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The Right Resistance: What do Democrats and a vomiting dog have in common? 3.5 trillion examples

It’s one thing to be a liar. It’s quite another to be smug about it.

Such was the impression garnered from Senate Minority Leader “Chucky” Schumer’s floor speech the other day where the New Yorker announced that he and his fellow upper chamber Democrats had agreed to an enormous 3.5 trillion budget resolution spending package that would be piled on top of the puny (to liberals at least) $600 billion “bipartisan” infrastructure agreement hammered out between so-called “moderates” from both parties last month. That’s 4.1 trillion, folks!

Chucky’s gleeful tone and sideways smirk was hardly unexpected from him. The package would seemingly satisfy every leftist constituency that Schumer and company ever hoped to please. Plus, it spends a ton of money. Liberals get the warm and fuzzies whenever they anticipate writing checks on someone else’s dime. Add the fact that the binge would be passed without any input -- or votes -- from Republicans and you’ve created a virtual orgy of delight for the pro-socialist contingent.

It was that bad. Could it get any worse? Haris Alic reported at The Washington Times:

“Senate Majority Leader Charles E. Schumer announced Tuesday a tentative framework for a $3.5 trillion party-line social welfare package, although it remains to be seen whether Democrats can unite behind the measure.

“Mr. Schumer announced the deal after meeting with all 11 Democrats on the Senate Budget Committee. The panel will be responsible for shepherding the deal through the budget reconciliation process, which allows spending bills to pass via a simple majority of 51 votes in the evenly split Senate. ‘The budget resolution with instructions will be $3.5 trillion,’ said Mr. Schumer, New York Democrat. ‘Every major program that President Biden has asked us for is funded in a robust way.’...

“Mr. Schumer, himself, cautioned when announcing the framework that nothing was yet final. ‘We are very proud of this plan. We know we have a long road to go,’ he said. ‘We’re going to get this done for the sake of making average Americans’ lives a whole lot better.’”

Alic’s article included rather juicy quotes from Bernie Sanders, who is visibly pumped that America is traveling down the path to complete socialism under Democrat rule. Not content with settling for the mere $600 billion pittance thrown together by the RINOs and Democrats pretending to care about spending and debt, “The Bern” got Chucky onboard to promote a full kit and caboodle approach to legislating.

Imagine the joy in the conference room when the Democrat scrum first realized they were in harmony on a no-holds-barred attitude toward infrastructure -- and everything else, too! If Chucky bragged that their work funds everything Biden asked for -- and more! -- was there any spending that they didn’t include?

Question: If you’re a senator and plan to give the president everything he asks for, why do you need a committee at all? Couldn’t you streamline the process by filling out little cards (like at a wedding reception) and dumping them into an enormous bingo bowl and then having a caller draw them and announce them? Wouldn’t it be like the NFL draft, but not take as long? Who needs a bureaucracy and staff when it’s like Christmas morning at Democrat Headquarters and Santa just delivered bags full of IOUs?

Or maybe it’s more akin to the animal kingdom.

Need a visual? You know how a famished dog sometimes eats so much and so fast that he ends up regurgitating the load? (Sorry for the imagery, but it seems appropriate here.) This vividly describes how the Democrat budget resolution must have been formulated.

Picture Chucky, Bernie and the other party Budget Committee senators (Patty Murray, Ron Wyden, Debbie Stabenow, Sheldon “Don't call me a snobby elitist all-white club member racist” Whitehouse, Mark Warner, Jeff Merkley, Tim Kaine, Chris Van Hollen, Ben Ray Lujan and Alex Padilla) sitting around a table like poker players in a frenzy, each upping the ante with chips representing a special Democrat wish.

“I raise your hundreds of billions for childcare and toss in a few more hundred billion for clean energy…. HA! You call that a bid? I’ve got elder care and Medicare over here and I’m raising you a cool trillion for the ten-year package… Are you serious? I’ve got tall trees (Ron Wyden) out in my state and climate change-induced fires are burning the (crap) out of the west. We’re gonna have all that stuff and more!”

If there’s one good thing to come from this massive swampy farce, at least the voters in my state (Virginia) won’t buy the claim that our two senators (Mark Warner and Tim Kaine) are fiscal “moderates”, because both of them pal around with Bernie and his band of elected bros and gals -- and they must’ve signed off on Chucky’s bloated mess. As I’ve often stated, there’s no such thing as a fiscally minded Democrat any longer. The ruse is exposed. A vote for any Democrat is equivalent to a vote for Bernie Sanders, since the senile old Vermont coot was in charge of the whole process.

It's hilarious to visualize giddy Chucky jiggering a deal between the “moderates” and the more powerful socialist contingent to forego the filibuster entirely and get the job done with just his own caucus on the budget resolution. As though any reasonable Republican would support the “compromise” infrastructure bill now knowing that Democrats intended to make chumps of them and pass their own multi-trillion conglomeration on their own.

If it wasn’t clear before, Republicans should tell them to go pound sand. Why be complicit in bankrupting the nation when Democrats are utterly prepared to laugh in your face and then go off on their singular mission of deception? Chucky’s bluster about bipartisan this and “working together” -- that was just hot air, the same type liberals use to promote their climate agenda.

Then there’s senile president Joe Biden, who made it clear a couple weeks ago that he wouldn’t sign the “compromise” bill unless it was delivered together with the big monster goodie-filled reconciliation bill. I wonder if things have changed -- will he sign the big bill by itself, since the “bipartisan” one is probably dead now?

What were the Democrats thinking? Were they so brainwashed into believing in their electoral superiority that they flaunted a spending resolution to a public already skittish over mounting debts and rapidly rising inflation? Has anyone forgotten that Congress -- and approved by Trump -- put together a series of trillion-dollar COVID “relief” measures in 2020? Or that Biden and Chucky and Nancy shoved another $1.9 trillion into the economy without a single Republican vote earlier this year?

Where’s the popular impetus for “human infrastructure” that Democrats insist is so needed? Is there a clamor for “racial justice programs” among the American people? Will having their kids indoctrinated into federally paid-for Critical Race Theory help parents forget that they’re paying $4-$5 a gallon to fill up the family minivan?

To become law, the package would need the buy-in of Speaker Nancy Pelosi, which shouldn’t be too hard to earn. But here’s thinking San Fran Nan will want her cut of the pie -- expect the total to increase by some factor of x. Members of “The Squad” will likely complain that the climate spending isn’t nearly sufficient to prevent the earth from melting in twelve (or how many years is it now?) more trips around the sun.

All eyes turn to West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin, the lynchpin in prior negotiations over killing the filibuster (and therefore not needing to use the reconciliation process) to see if he’ll attempt to inject some semblance of sanity regarding the size of the proposals. If smug and lying Chucky strongarms Manchin into lending his vote to the reconciliation fiscal atrocity, the residents of The Mountain State just might head to Washington to bring Joe M. back home.

Perhaps the so-called Democrat “moderates” running in districts and states Trump won will hesitate before voting for this all-inclusive liberal shopping spree. Just the outlines alone provide plenty of campaign fodder for Republicans to pound the spending issue. Not everyone in America wants the government to borrow and pay for universal socialist welfare.

Sooner or later Chucky Schumer’s lies and smugness will backfire on him. With $3.5 trillion on the line, that day might be closer than he bargained for.

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Charles Wilkins
Charles Wilkins
Jul 19, 2021

Are the Biden's and company bought and paid for by China? sure looks that way most illegal drugs coming across our southern border originate from China, you know the Biden's friends, Chinese dry wall killed our homes, Chinese face masks proved defective killed our people, Chinese dog food killed our pets, Chinese lead paint on toys killed our babies, Chinese virus again killed our people, why does Biden want to be friends with China? having Hunter accepting large amounts of money for what? Chinese are trying to kill our dollar, China has cyber attacks against us, What am I missing? Sounds to me like China really hates our guts, Why are all these American companies so in love with China…


‘We’re going to get this done for the sake of making average Americans’ lives a whole lot better.’

How exactly does that work? You steal my hard earned money and spend it on some hair (or is that hare?) brained largess that probably lines the pockets of your rich cronies and you call that making average Americans' lives a whole lot better? Wow! Now I feel good. I'm poorer, but my live is a whole lot better. Somehow.


Ah, "Chucky", the Day of Reckoning is just around the corner. Got your "involuntarily retired, post power- gig" life lined up yet? Maybe some fellow 'emeritus swindler' will lend you a hand. Don't go too far from home: those 'bogeymen' are waiting for you.


You can't spell SChUMer without the letters S C U M!😜

Jay Robison
Jay Robison
Jul 16, 2021
Replying to

That description applies to democrats generally... there are few if any exceptions.


James Bryson
James Bryson
Jul 16, 2021

Sen. Beezelbub will eventually see justice... after the wacko-barista takes his lunch money...and definitely in the hereafter.

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