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The Right Resistance: Two years of fraud, Biden, Mules and the consequences of stolen elections

Today, on November 3, 2022, we celebrate the unsung hero.

You know, the guy or gal behind the scenes who works long hours for trifling or no pay to ensure that the recognizable face of the party, team or organization looks the part when representing the entity before the public. It’s all too easy to forget whenever you see Tucker Carlson’s nightly show or listen to an archived version of Rush Limbaugh’s radio program that the guy articulating the words isn’t/wasn’t doing it all himself. I myself have wondered how long it takes the Fox News staff to make all those wonderful graphics for the network’s lineup of hosts.

Then there are the ordinary schleps who strap on their proverbial (and not so proverbial) boots and go to work each day and will never earn a shred of recognition unless they screw up or are injured – or killed – in the line of duty. It’s all too easy for biased news producers to have some underling snip seconds-long clips from three hours’ worth of video footage that advances their point-of-view or narrative.

That’s apparently what happened when Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband was attacked in the family’s San Francisco home by a deranged lunatic last weekend. Paul Pelosi endured a hammer attack perpetrated by a much younger underwear-clad man in the overnight hours and was whisked to the hospital when police came to the rescue (called by Pelosi himself). Before the facts even came out, Nancy P., Joe Biden and practically every Democrat instantaneously attributed the crime to conservative politicians. This is standard fare in our 2022 existence.

There are authentic stars, of course, such as a firefighter friend who recently was severely burned just doing his job, also in the middle of the night and with much less notoriety or suspicious circumstances than the political thespians garnered out west. Men and women like this are the real unsung heroes – no “civilians” were injured in the fire – yet all they receive when something tragic happens are a few days or weeks off from work, their medical bills taken care of and a silent “thanks for doing what you signed up to do” from the people they willingly serve.

Thankfully, there’s a different kind of unsung hero working at election time to guarantee a favorable counting for conservatives, Republicans and any other forthright American who’s scared to death that this country is going down the tubes due to the current Democrat regime chock full of socialists, liberal cultural trashers, deviant transgender enablers, crime ignorers, Supreme Court expanders, Ukraine and NATO sycophant warmongers and Constitution deniers who populate senile Joe Biden’s administration and the majority party in Congress.

This army of nameless, faceless (mostly) volunteers are working practically out of sight to see to the tasks that nobody else will do. They’re the cogs in the campaign machine, and we owe them our gratitude even if we don’t know they’re there. In a story titled “Army of GOP activists ‘working our butts off’ to ensure accurate, reliable midterm elections”, Dave Boyer reported at The Washington Times the other day:

“A network of conservative grassroots groups has recruited thousands of poll watchers and poll workers to staff election precincts across the country on Nov. 8. Saying they are motivated by a desire to avoid a repeat of the mistrust of the 2020 election results, the activists organized election-integrity county task forces in 10 battleground states, training volunteers on voting laws and procedures...

“’We’re working our butts off to try to make sure our elections are more transparent and free,’ said Toni Shuppe, a leader of the effort in Pennsylvania. ‘The worst outcome we could possibly have is similar to the 2020 election, where voters are not confident that the results are accurate. That’s the last thing that we want.’

“Tea Party Patriots Action has been working on the initiative since early 2021, focusing on Arizona, Colorado, Georgia, Florida, Michigan, North Carolina, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Wisconsin. Most of those states were hotly contested battlegrounds in 2020 where former President Donald Trump claims there was widespread election fraud.”

Trump’s assertions are more than mere “claims”, but for our purposes we’ll go with the generally accepted – by the establishment – notion that the 2020 election was legitimate (cough, cough) and senile Joe Biden is our president. The powers-that-be declared Biden the winner, he took the oath of office and has been more or less (supposedly) functioning as Oval Office occupant since Inauguration Day almost two years ago.

With apologies to Franklin Delano Roosevelt for borrowing his terminology to describe the lasting impact on posterity of December 7, 1941, it may have occurred to you, as it did to me, that today is the second anniversary of the 2020 Election, a date that will forever live in American electoral infamy.

No doubt Democrats recall this date with much more fondness than we do, and they revere January 6, 2021 even more so since it was the four-hour window that allowed them to pass over the multitude of fraud accusations and evidence to sneak senile Joe’s broken-down, barely functioning carcass over the finish line. The unwitting actions of perhaps a couple thousand Trump backers in a crowd of hundreds of thousands overshadowed everything else that went on back on November 3rd, 4th, 5th and… until the moment when the election was called.

It still stings, doesn’t it? I recall watching the returns on Fox News on Election Night, just as I had done four years earlier. Who will ever forget fat-face Chris Stirewalt gloating over the early numbers from Arizona and calling the state for senile Joe even when there were tons of ballots left to count, all-but covering for the switcheroo that was going on in that crucial state. The actions of Stirewalt and other establishment protectors provided cover for the media to sell the argument that the election count was “legitimate” and millions of people across the country were little more than sore-loser “deniers”. The crap is still going on today, two years later, too.

Which makes the efforts of the above-described grassroots groups all the more necessary this year to provide peace-of-mind for conservatives who still sense burn marks on their backs from the incessant acidic gloating and showboating of senile Joe n’ crew in the days after the 2020 vote. For a bunch of Democrats who were so certain that the 2016 election had been stolen from them – simply because they didn’t win – by the Russians or white supremacist vote suppressors or some unnamed common sense force that didn’t take to Hillary Clinton’s “With Her!” spiel, the liberals sure were arrogant and unpleasant, weren’t they?

The nightmares won’t go away, either. Every day Biden and company reign over the government of this land and purposely tank the nation’s economy in pursuit of “woke” fantasies reminds decent people that elections have consequences and it matters a whole heck of a lot who represents them in Congress. The same is certainly true in state legislatures, governor’s mansions and local city councils – and school boards – as well.

One surmises that the Founding Fathers would understand and approve of the role of poll watchers. Assuming you were eligible to vote in the nation’s colonial and formative years, you were required to do so or face a hefty fine for blowing it off. The great men understood the importance of civic participation, something that’s sadly lacking in today’s America.

Citizens get riled up every two (and especially four) years for headlining national-scale elections, but the “little ones” have just as much impact. We can only hope that the drive to recruit poll watchers and ballot overseers will pay dividends at all levels of representation. And that these newly elected folks take a real interest in watching what the bureaucracy does, too.

In all of this, the term “poll watcher” is a little misleading. The Tea Party Patriots want their people to get to know the entire process so as to provide accountability. From the above referenced story, “The first part is about personal relationships, and the second is about procedures and policies,” Ms. [Jenny Beth] Martin said. “Do they use temporary staffing companies [to manage elections]? What computer systems are they using? What contracts do they have in place for that?”

All good questions and vital to know going in. The “unsung heroes” are on our side.

Another reason to launch a grassroots-type mission for elections integrity is the knowledge that Democrats and their billionaire supporters will do everything in their power, whether it’s legal or not, to try and steal this election. Conservatives didn’t find out until after the 2020 election that Big Tech barons like Mark Zuckerberg were dumping hundreds of millions into a mission to get out the Democrat vote, something that is likely going on – again – in some form or place that all the poll watchers in the world wouldn’t be able to decipher.

Together with the ongoing leftist crusade to suppress every bit of truthful conservative reporting over the most important and revealing topics of the day, we’re going to need every caring citizen to do his or her part and keep an eye out for funny business. One can’t help but think that there are thousands more “Mules” out there fattening themselves on leftist largesse this very moment.

We can’t let them succeed. We need the forces of good to intervene. And don’t be surprised if one of those folks is you. We have only five days remaining until Election Day, yet there’s still plenty that can be done to bolster the cause of election integrity. Volunteers are needed; unsung heroes in the making.

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James Bryson
James Bryson
Nov 03, 2022

While we slowly recover our country, the open investigations and prosecutions should flow "like a mighty river".

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