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The Right Resistance: What would the great George Washington think if he ever met Joe Biden?

Two hundred -- or even twenty -- years ago it would’ve been near impossible to imagine a

world where the U.S. embassy in a foreign country opted to fly a special interest group’s flag instead of, or in addition to, the ultra-recognizable and revered Stars and Stripes, but that’s precisely what’s taken place under the reign of principle-free, tradition-trashing President Joe Biden.

America’s second “woke” commander in chief appears to have forgotten or ignored the simple concept that the United States flag represents every citizen of this nation, while other slogans and symbols not only divide the people within our borders, they also transmit erroneous messages to international allies, competitors, adversaries and enemies.

Thankfully, a collection of Republicans is speaking out about the insulting gesture, aiming to clarify the statute books for those who have issues with demonstrating unquestioned loyalty and fealty to the red, white and blue.

“The ‘Only Old Glory Act,’ sponsored by Rep. Jeff Duncan, South Carolina Republican, would bar any standard besides the American flag from flying at diplomatic posts abroad.

“Mr. Duncan’s office told Forbes that the bill responds to both a U.S. embassy in South America flying a ‘rainbow’ pride flag and to Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s granting permission in May to fly Black Lives Matter flags at America’s foreign outposts. [Last] Tuesday, the U.S. Embassy to the Vatican also began displaying a rainbow flag, in what was widely seen as a trolling gesture at the Catholic Church. ‘No other flag or symbol can portray our American values’ better than the Stars and Stripes, Mr. Duncan said in a statement.

“This week Republican Reps. Louie Gohmert of Texas, Rick Crawford of Arkansas and Brian Mast of Florida brought the list of co-sponsors to 20. The co-sponsor list already included such conservatives as Lauren Boebert of Colorado, Marjorie Taylor-Greene of Georgia and Matt Gaetz of Florida.”

In other words, the conservatives pushing this symbolic but inherently substantive piece of legislation is a virtual who’s who of liberty-touting rabble rousers and boat rockers in Congress, the ones who aren’t the least bit reluctant to voice opinions in public concerning constitutional standards such as the right to bear arms, and now, the necessity of remaining faithful to the vaunted U.S. flag. If passed, Americans traveling abroad can expect to see only their country’s emblem in front of its official diplomatic posts.

How far has the nation travelled (sunk?) when Americans in high positions -- cabinet secretaries, ambassadors and state department diplomats -- feel empowered to (literally) fly the colors of ethnic groups and special interest organizations? Citizens of foreign countries can easily get the false impression that it’s official United States policy to support Black Lives Matter, which anyone with an education recognizes is a front for advancing Marxism.

You certainly wouldn’t find Chinese embassies in overseas capitals displaying a “Free Taiwan” or “We (heart) and Honor Hong Kong dissidents” banner with its logo on the cloth, would you? And what about a pro-life Christian organization that spreads the Gospel in addition to advocating for innocent unborn babies’ lives? Not a chance! Our enemies see the absurd BLM banners and surely laugh and guffaw at the stupidity of the gesture. If the United States can’t even settle on use of a national flag, what does it say about the people who lead the foreign policy team?

It's often speculated that the Founding Fathers, watching from eternity, turn over in their graves when witnessing the annihilation of the principles and freedoms they fought a war with the Mother Country to secure -- and then squabbled among themselves to permanently establish.

If they were here today, what would they say?

In that spirit, let’s imagine a conversation between George Washington and President Joe Biden. The quotes below (the ones in italics) are Washington’s actual words. One can only speculate what the hair sniffin’, shoulders massagin’, Black Lives Matter promotin’, sexual assault denyin’ current chief executive would say in response to G.W.’s immortal words. So we’ll do the talking for him.

--President Joe Biden was sitting behind the Resolute desk, alone in the Oval Office, when a knock came at the door. Perturbed that there wasn’t anyone on duty to answer it at noon on a work day, Joe shouts loud enough for everyone in the building to hear, “Come in, dang it!”

In walks the six-foot-three figure of a man dressed in colonial garb, a powdered wig and sporting a prominent nose. The man didn’t speak a word but clearly acted as though he felt out of place in such modern grandeur, and seemed heartily unimpressed by the figure seated in front of him.

“What’s this about? Don’t you know it’s lunch time?” grumbled Joe Biden. “Are you the one they sent to bring me my food? What’s with the stupid costume? Only a dunce would dare barge into my office without an appointment looking like that. Better watch it, pal, or I’ll have you thrown out. You look like a reject from the January 6 Trump insurrection. Where’s your Confederate flag? How about ‘Don’t Tread on Me’?”

George Washington held his level gaze and noticeably paused before opening his mouth. “It is better to offer no excuse than a bad one. I found myself in this unfamiliar mansion and was looking for someone to explain what this place is all about and why it’s here. Stumbling upon you, and your rudeness, I once again see the truth in my old saying, ‘It is better to be alone than in bad company.’”

Openly agitated now, Biden replied, “Bad company? Bad company? Isn’t that a rock group? Certainly, you couldn’t be referring to me, stranger. I was just sitting here thinking about how great it was to have a rainbow flag flying in front of our embassy at the Vatican. We’ll teach those old immovable Bible-thumping Catholics to oppose gay rights! I may be Catholic but I choose to practice my faith like a customer in a buffet line. I only grab what I feel like consuming.

“Speaking of buffets, where’s my grub? If you’ll just cough it up, I’ll share it with ya, okay? Whaddaya think? (Squinting his eyes to focus) Say, aren’t you George Washington? I’d recognize that face anywhere, like the one on all those statues that my Black Lives Matter homies ripped down during their ‘mostly peaceful’ protests last summer. I’ll pay you a compliment, bud. You’re better lookin’ in person. Where’d you get that jacket? It’s cool. I want one too.”

Ever composed, Washington answered. “I am George Washington. I have come back to see what has become of the country myself and my contemporaries founded all those years ago. The Constitution we wrote guaranteed the political opposition would be honored. You’re violating it. If freedom of speech is taken away, then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.

Puzzled by the man’s formality, Biden shot back, “George m’ boy, that might’ve been true a hundred years ago or whenever it was that you lived, but we need additional federal protections nowadays to get a hold on white supremacy, which according to our intelligence agencies, is the number one national security threat. I made a speech in Tulsa last week where I talked a lot about racism and stuff (“Terrorism from white supremacy is the most lethal threat to the homeland today, not Isis, not Al-Qaeda — white supremacists”) and said we’re gonna get people straight on race riots and that kind of thing. Bad, very bad! If you just let the people say anything they want, then we’ll need more hate crimes laws -- and more solitary confinement cells to hold the speech criminals, like the Trump cretins who took over the Capitol Building on January 6.

“Because of misguided people like you and the other prejudiced nimrods, we need the ‘Equality Act’ and the ‘For the People Act’ and possibly slavery reparations. I wouldn’t lecture anyone on being a good citizen if I were you, mister. If anybody’s gonna do that, it’s gonna be ME!

“Besides, if you’re gonna go on and on about sheep and slaughtering, maybe you need to go back to the kitchen and see if they’ve got the mutton chops prepared the way I ordered them. Yum! My mouth is watering just thinking about it.”

Washington was wary of saying the wrong thing, clearly unimpressed by this man’s colloquial nature and utter lack of visible or discernible intellect. Further, what kind of republic would elect this halfwit fool to represent them? How far had America fallen? It was troubling. Maybe contemporary Americans just aren’t well grounded in the basic principles, he thought.

Washington asked the Delaware simpleton, “A primary object should be the education of our youth in the science of government. In a republic, what species of knowledge can be equally important? And what duty more pressing than communicating it to those who are to be the future guardians of the liberties of the country?

Really confused now, Biden tried to answer the first president’s question. “I’m glad you mentioned education, Big W. We think it’s vital these days to teach the children Critical Race Theory, which gets the white kids apologizing to the black kids for their privileges, and the black kids understand that they’re all victims of racism and can’t get ahead without my government giving them a huge legal boost and a handful of checks.

“As far as teaching ‘em about the ‘science of government’, we don’t want to do that kind of stuff here. The less the young-ins -- and their parents -- know about what we’re doing, the better. You know, we’re just coming off a pandemic where we had everyone put in their place. Then somebody figured out that the virus came from a lab in China. Now we’ve got a lot of explaining to do about all the lies we told to win the election.

“Us Democrats, that’s the only science we give a darn about, G. Yeah, that and climate change. Party politics is the best, ain’t it?”

Washington frowned at the much older man’s blabbering. Parties ruin everything. “I will leave you with one thought. In politics as in philosophy, my tenets are few and simple. The leading one of which, and indeed that which embraces most others, is to be honest and just ourselves and to exact it from others, meddling as little as possible in their affairs where our own are not involved. If this maxim was generally adopted, wars would cease and our swords would soon be converted into reap hooks and our harvests be more peaceful, abundant, and happy.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” Biden retorted. “Peace this, peace that. Meddling is my business, General Sparky. I’m about as honest as they come, George. What did you say again? I might want to use some of your quotes in my speeches. And the ‘harvests’ you talk about will only happen with gigantic subsidies from my lackeys. The rest will fall into place.

“Now, where’s my lunch?”

--Perhaps it’s a good thing that Joe Biden would never get a chance to speak to the duty-driven George Washington, since the latter would be shocked at the former’s lack of greatness and leadership capabilities. History has a funny way of exposing the weaknesses of men, a fact that Joe Biden never appears to contemplate. But the people are watching.

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Jun 08, 2021

Maybe the next anti-abortion Catholic should fly the Vatican flag from the White House. Hey, she or he would just be following the example of BO when he flew the rainbow rag.


George Washington would've run Trump through with a bayonet. Our first president didn't fight a revolution only to have some self-entitled fat ponce attempt to make himself king.

Replying to

Very "enlightened" for flowering troll!!! LOL GW would ran the likes of you through with his sword!


Spin whatever b.s. you like, at least Biden can put his pants on front-side forward.

Trump can't.

Replying to

You almost seem like a chaser of hard to confirm information. But more likely just a flowering troll!

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