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The Right Resistance: The establishment can’t control the water-like properties of Donald Trump

Water flows where it wants to go.

Anyone who’s done yardwork or unexpectedly spilled a large quantity of liquid inside the house understands the concept. There’s also a semi-famous quote from Canadian poet and leftist environmental activist Margaret Atwood that accurately summarizes the phenomenon: “Water is not a solid wall, it will not stop you. But water always goes where it wants to go, and nothing in the end can stand against it. Water is patient. Dripping water wears away a stone.”

Water makes its own rivers, valleys and canyons. It goes from high to low. Over eons, water erodes solid rock and moves dirt. You can temporarily steer it with sandbags or dams, but you ultimately can’t stop it from rising. Mother nature wins and man loses every time.

Some might say water has a mind of its own, even though it has no brain and no cell structure. Water does what it desires; it has its own timeline. The oceans are subject to wind, rain, earthquakes, differences in temperature, submerged volcanoes and other earthly soil and weather conditions. But in the end, water flows wherever the surroundings take it.

At the risk of being too philosophical, there’s a force in American politics that takes on the characteristics of water and goes pretty much wherever he deems necessary. Donald Trump is like the personification of water. The former president is a virtually uncontrollable actor in today’s volatile political environment, which frustrates the status quo loving political establishment to no end while delighting his millions of devoted adherents to the Make America Great Again agenda.

Trump is unpredictable to say the least. At a time when Republicans and many conservatives look to move on and past the events of January 6, 2021, Trump wants to talk about it more. And, unlike the party bluebloods, he addresses the fate of those who were at the Capitol on that day.

There’s no such thing as political taboo in Donald Trump’s world. No proverbial third rails, either. Maybe that’s why so many Americans were drawn to him and remain with him through thick and thin.

Somewhat like water in the above analogy, Trump won’t be directed and once started, can’t really be stopped, just dealt with after the fact. Where will it lead?

“Republicans are growing increasingly frustrated by former President Trump’s renewed focus on the Jan. 6, 2021, riot on Capitol Hill, worried that it could throw a wrench into their midterm plans as they seek to retake Congress.

“Barely over a month ago, Trump was talking up his administration’s success with the coronavirus vaccines. But in recent weeks he tacked back to focusing on the 2020 election and the insurrection, claiming former Vice President Mike Pence could have ‘overturned’ the election and floating pardons for the rioters.

“That red-meat rhetoric is expected to play well with Trump’s hardcore base, but Republicans say it’s not effective for winning over the swing voters the party needs this November at a time when President Biden’s low approval ratings are blowing wind in the GOP’s sails.”

Blah, blah, blah. Left of center publications like The Hill frequently feature this type of “Republicans vs. Trump” coverage to draw eyeballs and clicks. Heck, Axelrod’s headline -- “GOP frustration mounts as Trump focuses on Jan. 6” -- got me to check out the piece. With news reports indicating that trials for January 6 protesters arrested and imprisoned by the Biden Justice Department are set to begin later this month, I wanted to see if Trump was talking about the issue.

It turns out, he is, and there aren’t many who are joining him in doing so. There’s Julie Kelly over at American Greatness, and Fox News’s dynamo 8 pm EST host Tucker Carlson regularly touches on the subject, but every journo in the establishment media generally avoids the plight of the unjustly accused like a COVID infected student in a public school’s cafeteria. Perhaps the liberal talkers believe that highlighting the predicament of the government pursued and captured protest participants being confined in filthy conditions in the Washington DC gulag and being treated worse than criminals would create sympathy among the American people.

And they can’t have that.

It’s not exactly news, but the media these days is doing everything within its power to censor and control the voices of those who dare question the wisdom of the elites. Podcast sensation Joe Rogan, for example, appears to be public enemy number one to the intellectuals who hide behind a shield of “science” and don’t take kindly to contrary opinions challenging their authority.

For if the “sheep” get wise to the ruse, they might do something like initiate a cross-country semi-truck convoy and park their rigs near the Capital and disrupt the day-to-day well-being of the ruling class.

Like Trump, Rogan appears to be like water in going wherever he seems to want to go, though he recently apologized for some of his past actions, which won’t win him any friends among the beautiful people in power. (Earlier this week Trump told Rogan to stop apologizing and get back to what he does best, which is sage advice.)

Somewhat like water, Trump’s ideas and emphasis flow on his natural inclinations alone. If the establishmentarians liked what he was saying, they would call him “spontaneous” and “wonderfully uninhibited”. But since they despise what he represents -- in the case of January 6 defendants, justice -- they worry about what he’ll do to the party’s chances to sweep Congress in an election that’s still nine months away.

Trump wants Republican victories, but he also demands truth, and he’s willing to hear the stories of those suffering at the feet of America’s modern-day inquisitors. He recognizes the unfairness and politically motivated imprisonment of many innocent people and hopes to do something about it if given the opportunity someday. It certainly looks like the GOP elites would prefer to tuck the matter out of sight and throw away the proverbial key. Trump won’t do it. All of us were shocked and appalled by what we saw on January 6, 2021. The recently revealed tweets and messages from conservative media personalities testify to that fact. Heck, even Donald Trump Jr. begged his father to go on TV to try and put a stop to it.

But even our shattered sensibilities left open the possibility that not everything was what we witnessed through the camera lenses of media outlets that day. We now know there was a real violent “battle” taking place on the west side of the building. However, in the rotunda, hundreds of people were walking through like tourists on vacation, carrying flags, taking selfies and not doing much of anything. Objective observers could see there was a difference between the thugs and miscreants fighting with law enforcement and the rest of the throng that was there just to… well, be there.

Even in the melee, there were a number of peaceful Trump supporters who were sucked into the violence and are now paying the price for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Ashli Babbitt was tragically murdered by a capitol police officer (who has subsequently gone unpunished). There were many, many others who were thrown in with the troublemakers. Guilt by association is the federal prosecutor’s best friend.

They weren’t “insurrectionists”. There was only one arrest for carrying an unlawful firearm that day. You could see that the crowd was directionless, kind of like spilled water. I recall seeing video taken by one journalist of protestors who’d entered the senate chamber and started looking through the senators’ briefing books on the desks. One of them said, “There’s got to be something in here we can use.” They didn’t know what they were looking for. The wackos among them perhaps figured they could stop the Electoral Vote count, but how? Did any of them honestly figure they could set up camp in Congress and deflect the flow of history… like rainwater into a sewer system?

Like with the disputed election results, Trump is correct to keep the January 6 detainee subject alive. People need to know of their government’s backroom intentions to railroad people who aren’t guilty of anything other than being willing to stand up for their beliefs. If the former president continues to speak out, the ruling elites might not be so anxious to punish the non-aggressive folks who weren’t there to cause harm, just to act as Americans.

Any Republican who surmises that Trump is going to cost the party seats in the 2022 midterm elections is mistaken and out of touch with the pulse of the grassroots. There’s plenty of reason to vote against senile president Joe Biden and the Democrat congressional leaders. Having Trump raising uncomfortable topics isn’t going to change the calculus one bit. The fears are unfounded.

Donald Trump is a little like water in the way he goes where he wants to go and says what he wants to say regardless of what the establishment wants him to do, or thinks is good for the party. Trump speaks his mind, which is a good thing. Not everyone has to like what he says. The American political system needs more free spirits like Trump.

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January 6th.

I'm going to be honest. My first reaction when I saw what was going on was "I should have been there". Understand that "being there" and engaging in violence or destruction of property are not the same thing. And most of those being unjustly held in prison were just there. It is right and appropriate to keep bringing this up and shedding light on what really happened and who was responsible for the violence. "Everyone" seems to be on the "time to move on" or "put it behind us" bandwagon. But it's not Trump that keeps going back to this, it's the left. The leftists in government with their "investigation" and the media with their absurd "insurrection" narrative.…


Mike M
Mike M
Feb 11, 2022

Do I agree with everything that President Trump thought said or did? Absolutely not. For instance, Heil Hitler Fauci would have been out of a job probably the first day I was in office had I been Trump. But given the choice between President Trump and the Republican Party elites who seem to think that their God-given duty is to sit on their butts and agree with everything that the liberals want I'll take President Trump every time.

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