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The Right Resistance: The Biden team’s denials of Joe’s age-related problems only make them worse

“Oh no, don’t do it, Joe! Everyone realizes you’re not supposed to head butt the Pope!”

Who knows whether anyone in president senile Joe Biden’s orbit who was actually watching the proceedings live uttered these or similar words as the shockingly embarrassing moments unfolded, the elderly American chief executive being situated by the wheelchair bound church leader for “talks” that would supposedly involve international relations or negotiations or policy regarding who knows what.


For all we know Biden was using the opportunity to lecture the Pope about abortion, the American’s favorite topic when on native soil.


Biden, like all American presidents, attends lots of similar high-level meet and greets and media reports stemming from these encounters tends to be limited to revealing pleasantries and well-wishes and the type of feel-good niceties that don’t get anyone too excited or offended.


Not for Joe Biden, who’s demonstrated a talent for turning such happenstances into major, worldwide news events simply because the president’s behavior has become so bizarre and unpredictable that no one appreciates what he’ll do in the next frame. Whether his latest mistake was wandering away from a photo op – as Biden did during the same overseas visit when the Italian Prime Minister (Georgia Meloni) took it upon herself to guide senile Joe back to the others – or falling asleep at multi-national conferences or breaking wind in front of members of the British Royal Family, Joe Biden is a wildcard.


One can only imagine the difficulty Biden’s staff experiences in hoping to predict his next possible transgression, the old man’s cerebral deterioration making it impossible to foresee what is up ahead. The task is almost as arduous as explaining the foibles afterwards since the president himself doesn’t seem to grasp what he’s doing a good portion of the time.


In Democrat-land, safeguarding what’s left of Biden’s reputation and stature is definitely part of the job description. There’s a little election coming up in a few months’ time, and the voters’ opinions matter a lot.


In an article titled “Excuses for Biden’s strange behavior fail to change voter views of president”, Susan Ferrechio reported at The Washington Times the other day:


“Voters aren’t buying the explanations from the White House or the Biden campaign for the 81-year-old president’s daily display of senior moments, which most recently included him freezing up on stage at a Hollywood fundraiser and appearing to inexplicably nuzzle the forehead of Pope Francis at an economic conference with global leaders in Italy.


“On Monday, the White House said a series of recent video clips showing the president wandering off or appearing dazed were ‘cheap fake videos’ and ‘disinformation.’ They blame right-wing media outlets for pushing a false narrative that portrays Mr. Biden as a doddering old man. Their pushback has not convinced voters, who are increasingly worried about the president’s mental acuity and physical fitness.


“A slew of polls consistently show that voters, including critical independents, think Mr. Biden is too old to be president.”


The numbers are striking but this isn’t exactly a new story. It’s almost as though there are probably just as many conservative media personnel assigned to breakdown each new splotch of Biden video as there are White House caretakers tasked with devising potential explanations for Karine Jean-Pierre to toss out when the press asks her to weigh-in on yesterday’s senile Joe moment.


The media’s hypocrisy is astounding, but not surprising. Recall how then-president Donald Trump spoke at West Point four years ago and the media chastised him for picking up a glass of water with two hands or taking a possibly slippery ramp slowly because he wanted to ensure his footing? Trump appeared like a track star attempting a triple-jump when compared with Biden, but the former received nothing but quizzical stares and the latter sympathy for the gestures.


If you asked a hundred Americans to declare which one of them could use a walker or a cane, what percent would reply “Senile Joe Biden!”


And hasn’t Biden committed several other headline-grabbing flubs? Didn’t he break his ankle before taking office, or fall off a bike for no reason at the beach? Or have to be sent back in the other direction by the Easter Bunny at the White House egg roll event? Who was wearing that costume, anyway, a senior staffer instructed to ensure the president didn’t get lost in the crowd?


Look closely and you’ll probably see a patch sewn into Biden’s suit lapel with a handwritten anonymous plea, “In case found, call 555-5555. My name is Joe. I like ice cream, little children and am generally regarded as friendly and love to blow in ears.”


Covering Democrat physical and mental missteps could be a full-time vocation for some political types in Washington. Eight years ago, then Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton frequently experienced fits of coughing and allegedly took a tumble or two herself. Remember Crooked Hillary’s trouble staying vertical at the commemoration for the 9/11 victims in New York City?


Let’s not overlook the oft-replayed sequence of senile Joe falling up the stairs to Air Force One early in his tenure. None of it was really necessary since no one ordered Biden to try and portray himself as fit as an Olympic athlete, yet the man usually jog-shuffled his way to speaking podiums. At least back then. Here’s thinking he’s likely under strict orders not to try it anymore.


No wonder the White House’s excuses are falling on deaf voter ears these days. Americans are overwhelmed with non-stop spin, primarily from Democrats, and the last thing they want to be told is to disbelieve their own eyes and life experience. Does anyone honestly think that “Chuckie” Schumer is truly a master chef at the grill? Would you want to sample what he’d supposedly been in charge of?


Besides, why are the Biden people working so hard to deny plain reality? They could, if inclined to do so, admit that the president becomes easily distracted and suggest that it’s his “natural curiosity” that sometimes gets the best of him, or his “intense concentration in the moment” that causes him to appear as though he’s catatonic and unresponsive. It’s not “freezing”, it’s “tunnel vision” or something like that!


Attempting to pass Biden off as “sharp as a tack” and “in command of his presence” only invites mocks and retorts. Remember how the old Joe Biden could pull a story out of just about anywhere when the occasion arose? At least he’s not insulting Indians in donut shops or saying Republicans are going to put black people back in chains anymore. Right?


The truth is, there’s no getting around Biden’s gaffes, so Democrats can either play along or continue to face daily/hourly questions about what senile Joe did this time. Wasn’t their old standard explanation that Joe was “just being Joe”? Couldn’t they now reason that Joe is just a good-natured gentle but vigorous senior citizen with a thirst for meeting new people and greeting them in his own special way?


From a practical standpoint, most everyone in America – and outside it – recognizes that Biden has primarily assumed a ceremonial role as president. Never regarded as a hard worker to begin with, senile Joe keeps short days, rarely takes questions from the media, limits his public appearances and largely cowers behind the human walls erected by his publicity staff that guards him like Rome’s Praetorian Guard did in the era of Roman emperors.


Therefore, the questions surrounding Biden’s age and physical and mental conditions are likely here to stay. Like flies who’d located an open wound, the media, having recognized there’s a weak point that causes irritation, will keep buzzing after each Biden bobble, engendering more coverage, more explanations from the powers-that-be and, presumably, will maintain senile Joe’s sorry poll position and pathetic approval ratings.


Next week’s first 2024 presidential debate will either shore up the public’s views or, perhaps stop the proverbial bleeding – but only for a time.


Unlike in 2020, Democrats are much more circumscribed in their ability to keep Biden away from addressing the issues this year. Spokespeople can only do so much, and frankly, the ones the Biden folks often employ aren’t very good. Barack Obama had a polished public relations operation that performed rapid response to crises and was adept at making the youngish president look good no matter what he did.


Biden’s shop is much less proficient, which is hard to comprehend since many of the spinners and weavers are holdovers from the Obama regime. But Biden isn’t nearly as cognizant of public relations value – no wonder his popularity faded the longer people were exposed to him.


Simply put, voters are not only tired of senile Joe’s awful inflation causing policies, they’re tired of the man himself. Negative – and true – reports about Hunter Biden have also eroded the warm and fuzzy aura that used to protect “good guy” Joe Biden. Barack Obama didn’t have to contend with sleaze regarding his family.


It’s another reason why Biden’s staff’s “excuses” for his strange behaviors have failed to lift his popularity.


You can’t help but think Biden’s people could have lessened the old Democrat’s image problems by acknowledging them and even working through them rather than reacting to every negative report with hostility and denial. Donald Trump understands the media and gives more than his share of interviews, even to unfriendly sources.


Joe Biden wouldn’t even sit for a traditional Super Bowl pregame “softball” type session. No wonder people make fun of him. He makes it easy for them to do so. Isn’t a president supposed to be a “man of the people”?


Joe Biden is old, and it shows, and he’s running for president. When his age shows up in his actions, his staff rushes to cover for him, make excuses for him and deny that anything is happening to him. If he can’t take the criticism, he shouldn’t be running, and Americans with common sense shouldn’t look the other way.

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Butchb B
Butchb B
22 jun

All the ponies in the Democrat stable are idiots. Joe is their only hope and they have no choice. It is impossible to believe that all 81 million voters (sure!!) knew what they were doing if Joe was their choice.

Me gusta
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