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The Right Resistance: The best way to beat Biden Derangement Syndrome is not to catch it (Part One)

Donald Trump is no longer president.

It’s a realization that a lot of people woke up to this morning. The tens of millions of American anti-Trump voters must’ve slept comfortably through the night, probably having fallen asleep to replays of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’s inauguration extravaganza from yesterday afternoon. At noon EDT the 78-year-old career swamp dweller gingerly placed his hand on his family’s enormous Bible that “Dr.” Jill Biden held for him and repeated the words fed to his brain by a very patient (considering the recipient) Chief Justice John Roberts. The who’s who of the Washington ruling class was (allegedly) there. I didn’t watch it, doing my darndest to avoid any and all coverage of the low point in recent American history. But in this electronic age you can run, but you can’t fully hide from what our overlords want you to see. Open your eyes! Open your eyes! Meanwhile, today, Donald Trump’s 74-million-plus voters are dealing with a different mindset (akin to a hangover?), the multitude convinced that the election’s results smelled bad and still stinging under the oppression of a government and media that judges them before they take a step in the morning. The presence of an armed cordon of National Guard troops on Wednesday was the ultimate insult, as if a relative handful of rabblerousers on January 6th permanently branded all MAGA folks with a scarlet “V” (for violent) label on their chests. (Note: It’s a proven fact that there were leftists among the capitol assaulting throng two weeks ago. To be consistent, the powers-that-be better keep an eye on Antifa and Black Lives Matter as insurrectionists in addition to scrutinizing the unjustly accused.) The anti-Trumpers are just glad it’s over, their five-plus-year nightmare of Trump one-liners, multitudes of Tweets and staring down the likes of Nancy Pelosi and “Chucky” Schumer; it all supposedly vanished in an instant. Before there’s too much celebration, however, perhaps they’d better figure on the enormity of the task ahead. Patrick J. Buchanan wrote this week at CNS News:

Now, Democrats must decide whether to proceed with the impeachment trial of Trump for inciting a riot that began on the Capitol steps as he was speaking a mile away, a riot planned long before the rally on the Mall. Now, Democrats can choose whether they will forego extracting their pound of flesh as the first order of business in the Senate and let Nancy Pelosi sit a while on her impeachment resolution. Now, Democrats have it all. If they wish, they can abolish the filibuster, pack the Supreme Court, make D.C. and Puerto Rico states, forgive all student debt, and vote for slavery reparations. One reads that a caravan of thousands is forming up in Honduras to pass through Guatemala in the hope of reaching and crossing the U.S. border when Biden becomes president. That, too, is Joe's party's problem now.

On Buchanan’s last point, The Washington Times’ Charles Hurt wonders whether the caravan participants will be required to wear masks or test for COVID before being allowed onto U.S. soil by the Biden administration. How audacious to even ask such a thing? Can’t we all see that Grampa Joe is here to help people?

Besides, now that Donald Trump and his insistence on enforcing America’s borders is located somewhere other than the DC swamp, will Mexico’s governing authorities continue with their agreed upon cooperation in cracking down on crossings on their own southern border? Or will they throw open the doors and do everything feasible to ensure the mob of humanity reaches the United States unencumbered? What to do, Joe?

Reading Buchanan’s words, I harkened back to last year’s campaign, with Trump constantly defending himself (not always effectively) and his administration’s actions on COVID-19. It was like crawling on your hands and knees in a dark room searching for a needle on the floor, hoping to stumble across it before the barb lodges in your palm or kneecap.

The Chinese induced plague was a mystery novel without an ending or a puzzle missing most of its pieces. Grampa Joe sat hunkered down in his Delaware basement hiding from scrutiny and issuing press releases on how well he would’ve handled the crisis and boasted about the number of people who’d still be walking the earth if he’d been president instead of Trump.

People who cower in glass basements shouldn’t cast stones. But Biden’s a little too intellectually challenged to understand the difference. Similarly, he can’t take cover behind 99 other senators any longer like he did in the U.S. Senate. The sun is looking awful bright now that there are no walls or human shields to disguise his flaws.

As Buchanan further indicated, Biden can’t shrink from view. And perhaps just as importantly, Democrats can’t retreat to their default position of making outlandish statements about Trump, his purported incompetence, racism, divisiveness, unseriousness, golfing hobby, penchant for showmanship or the manner in which he communicated (via Twitter, mostly). All those things are gone with the former chief executive.

Like COVID-19, Trump Derangement Syndrome was a condition without a natural treatment. It tore at the internal organs of those afflicted and we’ll soon discover whether it’s a fatal malady for those who suffered with it through four Trump State of the Union speeches (the first being deemed an address to the joint session of Congress), or if they’ll remain in remission until the next Republican president.

Democrats know they can’t win on the issues so their only hope is to demonize the figurehead of the conservative issue platform. Donald Trump wasn’t a principled conservative but he came to symbolize the movement because he was the only one strong enough to withstand the waves of vitriol coming from the establishment and his political enemies. Who will follow his example? Is it possible for the GOP’s opposition to avoid becoming deranged? Will there be “Pence Derangement Syndrome” or “Hawley Derangement Syndrome” when the time comes, too?

Here's to getting better sleep tonight and being ready to resist tomorrow and all the days after that.

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Herr Biden's inaugural speech went about 21 minutes and had people like Bill Clinton nodding off. I'll be interested in seeing how he handles a State of the Union speech that usually lasts for an hour or so. Maybe he can put half of Congress to sleep. Can he even read a teleprompter that long without somehow mucking it up?


The Republicans must get better organized than they were in 2020. They must march in lock step as the Democrats did in 2016 thru 2020 They must fight every last policy which they do not believe is in the best interest of this county. No peace for Biden as there was no peace for Trump during his entire term.

It will be difficult because Democrats and Socialists have a strong army who like the radical Islamist's, want the total destruction of our country but in this case it's the destruction of the Republican Party and no resistance from it's people using methods to crimp free speech on campuses and websites, influence or threats to publishing companies that publish Conservative material,influence…


More rioting in Portland and Seattle.....assaults on police, lots of damage...WHY HASN'T BIDEN TAKEN CARE OF THIS???? They are reliable Democrat, liberals, Why won't he help these poor people? It's hard to believe Biden won't work with the leaders in these two States to get this fixed...what's wrong with him?


James Bryson
James Bryson
2021년 1월 21일

I miss the non-lawyer...non-politician...entrepreneurial billionaire...PATRIOT leader.

The genie is NOT going back in the bottle.

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