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The Right Resistance: Wandering and lonely senile Joe Biden has Democrats longing for 2008

I felt no sorrow the other day when embarrassing video footage emerged of senile president Joe Biden wandering around the room seemingly by himself searching for someone -- anyone -- to talk with at an event at the White House.

The scene was pathetic, but not particularly sadness inducing. It reminded me a little of a haunting refrain from the Broadway musical, Phantom of the Opera:

Wandering child, so lost, so helpless, yearning for my guidance.” Senile Joe looked incredulous as he glanced desperately in every direction, with several cliques of party guests within arm’s reach chatting happily with each other -- and none of them even noticing that the president was by his lonesome surrounded by nothing but space. The largest collection of revelers was assembled by Biden’s former boss, Barack Obama, who, by the looks of it, was having a grand ‘ol time shaking hands, smiling, joking with familiar cronies and doing his best to not even acknowledge the wayward Biden.

Afterwards, many a commentator suggested that the sight was depressing, as though Biden were a lonely and neglected senior citizen at a care facility social function who couldn’t find a friend to converse with about his experiences in the Great War. Where was Dr. Jill? Where was Jen Psaki? Did she test positive for COVID again? Did senile Joe neglect to use mouthwash? Did he break wind like he did at COP 26? Was he like garlic and everyone else was a vampire? Did his shoes reek? Was everyone purposely maintaining their distance because they weren’t wearing masks? What gives?

Kamala Harris was there, and she, like Obama, was smiling and laughing and pretending that her boss was millions of miles away. It was the oddest of all acts in American political lore. Never before has there been so much dead air enveloping a president. Has Biden completely lost the attention of all fellow Democrats, or was his solitude just because Obama was around to steal his thunder?

“’My name is Joe Biden, I’m Barack Obama’s vice president,’ Biden said to cheers from the crowd, recognizing his old boss’s star power. ‘And I’m Jill Biden’s husband.’ The joke about the first lady received a much more muted response.

“Obama opened by driving the point home himself. ‘Thank you, Vice President Biden,’ the former president said. ‘Vice President — that was a joke.’ Obama stepped away from the podium, strode past Vice President Kamala Harris, and embraced Biden. ‘That was all setup,’ he said when he returned to the microphone...

“[T]here is a risk that Obama upstages Biden in ways that reinforce Democrats’ dissatisfaction with the current president. Independents have already turned against Biden, who is also massively unpopular with Republicans. With polls showing considerable doubt, even among Democrats, about Biden or Harris leading the ticket in 2024, there has been speculation about Obama playing kingmaker in the primaries. A former two-term president, Obama is not constitutionally eligible to run again himself.”

It doesn’t matter what the Constitution says, Obama still acts as though he’s enjoying a third term. Joe Biden is such an intellectually incompetent and compromised shell of a president that someone must be pushing buttons and pulling levers to control him behind the scenes. Anyone who thinks Obama isn’t heavily involved in what’s going on at the White House these days is blind and ignorant.

Besides, most of the people who now work for Biden were part of Obama’s administration in one capacity or another. They’re swamp creatures to the nth degree. The Democrat establishment is like a liberal good ‘ol boys club that includes human females, transgenders, homosexuals and those who remain mystified about who or what they are. Further, there isn’t much evidence that Obama would be a successful kingmaker in the Democrat party like Donald Trump is in the GOP. To begin with, would Obama be considered a representative of the Democrat establishment or of the newer breed of rabid socialist in the Bernie Sanders/Alexandria Ocasio Cortez mold?

It’s not a small consideration. One of the few ardent Democrats that I know insists that Obama was a “moderate” and that’s the reason why the country was so happy with him. Objective regular followers of the news during his eight-year reign (2009-2017) recognize that The Big O was much closer to the revolutionary kind than the more Bill Clinton-like traditional Democrat.

Clinton actually worked with the Republican congressional majorities when he was president, primarily because he had to. In contrast, Obama just talked about using his “pen and phone” to do his sinister bidding and ushered in a new era of top down, race-based, socialistic do-gooder government that legalized five million illegal aliens with one stroke of his executive pen, bathed the White House in rainbow colors and set the deep state after Donald Trump’s campaign in 2016. My question for those who believe Obama was popular back then and could still rise above the American political scene like the Great Pumpkin over the sincerest of pumpkin patches -- and that the people would bow down before him and lick his mud stained shoes as though it were chocolate: If Obama was so great, why was there a groundswell of support for outsider newcomer Donald Trump on 2015/16?

The American people knew Obama was no unifying figure. He filled his administration with leftist revolutionaries like law bending Attorney General Eric Holder, inspired massive scandals (Operation Fast and Furious, the Benghazi terrorist attack, the AP phone records controversy (ask Sharyl Attkisson about this one) etc.), told Vladimir Putin through an emissary that he would have more leverage to sell-out on arms control after his reelection, called most of the country racist after the Trayvon Martin killing, lied about Obamacare (“If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor”), and turned the power of the IRS against conservative groups. This is a short list. With John Durham’s ongoing special counsel investigation, there’s a distinct possibility that the corruption and sleaze trail will lead directly to the Oval Office in Obama’s last year. Will liberals pay attention? Heck no. But at least we’ll all finally know the truth.

Obama is seen as a hero -- or “rock star” -- in Democrat circles because he could put two sentences together and, let’s face it, was pretty darn gifted at delivering a speech using a teleprompter. Many Americans -- including a good many in the Republican party -- gave him a pass because he was the first ethnic minority president, which shielded him from most of the scrutiny and criticism over the deterioration of racial relations during his two terms. But the main reason why Obama is still more popular than former sidekick Joe Biden today is the former’s sense of humor. Senile Joe makes lots of jokes about himself, but nobody finds them funny. To the low information voters, Obama was like one of the jokester guys. He quipped about his dope smoking teen years; he handicapped the NCAA basketball tournament on TV; he was often photographed playing golf in “regular” attire; he went to the beach in Hawaii a lot; he and Michelle had two nice looking daughters who attended high school when he was the chief executive.

What about senile Joe? He has son Hunter and the fool’s “Big Guy” scandals, spends his free time secluded in Delaware and has an illegitimate grandchild that no one dares mention. Compared to Joe Biden, any past politician would look better than he or she actually was. Heck, there are Democrats who probably long for Hillary Clinton or Jimmy Carter to take the place of senile Joe. He’s that bad.

But could Obama be a kingmaker? The most recent case suggests no. Last fall, the Big O traveled to nearby Virginia to stump for Democrat gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe, a former governor of the commonwealth and a politician with many built-in advantages in a state that went for Biden by almost ten points only a year earlier. Barack was sent in to drum up greater minority voter enthusiasm. It didn’t work. Republican Glenn Youngkin won on Election Day, as did the entire GOP ticket for statewide offices.

How should all of this be interpreted? To start with, Democrats have pretty much had it with senile Joe Biden. Not only has the man exposed himself as a rapidly faltering gaffe-making machine, his best selling point -- that he’s a popular “regular guy” who brings people together -- was heartily untrue. Even with Democrats in control of the White House and Congress, senile Joe couldn’t push the Democrat agenda through. He botched the Afghanistan withdrawal. He can’t remember names, butchers words, angers easily, whispers into microphones and frequently acts erratically.

His staff has to write out potential answers to media questions on a note card for him to refer to. It’s ugly. In the meantime, Democrats yearn for Obama simply because he was a much better salesman for their leftist climate boondoggles, welfare schemes and cultural race scams. At least Obama sounded credible. Biden can’t even be trusted to stimulate conversation at a friendly party event.

Senile president Joe Biden is a sad human being, and it isn’t just because no one wanted to talk with him in a room full of people. The current president is lost in any situation, a realization that has Democrats frustrated and pining for the old days. Barack Obama ain’t coming back; liberals are stuck with what they’ve got.

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As a videographer who constantly strives to make the talent look good, I took notice of the White House coverage. Who controls those videos anyway? Why was the camera focused on poor Joe wandering around when all the action was around Barrack? Later they had Obama speaking and the camera was on a wide shot that included Biden unwrapping a cough drop or something. Why wasn't the camera focused only on Obama at that point? It seems like they are doing Biden a disservice in how they cover events. Could this be on purpose?


Charles Wilkins
Charles Wilkins
08 apr. 2022

Two men are accused of duping members of the agency in charge of protecting the President and his family. Four Secret Service agents are on leave after reportedly accepting lavish gifts from two men posing as federal agents. How could this happen? Charles Marino, Former Acting Special Agent in Charge with the U.S. Secret Service, chime in on Don Abrams Live. notice there was no mention of any disappearance of secret service records, he as Vice President traveled the world with Hunter to Russia, China on personal deals that were structured with adversaries for personal family gain, of course, on the back of the tax payor. Secret Service, does that now mean corruption records are secrets kept secret? even when…


08 apr. 2022

I will say that Biden was ignored because everyone knows he's not the legitimate President. We know what Democrats have to say about the election publicly, but look at that video. Biden should be a rockstar for getting rid of the dreaded Donald Trump. Instead, they act like he isn't there. That moment where Obama was too busy yucking it up to acknowledge Biden tugging on his shoulder...that reminds me of when I was a kid and I want my dad's attention, but he refused to stop his conversation to see what I wanted! Yeah, Biden looks like a kid who is being ignored at his own party.

I gotta say that I can't stand Obama. Either of them! Which…

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