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The Right Resistance: The only ones mourning the demise of Liz Cheney are liberal Democrats

Hard to believe it’s been a week since heinous NeverTrump congresswoman Liz Cheney was trounced in the Wyoming Republican primary by a Donald Trump-backed attorney (Harriet

Hageman) who heretofore no one had ever heard of outside of her home state, yet the complaints about unfairness and professions of hero worship for the vanquished establishmentarian are still coming in – from Democrats.

Don’t folks in the establishment media find it odd that there are precious few Republicans among those who are ruing the political demise of Cheney but Democrats are nearly universal in their sympathy for her? If one listened only to Democrats speak on the topic, you’d almost gather that Liz was a leading candidate to take over their party when the current Geritol-generation of octogenarians and seventy-something liberals exits the scene.

Packaged with their repeated denunciations of Trump, Democrats are dispensing a healthy amount of advice to Republicans on how conservatives can rid themselves of their addiction to the former president and reclaim the respect that Democrats have always afforded to belly-up capitulating establishment Republicans whenever they surrendered. You know, the kind of opponent they were used to dealing with prior to the bombastic New York outsider’s arrival.

In an impossible-to-fathom piece titled, “Cheney is the Republicans’ best hope for ending the cult of Trump”, legendary Democrat mudslinger Donna Brazile wrote at The Hill last week:

“While Cheney lost her primary race, she is no loser. Her bravery and dedication to democracy, free elections and our Constitution in standing up to Trump make her a historic figure. At 56, she is 20 years younger than Trump and will likely be an important figure trying to change the GOP from a cult back into a responsible political party long after he has left the scene…

“Joan of Arc was burned at the stake in 1431 and later declared a saint. While Liz Cheney has suffered a political defeat she lives on to fight another day, both in the Jan. 6 investigative committee and in future efforts to keep Trump from becoming president again.

“I don’t know if the Republican Party will ever nominate Cheney as its presidential candidate. But the party needs someone of her caliber to cure it of its addiction to Trump and return it to the principles and patriotism of its past. The Trumpists need to go down to overwhelming defeat in the November elections to position Cheney and other honest and patriotic Republicans like her to restore the party’s soul.”

Wouldn’t Democrats just love such a scenario? The longer they keep the shiny object-favoring establishment media fixated on the Trump/Cheney feud, the more they can focus attention on Trump’s personality and purported January 6 conduct rather than raging inflation, Biden’s horrible energy policies, the accelerating murder rate in “woke” cities, George Soros funded prosecutors, the non-existent southern border and their endless championing of baby killing (under the guise of abortion).

Not to mention the Democrats’ drive to criminalize parents who speak out against school board members who seek to indoctrinate kids in Critical Race Theory and to normalize permanent sex-change operations for mentally ill gender dysphoric youths who have been brainwashed into believing they can change their biological sex as they would a Halloween costume.

All that aside, why are Democrats comparing Liz to the burned-at-the-stake heroine Joan of Arc?

It’s not complicated. Democrats love Liz Cheney precisely because she hates what they hate, namely Donald Trump. If we were to test their devotion by suggesting that Democrats embrace Cheney as a possible replacement for senile Joe Biden on their 2024 presidential ticket, they would laugh us out of town. Gone would be all of the flowery hyperbole about Cheney “standing on principle” or “defending democracy” or, “honoring country over party.”

Liz Cheney hates Trump because of a personal vendetta inspired by Trump’s lack of delicacy in his critiques of the Bush Administration. Democrats hate Trump because he didn’t play the swamp game like Democrats always expected Republicans to do – and because he was extremely adept at articulating the issues that Americans truly care about, and then was unafraid to step on toes to achieve his campaign promises.

As one small example, how much establishment gnashing of teeth and wringing of hands occurred after Trump announced that he was carrying through with his vow to move the American embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem? To my knowledge, every presidential candidate from both parties for decades had promised to do it but then pulled back when the opportunity arose because they feared repercussions from the Palestinians and the Islamic World.

It's the Democrats who defend their party over everything else. If it weren’t so, why won’t they extend the Liz Cheney treatment to someone like former Hawaii congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard? Are they being sexist and religion-ist because Gabbard isn’t white and adheres to the Hindu faith? I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again – as soon as Liz ceases to be useful to them, Democrats will discard her politically lifeless carcass by the side of the road like so much bloody roadkill that’s been dead for so long that it can’t even serve as nourishment to the destitute or desperately hungry. Liz was only important to Democrats because of her last name and her tenuous family connection to something else they hate – the top two of the George W. Bush administration.

Callous Democrats won’t even shoo the vultures off her rotting political corpse. Yes, it will be that sad.

Perhaps someone should query Brazile on whether she’s suddenly come around to the merits of the Bush foreign policy and the balance of Bush’s programs that Democrats spent the better part of eight years trashing and mashing into the dust. Do they now give George W. credit for the tax cuts that defined his administration? Do they feel bad for demagoguing the former president for his attempt (early in his second term) to partially privatize social security?

No one should give Democrats much credit for long memories, but do they recall just how much they hated Bush? When CBS anchor Dan Rather reported on the phony “Bush Texas National Guard scandal”, Democrats like Brazile were all too willing to jump on the lies and falsifications, even when they were demonstrated to be false. (Sounds a lot like “Russia, Russia, Russia”, doesn’t it?)

Did Democrats also forget that there was something known as “Bush Derangement Syndrome” far before there was “Trump Derangement Syndrome”? Didn’t they swear Bush was an illegitimate president because of what happened in the Florida recount of 2000 along with the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision determining that the election was over?

And it’s hard to believe now, but Democrats probably hated Dick Cheney more than they did Bush himself. Instead of “Russia, Russia, Russia”, it was Haliburton, Haliburton, Haliburton.

You would have to be an idiot – or a Democrat – to forget all the vitriol Democrats flung at Bush and Cheney, and by extension, his little girl Liz. Did liberals feel the same about Liz before January 6, 2021? Did they see her as a principled member of the Republican House leadership prior to outing herself as a vindictive carpetbagging spoiled brat?

No matter, they love her now. President senile Joe Biden apparently called Liz after her loss last week. What did they say? Maybe it was something like this: “Hey Liz, this is your ol’ buddy, Joe Biden. I heard you lost by 37 points. No joke, that must sting! But I wanted to thank you for falling on your sword for us ever since my election win. We’ve gotten so darn much great anti-Trump publicity from you. Nancy Pelosi can claim that she has Republicans on the January 6 Committee, too. We owe a lot to you, gal, and you’ve got a terrific smelling hairdo!”

“Um, Joe, can you give me an administration post now that I’m out of a real job in a few months?” CLICK!

Democrats aren’t praising Cheney simply because she acts as an “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” type useful idiot. No, they indeed hope that Liz will remain active in Republican politics – or in general politics as an independent – because they hope to siphon votes off from what looks to be a Trump juggernaut in 2024.

But it’s also clear, thanks to Cheney’s epic crash and burn, that the era of wishy-washy establishment Republicans is going by the wayside. Conservative commentator Mollie Hemingway summed it up last week during an appearance on Fox News after the Wyoming primary:

“This entire primary season culminating with the crushing defeat of Liz Cheney shows that that Bush-Cheney-Romney-McCain era of the Republican party is over. The party that didn't really care about illegal immigration, that spent trillions on wars that were not in the strategic national interest of the country. They cared about multi-national corporations, not American workers that never took the media on and never took on woke left politics on. That's over.”

Well said. Unfortunately for Democrats like Donna Brazile, Republicans don’t want more Liz Cheneys. Conservatives favor Donald Trump’s policies and demand a return to Trump’s aggressive brand of advocacy that won’t allow Democrats to walk all over us. If not Trump himself, someone like Trump.

What’s not to understand? Years from now, no one will even remember Liz Cheney. Too bad, Democrats.

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Liz 'worked hard' to get trounced. She did nothing of interest for her Wyoming constituents and mortified them by spending the vast majority of her time trying to trash Donald Trump. Why they elected her is a good question, but they thought her name meant something, when instead it was just a 'front' for trying to denigrate Trump, ala NY Times and WAPO.

She'll 'move on' (will be interesting to see where she 'lands' next), but she won't be any kind of 'player' in GOP plans. She is 'tainted goods', essentially having a severe case of Trump Derangement Syndrome. She might 'grow up', but don't bet on it. Donna Brazile is no prognosticator of political fortunes.


Harriet Hageman is an actual resident of Wyoming. They will finally be represented by someone who cares about them.

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