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The Right Resistance: Trump’s debate strategy isn’t complicated; pound the body – and mouth

“Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.” – Boxer Mike Tyson

It’s a famous saying attributed to one of Boxing’s most notorious former champions, with Tyson having earned both long term loyal fans and probably a larger share of folks who can’t stand him with his oftentimes outrageous utterings and antics. These particular words originate from the early nineties when Tyson was at the top of his proverbial game, so to speak, with his mystique in the ring being about as terrifying as a combination of his punches back then.


I must admit, I don’t know much about boxing, but Tyson’s philosophy has always resonated with me in its complexity and hard-to-match sophistication. Or lack thereof. We all plan things to the nth degree, but once the lights go on, the cameras roll and the people are watching, the best laid “plans” are often dropped in an instant in favor of just throwing punches as hard as we can.


Such is the case for Republican presidential nominee-to-be Donald Trump, who’s been busy planning and strategizing quite a lot lately, primarily when being confined to a courtroom in New York City while enduring one of the phases of president senile Joe Biden’s lawfare purges designed to knock Trump off his unmatchable strategy – mostly talking about Trump himself – and therefore possibly allowing the enfeebled incumbent to somehow reduce the polling lead opened up by the challenger (who’s a former president himself, obviously).


The two are scheduled to go head-to-head in a presidential debate in three weeks (June 27), the earliest such forum ever to take place before the two parties have even held their nominating conventions. Though it can’t be said that either man has begun “training” for the political bout, some opinionated heavyweights (pardon the pun) have already added their two cents as to how the participants should approach their opponent on that night.


Former New Jersey governor and two-time Republican presidential candidate Chris Christie, who knows Trump (at least he says he does) presented tips for Biden to best handle the lifelong real estate developer, and shared them recently. In an article titled “Christie gives Biden debate advice for beating Trump”, Lauren Irwin reported at The Hill last week:


“Christie, a former Trump ally, was one of the loudest critics of the former president in this cycle’s primary. He told podcast hosts David Axelrod — the former senior adviser to former President Obama — and Mike Murphy, a Republican consultant, that he’d now give Biden similar advice he gave Trump before the 2020 presidential debates.


“’It’s the same advice I gave to Trump four years ago that he did not follow,’ Christie said. ‘And I said, ‘Let Biden talk. If you let him talk, he will hang himself.’ And of course, he did the exact opposite and lost the debate.’


“Christie said this time around, he’d tell Biden to do the same. ‘I don’t care how angry you get about how absolutely incorrect the stuff he’s saying about your record is, about your family, about you personally. Don’t engage, because you will lose that fight,’ he said. Christie argued that if Biden lets Trump talk, voters will ask, ‘Can’t he shut up?’ Biden doesn’t need to say it explicitly, like he did in the 2020 debate; the people watching need to conclude that themselves, he argued.”


With political party “friends” like Chris Christie, who needs enemies?


Christie also suggested that Biden stick to concentrating on three or four issues and keep pounding them over and over, which is pretty much the same strategy that most high-level politicians try adhering to, them all attempting to get in their jabs while awaiting the perfect chance to strike for the proverbial “knockout”.


Or at least that’s the way the establishment media pundits will portray it, since they don’t actually give a hoot about the substance of what the two men say individually. Having watched hundreds of political debates of this type, I’ve learned that candidates just wanna spout whatever they wanna spout and oftentimes don’t even appear to listen to the moderator’s questions before they run their talk boxes dry.


“Oh, the answer is four… and now let me return to what I wanted to talk about eight questions ago when the topic of giving away free money was posed by someone in the audience.” That’ll be senile Joe Biden’s preference, who will do anything but tell the truth about something; one because he doesn’t know a darn thing, two, he fabricates everything he says and three, he just wants to look good enough so his party members won’t move to dump him after the event concludes.


Which brings me to another Mike Tyson truism, this one much less commonly employed: “[Tyson’s personal favorite quote is], A man that’s a friend of everyone is an enemy to himself.”


Who does this sound like? Ol’ hair sniffin’, shoulders massagin’, child repellin’, nude swimmin’ (in front of female secret service agents, no less), teenaged daughter showerin’-with, plagiarizin’ and rear-end coverin’ senile Joe Biden thinks he’s the greatest guy in the world – a friend to everyone -- and that he can back slap and grin his way to making everybody fall in like with him.


He (Biden) can’t. And therefore, according to Mike Tyson’s logic, senile Joe is an enemy to himself.


That’s not Donald Trump, who values loyalty and assistance from his friends and underlings but couldn’t care less about trying to make his enemies happy or to like him. Because he knows he never will. If you don’t believe it, ask Nancy Pelosi and “Chucky” Schumer about their Oval Office meetings with Trump during the 45th president’s first term. Then there are the GOP establishment bluebloods like Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell – they don’t like Trump either.


Trump definitely adheres to the philosophy of, “Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer.” This is actually a Machiavellian quote… which will be very relevant to me personally, next week. Stay tuned.


As for heavyweight (literally) Chris Christie’s advice for senile Joe Biden during the first debate on June 27, the New Jerseyan may be on to something, but it will depend on which Trump shows up to wax over the issues in the CNN studio that night (with no audience). The Mercurial Trump doesn’t tend to show his cards before the first proverbial punch is thrown, seemingly preferring following his own instincts when the cameras are rolling rather than sticking to a preset plan.


That’s the reason why Trump was so different in the two 2020 debates. The first one, as I’ve written a number of times, was a disaster for Trump who appeared powerless to stop interrupting senile Joe Biden whenever the latter was hanging himself before the national audience and awful, biased moderator Chris Wallace.


Christie was correct in 2020 – Trump really didn’t have to say anything that night other than to cite verifiable statistics about the strength of the U.S. economy along with his other accomplishments, which were many and easy to list. Biden, on the other hand, could’ve just been left to babble and complain about “this guy” Trump and lie, lie, lie about what he would do to handle the COVID situation, etc. And to overpromise results, which, to senile Joe, comes naturally.


And to lie about Hunter Biden, too. But senile Joe’s biggest fibs involved the “pandemic”. The establishment media and social media barons censored the truth about the Chinese Communist Party (or CCP, if you prefer) and wouldn’t allow Trump to explain his side of the story. Trump, obviously the much smarter man, didn’t need to keep badgering Wallace and interrupting Biden the way he did. Trump needed a mere “tie” to come out a winner there. Instead, he lost. And then tested positive for COVID. It’s painful to remember now.


Trump followed much more of the “hands off”, more disciplined strategy the second time and “wiped the proverbial floor” with the lying, babbling idiot Biden. Using another boxing analogy, Trump could’ve been content to win both matches on “points” and didn’t need to go for a knockout.


The same is certainly true this year. Surveys consistently show the American people trust Trump more on practically every issue of consequence – and they seem to like him better, too. Senile Joe’s cognitive deterioration is obvious for all to notice. Therefore, Trump doesn’t need to do anything except what Chris Christie advised Biden to do – just let the liar lie and stumble over his words and look like a fool to the world audience. You know, just like senile Joe does every day.


I’m not sure that Christie himself employed the “hands off” approach in his own debate strategy during the Republican presidential primary race, knowing that his opponents were much more capable of making arguments than non-lovable dunce Joe Biden. Rotund dirigible Chris’s most memorable moment from last year was his chivalric defense of Nikki Haley only to be caught earlier this year on a hot mic saying she would get “smoked” by Trump.


So much for pointers from a blowhard. Trump will do just fine if he remembers to let his policies do the speaking, not talk too much about relitigating 2020 and mostly staying clear from emotional responses to the Biden Justice Department’s horrific handling of Trump supporters – and himself. Keep your eyes on the prize, Donald. Just the facts.


As for Christie’s other recommendations for Biden – to confine himself to three or four issues – what would they be? Senile Joe’s administration has been a disaster for most people, except for radical leftist “climate change” activists, LGBTQIA+++ lovers, abortion-on-demand empty-souled ghouls, open borders proponents and that sliver of America-haters who just hope this country goes down the tubes.


Also, how would Biden address the age issue? Never forget that his affirmative action sidekick cackling Kamala Harris is next in line. That’s one embarrassment that can’t be talked away.


The fact is, no matter how much senile president Joe Biden tries to avoid the tough subjects, he won’t be able to lie his way out of a jam in a one-on-one “debate” with prototypical political puncher Donald Trump. Trump can’t prevail just by showing up, but the calculus isn’t really all that complicated. Therefore, no real detailed “plans” are necessary. Just be prepared to pound the body – and mouth.

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