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The Right Resistance: (Very) Senile Joe Biden’s (Hopefully) final SOTU was a national travesty

Now that was embarrassing. And shameless. And (insert your adjective here). Do we even need to do these absurd sideshow State of the Union things any longer?

One couldn’t help but sense a smidgen of sympathy for president senile Joe Biden as he entered the House chamber fifteen minutes late on Thursday night and slowly shuffled towards the front of the room, stopping frequently to beam a genuine smile and shake hands with Democrat well-wishers to his immediate left, a generous sampling of them inching forward to try and steal a second or two of national TV coverage positioned adjacent to the most powerful party figure in the land.


What’s the sympathy for? Well, Biden, as everyone knows, is a mentally faltering and badly teetering old dolt and the late start time for the program was far past his bedtime. He took the better part of ten excruciatingly long minutes to reach the speaker’s lectern, too. No doubt, the hapless back slappin’, hair sniffin’, child repellin’, senate staffer molestin’, country ruinin’ phony idiot-turned-president was usually in bed by this time having consumed his cookies n’ milk hours before, resting comfortably with his self-generated fantasy that America is a better place because he is the commander-in-chief.


Whatever his Democrat handlers did to juice senile Joe up for his vital and free TV appearance on Thursday evening certainly worked for him as the current president was far more energetic, angrier, nastier and sharper than he usually is for such a taxing official duty. But then again, the SOTU is just words read from a teleprompter, something Biden has done (probably) thousands of times and could do, literally, in his sleep.


So maybe it wasn’t so hard on him after all. There was plenty of impromptu goading of the Republicans, too. Biden’s demeanor was the textbook definition of grandstanding. Again, it was embarrassing. Was Xi Jinping watching? Kim Jong Un? Vladimir Putin? The Iranian mullahs?


Biden certainly must’ve realized that his annual address to Congress presented a huge opportunity for him to try and demonstrate several things: one, that his rapidly advancing age is not a complete disqualifier from him serving another four years as president; two, that his (or whichever Democrat’s) policies are working for the American people and three, that America’s long-term fate depended on its citizens ignoring everything that’s happened since he became the one in charge to wise-up and give him success in this year’s election.


Never before has a president’s personal physical and mental competence been put to the test like this. For those who bothered tuning in to the intricately scripted live shouting match and freak “show”, they were likely waiting for a major stumble or bobble or brain freeze from the senile man to gawk at and wonder, again, ‘How could anyone even fathom voting for this fool?’


But, as expected, Biden passed the low threshold test of getting through the speech without any major delivery blunders, just as he’s done in his previous SOTU appearances and 2020’s two presidential debates. Though there was plenty of incomprehensible mumbling, unintentional pauses and direct badgering of the GOP side of the aisle.


Senile Joe was his usual threat-squinting and teeth gritting self, frequently displaying fits of anger (passion?) and all-but stating that he’s in charge and he knows what he’s doing and everyone who dares question his administration’s accomplishments is smack out of their minds. Senile Joe was like Adam Sandler throwing a screaming tantrum in one of the actor’s movies.


Or if you’ve ever seen an agitated canine growling, baring his teeth with fur standing on end, that was senile Joe in the House chamber on Thursday. All that was missing was the bulging out pupils and slobber emanating from the sides of his mouth to complete the comparison.


Senile Joe wouldn’t consent to do a softball Super Bowl interview, but when it comes to speaking before an assemblage of fellow swamp creatures in Congress, he’s just the guy to do it. Plus, he knew in advance that he wouldn’t have to answer any questions from doubters, so he could feel free to toss unlimited bombs at anyone who doesn’t agree with him and not risk blowing himself up in the process.


It’s Washington’s worst kept secret that many Democrats are uneasy with the notion of senile Joe being the party’s presidential candidate this year, though the partisan liberal congressmen and senators did a stellar job of hiding their apprehensions on Thursday night, repeatedly breaking into chants of “FOUR MORE YEARS!” and otherwise eating up Biden’s every sentence and blatant fib. I don’t know what the record was for standing ovations for a president delivering the SOTU, but Biden could have broken it during his talk. I was frankly surprised that anyone was paying attention long enough to bother to stand and applaud since the president’s lies and distortions flowed virtually non-stop since his opening words of “Mr. Speaker. Madam Vice President. Members of Congress. My Fellow Americans.” and the perfunctory reciting of “Tonight I come to the same chamber to address the nation.” remarks.


Couldn’t you just hear onlookers at home practically gagging up dinner at that point?


Democrats may have issues with Biden’s mentality but they appeared to have no qualms whatsoever with almost all of his policy planks. No wonder they’re so outwardly united behind senile Joe and his campaign, since they seem to think he’s the best thing since sliced bread – or the decision by some past president to allow female interns to deliver pizza alone to the president in the Oval Office.


It was a tad humorous sensing the tension on the Democrat side when senile Joe glossed over his foreign policy, with the pro-Palestinian faction probably wanting to fall on the pro-Israel remnants of the old Democrat order. There’s just no compromise there, is there? The divide will keep showing up – the question being, will it start impacting Democrat election candidates?


With vice president cackling Kamala Harris seated behind him – and “new” Republican Speaker Mike Johnson next to her – Biden tried, time and again, to reassure those in attendance and the world watching via electronic means, that everything in his fiefdom is under control and thriving. Biden claimed, again, that inflation is way down, unemployment is historically low, the economy is growing by leaps and bounds and that the illegal immigration crisis isn’t his doing or out of order. And that money is on the way, Ukraine! Woo hoo!


When in doubt, blame – and shame -- Republicans. And Trump, who Biden referred to as “my predecessor”. It’s the Democrat default position. Nothing Biden or his party brethren and sistren ever do results in bad outcomes, either home or abroad. Nothing to see here! Don’t mind that raving lunatic behind the curtain! Give us another four years to finish the job we started, along with gobs and gobs more of borrowed federal money to distribute the way we want!


And, as he has done at every opportunity, state that the rich and corporations need to pay their fair share! The trillion-dollar deficits aren’t because of too much irresponsible spending, it’s because the government doesn’t extract enough treasure from the greedy public, even though most of the ultra-ultra wealthy are Democrat contributors now!


Also, as would be expected, at least in this day and age, Biden devoted a generous chunk of time to lecturing on the concept of “democracy” and how he intends to uphold the people’s right to vote and choose their leaders – under the guise of “voting rights”, etc. I don’t recall, but I don’t think he uttered the word “integrity” in conjunction with ballot counts, but he sure made it sound like trying to require in-person voting or voter ID was akin to attempting to deny people their precious birthrights.


If we didn’t know better, we’d think “democracy” is on the ballot this year. It’s all Biden and the Democrats ever talk about. Democracy this, democracy that, have you seen democracy? Is “Democracy” the name of a favorite pet? Does he or she have a litter box? Was “democracy” banned from the White House for biting too many Secret Service agents, too?


Make no mistake – if Nikki Haley or Mike Pence were the Democrats’ chief opponent in Donald Trump’s place, the Democrats’ “democracy” pitch would be just as intense. It’s all they have.


At the same time, Biden made no mention of his son’s shady business associations or the ongoing investigations regarding his own role in the overseas shakedown operations under the father’s guise. Democrats in general still think senile Joe is clean as the dazzling white clothing exposed during the Transfiguration, their ability to cast out evidence and taint right before their eyes is unmatched in the annals of history.


Nor did senile Joe touch on, at length, the investigations spawned by the federal Justice Department regarding his political opponent, Donald J. Trump. With Attorney General Merrick Garland looking on with the rest of senile Joe’s disgraceful cabinet full of bozos and incompetents, it seems clear that Biden wouldn’t wish to draw increased attention to the matter lest more folks realize that it’s all a ruse and political hit operation under the disguise of “no one is above the law” blather that no one buys any longer.


Democrats are so far above the law that they might as well be in outer space -- or on the moon. This warmed-over nonsense serves as a dog whistle to the Democrat base to turn out in November. Nothing more.


Like the Emperor in “Return of the Jedi”, Biden is telling Democrats to use their hate and turn to the dark side to stay alive and squelch the “rebellion” represented by Donald Trump and conservatives. It won’t work. Most Americans – or at least those who love their country, its history and revere its true institutions and culture – are inherently good. They see what’s going on.


We all knew senile Joe was kind of stupid, a pathological liar and the consummate corrupt sleazebag, but it’s only recently we’ve discovered he was blind (to the world around him), too. He should’ve seen how he looked berating the Supreme Court on Thursday night over abortion.


Again, it was embarrassing. Disgusting. (Insert your adjective here).


In all of this, the pundits will add their opinions and claim Biden will get a poll “bounce” out of his Thursday performance, the normative reflex from the comparative few who chose to endure another hour or so of senile Joe’s pomposity in the grand “temple of democracy” that past generations built and is poorly maintained, but for the appearance of the place. At least First Lady Jill Biden and Second Gentleman Doug Emhoff didn’t enjoy an intimate kiss on the lips this year.


To me, Biden looks out of place at the lectern, reading words that someone else prepared about subject matter that he might’ve had some input on but was fed to him like so many a spoonful of mush to a care facility patient who’s just had a root canal. Biden’s irate schtick is long over. The American people are wise to his act and it’s highly doubtful that there will be a call to give him another tour on the nation’s stage to mumble and feign wrath (or is it real?) or drone on about “democracy” and “saving the soul of the nation” from MAGA enemies who simply want liberty and accountable government.


Perhaps the classic facial-expression-making Speaker Mike Johnson should’ve stood up and repeated then-Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s tear-it-up desecration of the text of the speech after it was done, but Johnson possesses dignity and respect. For her part, Pelosi looks out of place sitting in the “crowd” rather than in a more prominent position – but she still received more than her share of camera time. What for? She’s a disgrace, too.


Donald Trump wasn’t in the room when Biden delivered his oration, but you could certainly sense his aura nonetheless. There’s a gargantuan leadership void in the United States today, and the citizenry’s pleas of desperation, hopefully, will be answered later this year. Trump may not be the embodiment of anyone’s political savior, but compared with the incorrigible indignant old geezer Joe Biden, he’s not lookin’ so bad now, is he?


For many of the people watching the 2024 State of the Union address, Election Day couldn’t get here fast enough. Bring on the campaign.

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Any rebuttal should have been easy, as Biden AGAIN committed plagiarism, this time of his own speech from his last SOTU speech!

Look it up, Dan Bongino did a great back-to-back video critique of the two speeches and much of it is word for word!

Biden is not just an idiot, so are his speech writers, then again, they likely knew that the Left would not know, nor care and the


Fifteen minutes late. It took a little longer for the juice to take hold than they planned.


Mar 08

This was a pep rally for the -rat party. Trump should end it and send a report "from time to time", just like the Constitution requires. Make it short and sweet and publish it for We The People to read....or tear up like old Nasty P. did.

Replying to

We need to give Biden a break. This was the one time he could address a rally with more than a couple dozen in attendance and he took advantage of it.

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