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The Right Resistance: The wrong track nation; bile and rage under Joe Biden and the Democrats

“What’s Barack Obama doing these days? Or how about Michelle Obama? Hillary Clinton? Bill Clinton? Al Gore? What about… Jill Biden? Stacey Abrams? Oprah? LeBron James? Not Elon Musk, though… he’s already said he’s voting Republican this year for the first time in his life.”

I can’t say for sure, but this must be the thinking at just about every Democrat candidate’s campaign headquarters recently as the operatives and paid political guns desperately run through a list of popular (in their estimation at least) Democrat politicians who might be available and convinced to swoop into their district or state, draw a reasonable sized activist crowd and help the Washington hopeful stir the liberal masses to come out in force and deliver them a victory on Election Day. Polls continue to be terrible in Democrat-land as even left-leaning pollsters and publications show that the party support deficit is maintaining its size -- or growing larger.

The fact that Joe Biden’s name -- or Kamala Harris’s -- is absent from the above roster of potential shills is not a mistake or an oversight. It’s the poorest kept secret that the doddering and senile first term president isn’t well received out among the citizenry, and his vice president is faring no better. For the Biden team, even sending Kamala out to speak at commencement ceremonies has proven embarrassing and regretful for the current regime.

Have you seen Harris’s address to the Coast Guard graduates? I’m not sure whether to laugh or cry at the woman’s ineptitude and inability to deliver without cackling the most basic of speech texts.

As his rambling diatribe against “white supremacy” in Buffalo last week also revealed, Biden has rapidly devolved from the “electable moderate” compromise candidate representative of the Democrat old guard to a raging, bile-spouting leftwing lunatic whose sole purpose is to divide but not conquer. Senile Joe’s words may have been welcomed by an audience full of mourners and party establishmentarians, but the average viewer in flyover country probably couldn’t stand to watch more than thirty seconds of Joe’s condescension, phoniness and misguided blame before switching it off entirely.

Going back a couple years, Democrats likely figured that Biden, if elected over Trump, would at least be able to fulfill the role of figurehead president, journeying around to different locations and presenting, with ample help from teleprompters and gifted speech writers, addresses prepared to please the most cynical of American minds. After all, he’d been doing it for fifty years already, right?

Reality’s been a cruel teacher to Democrats. Instead of acting as a competent placeholder until the next generation of party candidates arrived on the scene, Biden has created a sinkhole sized problem for 2022 candidates. To suggest that he’s a drag on their fortunes is an understatement. What to do?

In a piece titled, “The Biden effect is real -- And he’s dragging congressional Democrats down with him”, longtime Republican advisor David Winston wrote at Roll Call:

“[W]e’re beginning to see the Biden effect extend beyond the president’s own unpopularity to both congressional Democrats and the federal government itself. The [NBC News] poll found that Democrats in Congress are down 19 points in their net negative rating, which, according to NBC, is the highest net negative rating Democrats have received ‘in the 30 years that the poll has been conducted.’ Not a good harbinger for the upcoming elections.

“On top of that, confidence in the federal government to manage the nation’s challenges has also taken a beating. It started with a lack of COVID-19 tests, followed by shortages of everything from paper towels to cars to chicken and now baby formula, an embarrassing exit from Afghanistan, the negative effects of an open border, and inflation. The list is a long one...

“[A Winston Group survey] puts the feds at the bottom behind Pelosi, Biden, Trump and both parties in Congress. Still, in the end, it is the president tasked with running the federal government, and if it is failing in its mission, so is the manager in chief.”

Wow, you mean, thanks to senile Joe, Americans have almost completely lost faith in the federal government to solve problems? Granted the average person doesn’t delve into the workings of Washington or politics as much as some of us do, but if you’ve been alive and semi-paying attention for the past few decades you’ve no doubt noticed that there really isn’t a whole heck of a lot of things the federal government does well besides spend gobs of money, collect taxes, regulate the crap out of us, argue a lot, and, depending on which Democrat is in charge at the moment, investigate their opposition.

It used to be that the public had enormous faith in institutions such as the American military and at least a modicum of belief and respect for federal law enforcement and intelligence agencies. Recent history demonstrated that the political leadership of both parties failed miserably to refocus the federal mission back to serving the people’s individual and common interests rather than the divisive special concerns of minority (by this I mean social groups, not skin color) factions. But the Democrats are far worse.

When decent country-loving citizens see the leaders of our government honoring made up occasions like “LGBTQ month” or what-have-you while flying rainbow flags over U.S. Embassies and installations abroad, something just ain’t right. And since when did it become acceptable to use the armed forces as a platform and cash cow for personal social statements and transgender surgeries?

Rush Limbaugh used to say that the military’s only true purpose was to kill enemies and break things, and if you can come up with a better definition, I’d like to hear it. Parents don’t send their sons and daughters to boot camp to desensitize themselves and learn how to root out racism and prejudice. No, they do so hoping their teenagers will become men and women with discipline and respect, not safe-space seeking spineless morons as they might’ve become if attending the wrong liberal arts college.

As Drill Sergeant Hartman shouted to new Marine recruits in his opening monologue of the movie Full Metal Jacket, “Because I am hard, you will not like me. But the more you hate me, the more you will learn. I am hard but I am fair. There is no racial bigotry here. I do not look down on niggers, kikes, wops, or greasers. Here, you are all equally worthless. And my orders are to weed out all non-hackers who do not pack the gear to serve in my beloved Corps!”

Sincere apologies to those offended by the sergeant’s non-politically correct language, but this culture’s recent fixation on buzz words rather than intent is what’s gotten us in trouble over the years.

Contributing roundly to the citizenry’s lack of regard for the federal government is the growth and entitlement of its bureaucracy. Administrations from both parties never shrink the size of government, and when a new agency or department is created, a virtual army of judgmental paper shufflers is hired to execute its functions. Did we really need a “Disinformation Governance Board” or a White House “Office of Domestic Climate Policy” or to redirect NASA to study the causes of “climate change”?

To me, this sounds like full employment for pointy headed liberal academic geeks who couldn’t otherwise get a job in the private economy. Far too much of government has become this way. No wonder the people don’t have a high opinion of the federal operation anymore.

Winston suggests that the only way Biden could hope to improve his poll numbers would be to reverse course on some (all?) of his policy prescriptions. In the old days you might’ve seen Bill Clinton and his “Sister Soulja moment”, but such contrition, even in the pursuit of political expediency, doesn’t appear to be in Joe Biden’s deteriorating DNA.

In other words, Joe Biden and Democrats are stuck with… Joe Biden and Democrats.

So don’t be surprised when Democrat candidates at all levels look to past party “heroes” to appear on their behalf out on the stump this summer and fall. For whatever reason, Barack Obama remains in the good graces of limousine liberals and certain minority groups in the party’s ethnic coalition. The “Big O” might be jealous of Biden (at least according to Nancy Pelosi), but here’s thinking the former president will entertain tons more speaking offers than the current one.

But beyond the campaign metrics, what will Democrat candidates have to offer that isn’t in some way tied to either their atrocious president, the detestable Democrat congressional leadership or to the party’s “Let’s spend ourselves into oblivion while killing as many babies as we possibly can in the womb” message?

Three-quarters of Americans now believe that the country is on the wrong track. By and large, people are angry at senile Joe Biden -- and at the federal government -- for making their lives more difficult. It’s hard not to recognize failure when you’re paying a hundred bucks every time you fill up your gas tank and find nothing but empty shelves when searching for infant formula.

Someone’s going to pay for the resentment and wrath. If you’re a Democrat, there’s little to be optimistic about now.

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