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The Right Resistance: Threat of post-election leftist violence is high regardless of GOP nominee

One peculiar issue that’s arisen from the ups and downs (mostly ups for Donald Trump and downs for every other candidate) of the 2024 Republican presidential primary race is, simply, what happens after next year’s general election?

More succinctly, what will transpire if one of them is elected and somehow survives to Inauguration Day? Those who were in Washington, DC or watched on TV in January, 2017 recall what happened the day/week Trump took the oath, our memories constantly refreshed by images from the severity of the freakout, where leftist miscreants crawled out of their holes – or most likely, high-end apartments, mansions and condos – to don “pussy hats” and join their ideological playmates protesting the new president and his team of capable administrators.

Most of us looked on in horror as the coordinated “attacks”, labeled protests, turned violent when black clad Antifa goons teamed with other anarchist scum to terrorize America’s cities while police largely looked on, helplessly observing, restrained by a government ruling class which discriminates between different forms of “Freedom of Assembly” and “Freedom of Speech” depending on who’s taking part. To arrest the guilty and punish them harshly would only fan the flames of discontent, they reasoned, and while the left’s cries of outrage finally died down, they never completely subsided.

Things are different now. Candidates’ promises to take on the bureaucracy, eliminate departments, dismantle agencies and throttle back federal law enforcement’s ability to target innocent citizens must be taken with a grain of salt, since making such wholesale change quickly in the swamp will be a monumental task. So will amping up sanity along the southern border to standardize something – immigration enforcement – that is completely out of control.

Joe Biden’s administration, if you can call it that, has so fully demolished the walls of civility that just about anything (bad or good) is possible if/when a Republican retakes the White House. By now, everyone knows the country is severely divided between blue state and red, conservative traditionalist and leftist “burn it all down” gender-denying outcasts, as well as liberty-loving, law-abiding “normal” people and Soviet-style institution destroyers – that all heck can and probably will break loose in those fateful hours.

How bad can it get? Never underestimate the capability and will of the left to spare nothing in their drive to extinguish what’s still standing of this country after Obama and Biden.

In a thoughtful piece titled “Why 2024 presidential election outcome could lead to violence -- We had to destroy democracy to defend it”, Michael McKenna wrote at The Washington Times last week:

“For different reasons and in different ways, the United States may become ungovernable. This bears notice because Mr. Biden and his crew have made it clear that their reelection campaign will consist of two elements: the preservation of abortion access in the states and the defense of democracy itself — ostensibly from Mr. Trump and his crew.

“Here’s the problem with that. Once you have made ‘democracy’ congruent with ‘the outcome I want,’ any result other than that becomes contrary to ‘democracy’ and hence a threat that justifies violence. Indeed, as recently as last week, the president of the United States said in a speech about those who oppose him: ‘There is something dangerous happening in America. There is an extremist movement that does not share the basic beliefs of our democracy. The MAGA movement.’...

“As for Mr. Trump, he is not blameless for the whirlwind that is about to be reaped. His insistence and the repetition of his followers that the 2020 election was ‘stolen’ has served to delegitimize election outcomes that are inconsistent with the preferences of the right. Either way, we are heading toward the most dangerous post-election moment in the republic since 1860.”

Kudos to Mr. McKenna for stating/writing what is on a lot of our minds. While many of us entertain dreams/fantasies that a conservative/Republican will be elected and thus give us hope that the country can be turned around (is it even possible anymore?) in dramatic and observable fashion, a reverse-course spurred by kicking Democrat ruling elites out of power and replacing them with folks with a smidgen of common sense – and all of this accomplished simultaneously – we may be in for a rude awakening.

Sure, purging the current Democrat cabinet officers and other politically appointed nation-trashers will help some (okay, maybe a lot), but that still leaves tens of millions of liberal/leftist voters who cast their ballots for senile president Joe Biden’s reelection, and these people will have had their hearts and brains filled with crapola about “destroying democracy” and other nonsense created by ambitious people without souls, solely for the purpose of winning elections.

Democrats can’t come right out and say what they’re for, so they cloak their real intentions with dark rhetoric and lies about how awful the pro-liberty side supposedly is. This in turn stimulates the mindless drones (sometimes known as Democrat voters) who see losing as a signal to take to social media to organize protests/riots to gain coverage from the establishment media, making it seem to everyone as though the nation is angry and thinks like they do.

Harkening back to Trump’s inauguration, were any of us prepared for what ensued afterwards? We knew from past experience that the freaks would be ticked off and the community organizers would agitate, but were we prepared for the degree to which the easily disgruntled would counter? Casual inauguration attendees, such as myself and my family, encountered the usual small cliques of actual “protesters” who held signs and shouted slogans, but we couldn’t have known beforehand about the organized stuff that happened hours and days later.

Those events could be considered child’s play compared to what most likely will happen in 2025 after Trump’s – or one of the others’ – ceremony. Here’s hoping Kevin McCarthy – or whomever is the future Speaker – accepts an offer to bring in additional security, or it could be pandemonium. On both sides.

In 2017, there was a smattering of leather jacketed “Bikers for Trump” pro-Trump patriots present back then. Here’s thinking the folks coming to witness the festivities in 2025 will be much more prepared to confront and battle the leftist gibberish this time around. The intense unfairness of the post-January 6th Democrat witch hunt will enhance the desires of good people to fight back. We can hope it’s only with taunts and fists.

There also were leftists among the 2017 Inauguration crowd, secretly lurking to cause trouble (including an idiot in a yellow hoodie standing right in front of us, who started shouting obscenities just as Pence and Trump recited their oaths). No doubt, there will be an abundance of such losers -- you know, “martyrs” to the socialist cause -- who will do anything to ruin the day. This will heighten the chances of physical confrontations.

In the current campaign, many Never Trumpers have sworn that Trump is the only one who brings out such passions among liberals, and they have argued that a different GOP candidate should represent Republicans because of it, as though elevating Nikki Haley or Tim Scott or Asa Hutchinson (who hates Trump) would pacify the enemies of liberty and keep them in their homes on Inauguration Day watching crying sessions of “The View” rather than showing up in numbers to start a semi-Civil War.

Such short-sighted but well-intentioned people miss the point. Yes, the left hates Trump, but their detestation varies only by fractions of a degree for any Republican, including anti-Trump heroes such as Mitt Romney, who are only useful to liberals when the turncoats join with all Democrats to pass huge big government programs, or to vote for impeachment.

For fun, pretend that Nikki Haley, who is polling second to Trump in New Hampshire and is said (by people hoping for a horserace) to be running slightly better than the former president in general election head-to-head match-ups with senile Joe Biden, and is also being spun by the establishment media as more acceptable or palatable to the Trump haters as a result. What if Haley wins the nomination?

The same establishment slime-fest that smeared the heretofore decent reputations of George W. Bush in 2000 (and 2004), John McCain in 2008 and Romney in 2012 will emerge from the shadows and depict Haley as anti-woman (because she claims to be pro-life), an enemy to the elderly (Social Security and Medicare), against world peace (because she’s a neoconservative drum beater who talks tough about Ukraine and Israel) and a threat to the lives of the poor (because she said she’ll cut federal spending).

Nikki Haley then becomes public enemy number one, Trump’s face fades to the background and the latest threat to democracy supposedly comes in the form of a fifty-something Indian-American woman who despises over half the population and would send women and minorities back to the stone age with her policies.

Think it wouldn’t happen? Would senile Joe Biden (or anyone the Democrat party nominates) ease up on the rhetoric and therefore possibly lose the election? This couldn’t happen. It wouldn’t happen. The left would find something in Haley’s past to portray her as Attila the Hun with long hair and makeup and wearing women’s clothing.

The same goes for Tim Scott (the ultimate Uncle Tom), Ron DeSantis (he oppresses the LGBTQIA+++ “community”), Vivek Ramaswamy (he’s Trump with a brown face!) or… anyone else. It doesn’t matter the name or the face. The left is an equal opportunity hater.

All of this is something to keep in mind as the Republican presidential primary campaign plays out. Some of Trump’s challengers may or may not be more “electable” than the former president, but one thing is for sure, whomever wins the nomination and runs in the general election will receive an equal share of the left’s hate regardless. Does this ease your mind?

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