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The Right Resistance: We should ‘classify’ the government as sleazy, incompetent and secretive

Classified this, classified that, have you found any classified documents in your garage today?

It’s safe to say many Americans wonder the same thing when those in the upper echelons of power seemingly take “secrets” for granted when they’re handling their own office material. Last summer, establishment media talkers were consumed with feigned horror at the notion that former President Donald Trump possessed papers (in a locked room which virtually no one had access to, in a building surrounded by Secret Service agents) from his presidency that may or may not have contained important information that the deep state wanted to keep separated from public view.

Now, practically on a daily basis, we hear the same establishment news media reveal new “discoveries” of more classified documents being unearthed – or should I say, dusted off – somewhere within the personal control of senile president Joe Biden or his cronies. Biden himself and his hired mouthpiece, Karine Jean-Pierre, are regularly peppered with questions about these places and it’s evident neither wants to open up about it.

The bumbling president insists he didn’t know nothin’ about it (the dirty docs), and one is tempted to believe him, since he’s probably never read a document in his life much less understood what was on it. Our nation’s dumbest ever president likely doubles as our nation’s most ignorant ever president, a bad combination for the people who rely on the commander in chief to protect us – or secure our borders. Or enforce the laws already on the books.

Things just seem to be getting worse in the data and classified information realm. It’s gotten so bad that even former presidents are being forced to answer as to whether they’re members of the “Hide the secrets” club. In a piece titled “Former presidents coy on classified documents as senator suggests 'they're all sitting on stuff'”, W. James Antle III wrote at the Washington Examiner:

“The news that former Vice President Mike Pence had classified documents in his home, joining President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump, has Capitol Hill wondering what a sweep of all living former presidents’ and vice presidents’ residences and offices would uncover.

“On Tuesday, the presidents' offices were quiet. But by Wednesday morning, representatives of former Presidents George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama all said they had turned over all their documents to the National Archives at the appropriate time.

“An Obama spokesperson told Fox News, ‘We have nothing for you at this time.’ Attorney General Merrick Garland has already appointed two separate special counsels to investigate the handling of classified materials by Biden and Trump. But lawmakers suspect a more systematic problem wherein documents could be found on close inspection.”

Oh yeah, sure, Barack. You’re squeaky clean on everything, right? Ditto for the Bush presidents. And Bill Clinton? “Clean” and “Clinton aren’t regular bed partners, which is probably the only thing Big Bubba won’t touch. Washington corruption is undoubtedly the only thing that is truly bipartisan in the nation’s capital. By the looks of it, they all cheat, they all deny it, they all think they’ll get away with it and they’re all beyond reproach or censure.

Some are more guilty than others. But the establishment gets to everyone, including Donald Trump and seemingly, in this sense, Mike Pence.

How does this add up? At first I thought the Washington establishment might be coming for poor ol’ senile Joe, but with the resurrection of bipartisan former presidents out front covering their own backsides, the mood might be changing. When they realized their own rear-ends might be on the line – and with that, their legacies – it was time to ride the great white (not a racial term) ruling class steed to the rescue!

Antle’s piece included several senators suggesting that way too much is deemed secret. They’re right.

Back in the day, I quickly learned that a law student who highlights everything in a case book highlights nothing. Similarly, a government that keeps everything secret probably means very little is actually worth keeping hidden. Boxes upon boxes of documents with nonsensical markings and classifications doesn’t tell us much other than some government schlep had taken a briefing somewhere and was told by some other schlep with a security designation that such and such needed to be marked “classified” even if it was just Joe’s dinner menus from 1976.

Again, referring back to my internship at the Department of Justice (in 1990, seems like another century), I was required to get fingerprinted and send them to the appropriate authorities in order to even get a badge to enter the building. No problem, that seems reasonable. But once I was granted access, I was given real work (in some instances) – examining documents, speaking with U.S. Attorneys and FBI agents about cases, admittance to the file rooms, microfiche readers, etc.

How much of that crapola was privileged in some way? Probably lots of it. Who was I? A rising senior in college.

This example is not intended to defend senile Joe’s malfeasance – he’s as sleazy as they get – but who can really figure how many “secrets” are contained in all of those ominous looking buildings in Washington, DC? Recall, the corrupted FBI was instructed by the corrupted Democrat Attorney General to thoroughly go through Melania Trump’s unmentionables at Mar-a-Lago for more potential hiding places for the highest of the high government secrets. What were they pursuing? Her true bra size? Where she shops? Did she order online and not pay sales tax?

Of course, there are ways to, under the law (like the Freedom of Information Act), obtain all types of government records. But even if you file a public information request it’s not always granted by the powers-that-be, and the ones who decide if the content of the documents is open to view from just anyone – what’s their criteria? What is “secret” and what is not? Who watches the watchers?

Today’s government has zero credibility with anyone who pays attention to what’s going on inside those buildings. Just the other day at American Greatness, for example, the irreplaceable and convincing Julie Kelly blew the whole “J6 Trump rioters killed Officer Brian Sicknick with pepper spray” lie the Democrats have been pushing for over two years now.

All it took was examining actual body camera footage from Capitol Police officers to determine that it likely was the government’s much more powerful crowd control munitions (teargas, flashbangs, etc.) used by the cops themselves that were making everyone – including law enforcement – queasy, not one protester in Trump garb holding a single can of hardly lethal bear spray.

Why was this camera footage kept “secret” from the public? What could possibly justify holding the tape under wraps? The hours of video evidence by itself doesn’t conclusively prove anyone’s guilt or innocence (the rioters or the police), but it helps paint a broader picture of what really happened that afternoon. How much taxpayer money did Nancy Pelosi, Liz Cheney and Chairman Bennie Thompson waste portraying only one side of the story during the inane January 6 Committee hearings?

Further, how much of our resources does our government devote to ensuring American citizens are in the dark about things we desperately need to hear about in order to make informed decisions in the voting booth?

And how much information is really worthy of being deemed “top secret”? Surely much of what happens overseas in the ongoing war against Islamic fundamentalism shouldn’t be common knowledge. The average guy on the street in Philadelphia doesn’t need to know the address or phone number of an informant who’s spying on Al Qaeda or the Iranian mullahs.

And sure, the nuclear codes being leaked could be a problem. (Where did the insinuation that Trump had them go? Just another media distortion?) But much of everything else should be fair game. Whatever our policymakers – which includes congressmen, senators and the multitudes of bureaucrats in the executive departments whose job it is to draw up rules and regulations for everyone to live by – employ to deliberate and legislate should be readily available. And it should be easy to obtain, too.

Why haven’t we been told what was in the “classified material” from Joe’s multitude of locations and what was in that storeroom from Mar-a-Lago? Trump himself said he had declassified the material, so what gives? Why isn’t senile Joe calling for all of his dirty laundry (which admittedly must be pretty filthy) to be exposed before Americans’ eyeballs?

We want to know! We want to know! We want to know, Joe! Sounds like a fight song, doesn’t it?

Everyone knows that way too much vital information is being kept from Americans by the government, and it didn’t take the ongoing Biden/Trump/Pence classified document discoveries to tell us what we already understood in spades. People don’t trust the establishment media, and they sure as heck don’t trust the government. Who’s going to get to the bottom of it?

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