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The Right Resistance: The days of phony pandemic fright are numbered for Biden and Democrats

Have you hugged your pandemic today?

It’s a question Democrats must ask themselves on a regular basis. Going on twenty-six months since the liberal bureaucrat health brains of the United States government called for an initial fifteen-day period where citizens should/must agree to self-isolate, social distance, keep the heck away from each other and sever any semblance of normal attachment to the comings and goings of their own lives, liberals are still citing the COVID-19 pandemic as the main driver of erratic economic activity in our country today. Runaway inflation? To paraphrase generic liberal X on left-leaning cable channel Y, the rapid escalation in prices is due to: “The fallout from the pandemic is continuing to be felt in all corners of the globe but particularly here in State Z, where, numerous federal judges and even the oft-confused federal CDC have deemed it unconstitutional to require an experimental vaccine and also to mandate that ordinary citizens strap on a paper or cloth oral barrier to prevent the contraction or giving away of the ultra-deadly virus that the Chinese government swears was unleashed by the U.S. military.”

“They’re only doing it in an overabundance of caution, and, of course, to keep people safe.”

The only logical conclusion anyone can reach about the “pandemic” these days is that only a few people even think about it anymore. Last week brought news that vice president cackling Kamala Harris was stricken with the virus but would be keeping to herself in her government provided accommodations at the Naval Observatory until she once again tested negative. Days before that, the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, let it leak that she too had tested positive for the bug. So did members of the White House communications staff. So has practically everyone else at one time or another.

The virus is everywhere. Doesn’t this mean it’s endemic? There is still some risk to those in threatened health categories, but for everyone else, what gives?

Yet the pandemic very much lives in the hearts of Democrats, because it provides them a convenient excuse to blame every problem that arises on an invisible villain that can never be fully eradicated. High oil prices? Place responsibility on pandemic-related shutdowns and disruptions in the supply chain caused by too few workers being on the job because of, you guessed it -- the pandemic.

Can’t get your package or the mail delivered on time? The pandemic did it! Some companies, at least from casual observation, are still requiring their delivery personnel to avoid personal contact. A guy last week rang my doorbell as if to play “ding dong ditch”, left the box on the porch and sprinted for his van as though he were being chased by a ghost -- or a Democrat truth assessor. It certainly could be that he was just keeping a tight schedule, but who’s to say the mask-wearing lad wasn’t terrified of being afflicted?

Need a part to repair your car? Auto companies complain that manufacturing and shipments are months behind -- due to the pandemic. Your vital air conditioning compressor or doorknob might be trapped in a container in a cargo ship offshore. And Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg seems oblivious to it all as he makes another hard-hat wearing public appearance to tout the groundbreaking of another taxpayer funded “infrastructure” project.

There are a surprising number of pandemic hangers-on at the supermarket, too, as an unofficial survey taken by yours truly noted that there were about a quarter of shoppers and a few company personnel who wore masks months after they were no longer required to do it. Maybe these frightened waifs do so because they’re terrified of testing positive, which would require several days taken off work, a non-paid vacation for no real reason.

Democrats wouldn’t have it any other way, mind you. If senile president Joe Biden is asked about a problem, he can always retreat to his standard “we’re still recovering from the pandemic” line of rationalizing. And liberal writers swear Joe’s getting no respect because the pandemic is weighing down his otherwise wildly successful presidency.

The always way off-base liberal commentator Juan Williams wrote at The Hill:

“Biden gets no respect even though he has a record of success and Republicans in Congress don’t have any legislative agenda. They are content to stoke culture wars and bash Biden. But Biden’s poll numbers are in the dumps despite the weakness of the opposition. He is swimming against big tides of voter discontent rooted in nationwide frustration from living with a pandemic for two years.

“Then there is unhappiness with inflation, anxiety over rising violent crime, and upset within his own party about the failure to stop Republicans from suppressing the minority vote. That is a lot of discontent.

“And it all collects around one man: Biden. Midterms elections are always a referendum on the president. That’s why Biden and congressional Democrats are running against themselves, not Republicans.”

Strange as it sounds, Williams’ final observation is probably true. Democrats are running on their horrific record, but they’re also battling against the cavalcade of whoppers they all told about Donald Trump and the pandemic in the 2020 election. Democrats were so desperate to pin the artificial fear and despair on Republicans that they forgot to realize that Americans would expect them to keep their promises once gifted with power.

In years past, Democrats tried to generate panic over SARS, Ebola, the Bird Flu, Swine Flu, the West Nile virus and HIV/AIDS, etc., but it took this particular invader from China to really send the elites into a tizzy. COVID supplied the perfect dose of anxiety among the gullible and a means to sneak a broken-down old goat like Joe Biden into the White House. Heck, if the Russia, Russia, Russia nonsense failed, why not try the “bat flu” from a city most people never heard of?

To say the 2020 campaign was over-the-top absurd is an understatement. Democrats shamed anyone who tried to resume a normal life. Liberal minions -- the aptly labeled “Kens and Karens” of the world -- patrolled the public spaces as self-deputized COVID sheriffs, issuing verbal citations or worse for transgressions of the powers-that-be and dictators like Dr. Anthony Fauci. They savaged Trump for his desire to open up the country. No critic was left behind.

They lived on fear and loathing; fear of the unknown (will I get sick, and if I do, will I die?) and loathing of anyone who disputed the severity of the virus and how to treat it. The Democrats’ demagoguery was shameful and elitist. Millions of gullible stooges went along with it, and now the party is reaping what they sowed. One of the Democrats’ most egregious errors was picking a fight with America’s parents over COVID policy ranging from school lockdowns, mandatory mask mandates to, in some cases, vaccine mandates. Did liberals forget that suburban moms -- sometimes referred to as “soccer moms” -- were becoming a core constituency of their party? Even these wishy-washy government goodie loving women wouldn’t tolerate it when their kids were dragged into the equation.

Add the controversy over “woke” education -- Critical Race Theory and overly sexualized material in government schools -- and Democrats agitated a sleeping giant. Parents moved their kids by the millions into private schools, or chose to home school them. Education is completely changing thanks to COVID, one aspect of the pandemic that liberals never anticipated.

To bolster his claim that Biden is actually doing an excellent job, Juan Williams suggested that if a Martian were to come to earth not knowing anything about politics (doesn’t this basically describe all Democrats?), the visitor would see that Biden possesses a good record due to low unemployment, high consumer spending, a recovered economy after, you guessed it -- the pandemic -- and the infrastructure bill.

The problem being that there are no men, women, or neutral gender beings from Mars, Joe Biden wouldn’t recognize the truth if it kicked him in the behind, congressional Democrats don’t know whether to abandon the president or just avoid him, there’s no clear successor in the Democrat party for either the executive or congressional leadership, and inflation is impossible to censor because it speaks loudly whenever anyone encounters it.

How much longer can Democrats keep up the ruse that COVID is dangerous to everyone and people must be restrained? How will liberals justify all the expense for plexiglass separated desks in school classrooms when no one’s getting sick any longer? Plenty may still be getting the virus, but asymptomatic folks don’t rush out to get tested. That only happens in government.

Further, how long will Democrats use COVID as a justification for every failed government policy of the past fifteen months? Has COVID supplanted “climate change” in their minds as the existential crisis of our time? Are the rabid green activists jealous that Congress devoted trillions to paying for shuttered businesses and schools but aren’t doing anything about the supposedly warming planet now?

Senile Joe Biden can’t have it both ways. He can’t take “credit” for the few positive economic indicators left in the government statistics and blame the “pandemic” for everything else that’s going haywire. The hysteria from the past two years disrupted everyone’s life, but Americans have moved on. Now they’re taking a good look at the politicians who brought the hurt down on them.

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