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The Right Resistance: Where’s the fear? The Democrats’ big lie on COVID vaccine mandates

My Body, My Choice!”

How many times have we heard the slogan, typically screeched by some radicalized feminist with bulging eyeballs, frayed hair tucked under her “pus-y hat” and carrying a sign with some version of pro-abortion language coupled with a politician’s name and/or the f-word. This type of protester, to contrast herself with the hated Trump people on January 6 of this year, is largely ignored by police when they take over government buildings and make threats against newly confirmed Supreme Court justices.

But when it comes to the federal government’s reaction to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP, or Wuhan, if you prefer) virus and battling the worldwide pandemic likely caused by, at least in part, misdirected money from our own departments of health and science, one’s bodily integrity doesn’t matter a lick to the elite class. Democrats used the COVID crisis to scare people into accepting mail-in voting last year for the critical presidential election, and they’re hoping to sustain the bad feelings well into their campaign to keep Congress next year.

In a Democrat’s world, bodies and “choices” apparently only applies to the decision to terminate a baby’s life in the womb. The various COVID vaccines have been on the tip of every liberal’s tongue for going on a year now -- or at least since senile president Joe Biden was inaugurated in January. Biden himself, along with gal pal vice president Kamala Harris, originally shed doubt on the vaccines’ validity and safety until they themselves took power. Then the fruit of Trump’s “Operation Warp Speed” became the greatest thing since sliced bread to Democrats.

Practically every Democrat, at one point or another, admitted publicly that the government did not have the power to compel an individual to accept a shot (or two). They’re whistling a much different tune these days, however, as Biden and company are ordering people to submit or face severe punishment. Strangely, they seem to believe that such dictates would not only be heeded by the citizenry, they’d be popular as well.

In doing so, they’re up to their old tricks, mainly pitting people against each other. So much for promoting national unity in these times of trial. Seth McLaughlin reported at The Washington Times:

“Democrats face beastly headwinds as they prepare for next year’s congressional elections, but they believe they have a silver bullet or two: mounting rage against COVID-19 vaccine refuseniks and smoldering scorn for former President Donald Trump.

“Analysts say anger at vaccine resisters helped propel California Gov. Gavin Newsom to a surprisingly decisive victory last week in a recall election. In Virginia, gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe is trying to harness the same anger as early voting begins there.

“’The Newsom campaign was very effective in using the rage against the unvaccinated and the specter of Trumpism to get out Democratic voters,’ said Stephen J. Farnsworth, a professor of politics at the University of Mary Washington. ‘All indications are that McAuliffe is using the same playbook, and the success in California suggests he might double down on that strategy.’”

I’ve got a front-row seat to the Virginia race, and it’s clear that Clinton-lapdog Terry McAuliffe will do and say anything that will get people at each other’s throats in order to win politically. Talk about a non-issue. In my experience here in Commonwealth and elsewhere, the already vaccinated, myself included, couldn’t care less whether strangers have taken the shot or not.

For months the authorities lectured us that accepting the shot(s) guarantees some level of protection against COVID-19, even if it’s been demonstrated over and over that vaccinated folk can still contract the virus and experience some mild symptoms. This isn’t that complicated, is it? I personally know of individuals who tested positive even after getting poked -- as we were all instructed to do. They described the experience as barely more than an inconvenience.

And this is only counting the ones who actually bothered to go and get tested. As I’ve argued from the beginning, if there is a reasonably high percentage of the population that is completely asymptomatic after contracting the virus -- duh -- they don’t even realize they’re spreading it around. And the stupid masks aren’t preventing them from doing so either, particularly this highly contagious Delta variant.

The greatest pain these “breakthrough” case subjects experienced was having to self-isolate and quarantine themselves.

I also know a number of persons who lived through COVID before the vaccines were even available. Every one of them relayed a similar testimonial -- medium to severe fatigue, some coughing, loss of taste and smell for a time, and a recovery period that was somewhat longer than the standard bad cold or flu. Where’s the hysteria for mandatory vaccines and worthless masks among this large test group?

Therefore, if folks are spreading the virus around like the common cold, how is it possible to completely prevent it from infecting others? Well, that’s where the vaccine comes in. If you’re vaccinated and still get the virus, chances are great that you won’t get very sick, much less require hospitalization. Sounds like life as normal, doesn’t it?

Every Republican politician I’ve seen -- including former President Donald Trump -- has essentially adopted the same position: Get the shot(s). Period. It’ll be better for you. Beyond that, it’s a personal choice. The health authorities also tell us not to smoke, take drugs or drink or eat in excess. Are mandates coming in these subjects too? It’s kind of hard to logically reconcile with new legalized pot laws cropping up everywhere.

Therefore, accusing Republican office-holders or seekers of being anti-vaccination is absurd and a flat out lie. GOPers just aren’t wild about mandating that everyone do so. What is motivating this position?

Respect for one’s body, person, privacy and decision-making. Why is choice a bad thing here?

Democrats insist that there are no good reasons for refusing to get vaccinated. Tell that to a pregnant woman who works as a nurse and is afraid that the shot could make her -- or her baby -- sick. Who’s to argue with her about whether her personal decision was justified or irrational? Who’s to tell anyone with health fears that they’re making the wrong choice in assessing their own wellbeing? Where’s the so-called “anger” of the vaccinated vs. the non-vaccinated?

Anecdotal evidence suggests the contrary. Just this past weekend we patronized an establishment that “highly recommended” masks for everyone entering and indicated masks were mandatory for the non-vaccinated. Glancing around at my fellow patrons, not a single one wore a mask. And the place was full. Obviously, there isn’t a whole lot of fear out there among the little people. So, to have Democrats like senile Joe Biden spreading lies about “anger of the vaccinated vs. the refuse-niks” is pure folly. Lie. It’s what the Democrats do best.

The California recall election a week ago went in Governor Gavin Newsom’s favor largely because Democrats dumped $80 million into the “Vote no on recall” side and attached Donald Trump’s face to it even though bumbling Joe Biden carried the state with a 30-point margin last November. No huge shocker there. The devil with a “D” after his name could win in California, where the welfare entitled and addlebrained liberal mindset wouldn’t let common sense sneak into their skulls if it were imposed with a chisel and a jackhammer.

By dividing people into groups, Democrats are doing what they always do when an election they should otherwise win looks to be unusually close -- tell lots and lots of whoppers. After all, senile Joe can’t talk about his foreign policy, his handling of the economy, what’s actually in his party’s $3.5 trillion budget resolution, the bursting national debt or anything else closely tied to his policies. And if you add the ever-worsening situation at the southern border, his presidency goes from failure to offensive travesty.

So why not “pretend” that the vaccinated people are angry at those who aren’t? Blame the responsible people and those who are exercising their rights. “My Body, My Choice” only applies to abortion and exterminating as many innocent human beings as they can possibly get their chemicals and womb vacuums on.

Once again, Republicans are telling people to get vaccinated. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is making it easy for everyone to do so, and treating the people who do get sick with Regeneron -- which incidentally, the federal government is actively trying to keep out of his state. Democrats need something to make a dent in DeSantis’s positive approval ratings. They recognize that he’s up for reelection next year, and if they can somehow bring him down, liberals figure they’ve scored a huge upset win.

Democrats won’t get away with unfairly pounding the COVID-19 vaccine mandate issue. In fact, statistically speaking, a high percentage of those refusing to vaccinate are African-Americans, a.k.a., the Democrat base. You can only push people so far, after all. Sooner or later folks will learn the true meaning of “My Body, My Choice”, and Democrats will reap what they sow.

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The Dems mantra: divide people into groups or factions and then pit them against each other. The borrow heavily from the Marxist playbook (Saul Alinsky version or not since Marx was on the scene long before Alinsky). The Dems may be planning a 'one trick pony campaign' counting on anti-vax sentiment to carry them to victory. Jeff Rendall's article points out that that 'strategy' may backfire since Black Americans proportionately are less likely to get the vaccines than other racial groups in the country. The Black population is still quite wary of he government in health issues (see the Tuskegee disaster): fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me!! Dems "count" on Black support.

Dems …

Gefällt mir

For all you anti-vaxxers out there, don't worry. Science is planning to give you the coronavirus vaccines in your salad . . . !

Gefällt mir
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