalized. She lost her job. Does it matter?

These days, everything bad that happens to a government is blamed on the relatively innocuous CCP virus. In Cuba, the suppressed population suffering under poor economic and living conditions for decades as well as oppressive rights-squelching communist dictators, rose up to protest their sorry existence and the liberal ruling elites here in the land of the free blamed the discontent on COVID-19 and a lack of vaccine availability for residents of the island nation. Like if the Cuban people had all been given shots a week after the medicine was available, everyone would be pacified and hunky dory happy to live there now.

Like, “O gee, the regime’s thugs just came and took my daughter away because she was one of the protesters, but we got our vaccine from the benevolent government, so we’re okay with it!”

Could it be that not everyone on the planet is freaking out about COVID to the same degree that Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden and Democrats all seem to be? According to the Worldometer website, there have been a little less than 200 million worldwide cases and a little less than 4.2 million deaths around the globe. From the same website, the world population is approaching 7.9 billion souls. Fascinating statistics. The number of cases and deaths amounts to a rounding error in the number of bipedal homo sapiens on earth. If the totals were any more insignificant, no one would be talking about them.

Pelosi’s is a naked power grab, plain and simple. Until a thorough study is conducted of people who died with the virus and compare it to those who succumbed because of the virus, we’ll never get a grip on what the true hazard level is and was.

I am not claiming that COVID isn’t a serious matter and that it should be ignored completely, but some perspective is called for here. Death isn’t waiting around the corner for everyone who contracts the virus -- and it never was. Meanwhile, many a son and daughter has lost a year -- or more -- of his or her education to a virus that isn’t dangerous to them. More kids die every year from the flu. It’s a greater hazard for them to walk out their front door in the morning (especially in a blue state city) than it is to go to a school full of germ spreading kids.

To most people, the vaccine represented peace of mind more than a shield of immunity against something that wasn’t all that menacing to them. Baltimore Ravens QB Lamar Jackson tested positive (for the second time in 8 months) the other day, but he’s not sick. Still, he has to sit out a pre-determined length of time. For what?

In the United States, the shots have been available for the entirety of 2021. At first, a person had to be in one of the vulnerable categories to gain priority to receive the serum. I was the last one in my immediate family (my teenage son the exception because he was initially deemed too young) to be granted an appointment. My two twenty-something daughters work in hospitals, so they were the first ones in line. My wife has asthma, so she was granted an exempted slot a couple months before I was.

I feel like I was at the tail end of the rush to get the juice, and since then, it must be fairly easy to receive the vaccine if you want it. I’m not sure -- meaning I haven’t checked -- but I’m guessing walk-up appointments are readily available if someone who isn’t vaccinated suddenly decides like a bolt of lightning out of the blue that they have to have it today.

Otherwise, this whole thing is absurd.

I know several people who haven’t been vaccinated, but only a couple I would describe as being in demographic categories that might have a teeny tiny worry. One of them tested positive for the virus last year and says he won’t be getting the vaccine because he has natural immunity. Another gentleman said he doesn’t feel he needs it and wouldn’t trust the government to give him a vaccine that amounts to a flu shot.

None of these cases of outright defiance would be swayed by having a politician of either party stand up before a TV camera and demand that they get stuck in the arm for their own good. People who opt out of the vaccine do so because they deem it unnecessary or potentially harmful, not because they’re uneducated and ignorant about what’s in store if they don’t go through with it.

Debate will continue to rage about COVID-19 -- where it came from, who’s responsible for it (Dr. Fauci and the NIH’s ‘gain of function’ research?) and how much of a real threat is involved. What shouldn’t be subject to discussion is an individual’s right to decide for him or herself what their own future holds. People have the option of getting the shots. It’s available.

And the government should keep out of Americans’ business. It doesn’t take a “moron” to say so.

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3 comentários

" an unintentional (or intentional?) leak from a Chinese military biotech lab..."

Once again I must point out that the release of the virus being intentional or unintentional is relatively unimportant because we can probably never know. What we do know for certain is the CCP intentionally spread it around the world by restricting internal travel to an from Wuhan while allowing, and I beleive even encouraging, travel to and from Wuhan internationally. This is a fact. We know this. Why does this keep being ignored?


Charles Wilkins
Charles Wilkins
30 de jul. de 2021

The clown act continues, Pelosi an Biden Follies continue,

Pelosi an Biden two political hacks, Pelosi now thinks she runs the House and also the

Senate, Biden thinks he is also Governor of Texas, are they now trying to form their own government? Sorry, you two old farts, you have lost your minds, they know the house will be republican soon, ,the investigations will begin, the corruption of both will be well known to all. The Democrat party will become lost in time, just as their KKK was lost in time for democrat history. Both are in so far over their mental capabilities, IQ levels, any cognitive control screens. Most Biden executive orders are illegal, most Pelosi edicts are worthless…


James Bryson
James Bryson
30 de jul. de 2021

Clue: Look at the non-leadership oozing from McConnell and McCarthy.

When did feckless, emasculated soy become so fashionable?

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