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The Right Resistance: Whether it’s 79 or 80, senile Joe Biden doesn’t belong in the presidency

Question for today: When does the number 79 sound better than the number 80?

If you’re already the oldest president ever to occupy the Oval Office and you’re about to become the only man ever to leave his seventies while presiding over the United States government, that’s when. Every new day that senile Joe Biden wakes up and acts as America’s chief executive, he sets another record. And it’s been that way for him since day one.

But at least when it comes to senile Joe, 79 doesn’t sound quite as old as 80 does, the age which Biden will turn in a little over a month’s time. For those expecting mobs of Democrats gathered on the White House lawn that day to croon a rousing rendition of “Happy Birthday” while the half-century swamp dweller stands beaming over an enormous cake with enough candles to constitute a fire code violation, you’ll be disappointed.

The White House staff has other plans. In a piece titled “Biden’s about to turn 80. Don’t expect a blowout birthday bash.”, Jonathan Lemire wrote at Politico:

“President Joe Biden will turn 80 years old next month, becoming the first commander-in-chief to become an octogenarian while in office. The Nov. 20 birthday will come two weeks after the midterms and will likely intensify scrutiny of Biden’s health and speculation as to whether he will seek another term.

“If he were to win again, Biden — who already holds the distinction of being the oldest president elected — would be 82 when he takes the oath of office a second time and 86 on his successor’s Inauguration Day. His age has always been a sensitive topic among his closest allies and planning is underway as to how to best navigate the occasion.

“White House aides are keenly aware of the storylines surrounding his age and are bracing for the inevitable news cycle. The topic has been met with some trepidation in the West Wing and senior aides have called around to Biden world allies to seek advice on how to best handle the date that will surely draw significant attention from reporters and Republicans alike.”

Lemire further reported that the Democrats’ plan is likely to downplay the birthday and simply focus on the work, according to those familiar with the discussions.

Pfft. Focus on the work? What work? Damage control? Suicide watch? A full-on firing of every Democrat consultant who’d told Joe to his face that Democrats would do great in the midterms?

At the outset I’d just like to state the obvious, that reaching 80 years old in our times is not really that noteworthy. I know many folks who are that age or older and most of them, I believe, could still act in a highly responsible public capacity or profession if they were so inclined. I’m aware of a local Endodontic surgeon, for instance, who performs root canals on a daily basis at age 81 and still effortlessly maintains all of the faculties he possessed decades ago.

But these more-than-capable senior folks aren’t President of the United States, either.

One can only imagine the lengths the Biden people will go to try and steer around the subject of senile Joe about to pass the 80-year-old mile marker, probably praying and praying and hoping against all hope that they can successfully ignore the establishment media’s demarcation of the anniversary of Joe’s birth by pretending nothing is different from the day or year before and that the president is really as happy, healthy and vigorous as when he acted as Barack Obama’s favorite errand boy a virtual lifetime ago.

Besides, Joe could always issue a statement claiming to remember everything he ever did, something akin to, “After reviewing the record on my son Hunter’s laptop, I now recall speaking with Tony Bobulinski on multiple occasions and I assure you that my boy made good on his vow to give the ‘Big Guy’ his ten percent share! I would hereby like to thank the Ukrainians, Russians and Chinese for their generous contributions to my retirement portfolio”.

Or, you never know, the Democrat powers-that-be may launch a “80 is the new 70” public relations campaign paid for with funds stolen from the recently passed scaled-back version of “Build Back (More) Better” that they tricked West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin into supporting and voting for because he was promised a vote on fossil fuel permitting reform, which they subsequently shot down without mercy!

Another possible alternative for the Biden team would be to have the president emerge from the front door of the White House on November 20 dressed in athletic garb and proceed to have him jog three laps around the White House grounds to demonstrate how physically fit he remains at the ripe young age of four score years. But this set-up might not be such a good idea considering the man shuffles when he walks normally and has been known to repeatedly stumble when he trots, just as he did three or more times up the stairs to Air Force One last year.

Who knows? Maybe Joe might even be talked into giving a speech: “Four score and zero years ago my father brought forth on this continent a new baby, conceived in lust and dedicated to the proposition that any man, no matter how corrupted, stupid and compromised, can become president.”

Or, they could simply rail against term limits and promise that Joe will remain president for life if given the chance. At various times in the past, critics from both parties questioned the wisdom of constitutionally limiting a president to two terms, noting each time the controversy arose that no other federal office is so temporally constrained. The lack of age restraint in Congress has produced some rather interesting circumstances, such as the late South Carolina Senator Strom Thurmond being reelected when he was 93-years-old and having him serve until he basically couldn’t do it any longer at age 100.

Thurmond died about six months after resigning his seat in January, 2003. Strom had first been elected to office in 1947 (as Governor of South Carolina), which means he’d been in politics only about five years longer than Joe Biden has at this point today. As I recently argued, all Joe’s time spent in the senate and then as vice president effectively “dulled” his brain. Was it really so different with Strom Thurmond in his final days?

As an interesting side note, then Senator Joe Biden delivered Thurmond’s eulogy at the South Carolinian’s funeral in June, 2003. That was 20 years ago. Do you think Biden had any inkling that folks would be questioning whether he was “young enough” to run for reelection in the presidency at age 80 (or 82 in two years)?

Today, Senator Dianne Feinstein has been rumored to be rapidly expending her last set of intellectual neurons, and she hasn’t even reached 90-years-old yet. When Alaska Congressman Don Young passed away earlier this year, she instantly became the oldest serving current member of Congress and the oldest sitting U.S. senator at the same moment, despite what many describe as serious physical and mental limitations.

As far as I can tell, the only means to forcefully remove an elected federal office holder is via impeachment, except for the 25th Amendment, which was originally passed to provide for times when the president is incapacitated. Joe Biden could very easily be impeached should Republicans take over the House in next month’s elections, and there’ve been persistent rumors of invoking the 25th Amendment’s removal authority as well, but Vice President cackling Kamala Harris would need to get it started and lead it.

Would it ever happen? You never know. Here’s a scenario the Biden people might be thinking about. Since old goat Biden is convinced that he’s the only one on the Democrat side who’s mean and seasoned enough to take on and defeat former president Donald Trump in a head-to-head, drag-it-out nasty 2024 campaign, the Biden/Obama brains could be scheming to replace Kamala Harris on the national ticket with one of their trusted cronies much sooner.

It's a poorly kept secret that the Biden handlers don’t like or trust Harris, figuring she’s just an outwardly ambitious would-be mutineer who would gladly stick a proverbial knife in Joe’s back whenever the opportunity arose after the ticket’s second inauguration in January, 2025. Kamala wouldn’t want to passively wait another four years to become president, especially since Biden’s second term would almost assuredly be much worse than his first, making it almost impossible for her or any Democrat to win in 2028.

So, the Biden junta needs to ditch Kamala in the near term, like after this year’s midterm elections.

In this line of thinking, Biden will run and win (again, it’s what they believe) and then endure some sort of intentional accident or slip-up that’s not in the public view, causing him to resign and defer in favor of such newly selected vice president who will have been carefully chosen for this very purpose. Then, after Biden is back at his beach house in Delaware, the new replacement vice president (chosen by the House, of course) and dutifully sworn-in president will have already promised to keep the Biden administration’s team of cutthroats, bag men and getaway car drivers onboard for another term, thus guaranteeing job security.

Regardless of how senile Joe Biden opts to spend his 80th birthday next month, the occasion will generate plenty of buzz from media onlookers all over the world. Debate will continue to rage on whether Joe is too old to run again in 2024 and probably won’t cease until a new president is elected on Election Day of that year. Americans just want Biden gone no matter the number.

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