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The Right Resistance: Which will you choose on January 6? Trump’s speech or Pelosi’s prayer vigil?

On the day before the day before Christmas (otherwise known as Christmas Eve), perhaps it’s a good opportunity to contemplate the upcoming anniversary of the January 6 riot at the

Capitol Building that took place on the day the 2020 Electoral Votes were due to be presented and counted. Christmas and New Year’s is always a time for reflection on the previous twelve months. In 1980, Ronald Reagan challenged voters primed to choose a new president to ask themselves whether he or she was “better off than you were four years ago?” After one heck of a tumultuous year in 2021, maybe we should all look within and decide, “Am I better off than I was a year ago?” If polls are any indication, most Americans will answer with an emphatic “NO!” If there’s one thing that’s true about politics, it’s that politicians almost always fail to deliver on their campaign promises. Senile Joe Biden is the perfect example of this general belief. The half-century career swamp dweller came into office riding a wave of emotion in both the Republican and Democrat parties. Supporters of Donald Trump were skeptical of the election results (or flat out didn’t accept them); Democrats were angry and frustrated -- and scared -- about what happened on January 6. Events since that fateful day haven’t calmed folks down, either. Democrats first used the incident to impeach Trump (for the second time) after he’d left office, a farce that was presided over by a partisan Democrat senator (not Chief Justice John Roberts, as the Constitution specifies), contained no witnesses and failed to produce anything more than additional ill feelings and a predictable “not guilty” outcome. Democrats tried to use the January 7 death of Officer Brian Sicknick to argue that Trump whipped the crowd into a violent frenzy that resulted in the demise of several people, including a policeman. Sicknick’s autopsy showed he died of a stroke and was not physically assaulted in the commotion. It’s an example of many, many revelations that shed doubt on what actually happened on January 6. How will this year’s political players handle the anniversary in a couple weeks? Former President Trump plans to hold a news conference. If the media and Democrats were hoping to reserve the narrative for themselves alone, they’ve got a another thing coming. Monique Beals reported at The Hill:

“’Why isn’t the Unselect Committee of highly partisan political hacks investigating the CAUSE of the January 6th protest, which was the rigged Presidential Election of 2020?’ Trump said in his statement Tuesday announcing the news conference. “The former president went on to cite several states where he claimed ‘the numbers don’t work for them, or even come close.’ He also sought to reframe the November 2020 election as ‘the insurrection,’ instead of the day his supporters overran the Capitol in an attempt to block certification of the electoral results.

“’I will be having a news conference on January 6th at Mar-a-Lago to discuss all of these points, and more,’ Trump said. ‘Until then, remember, the insurrection took place on November 3rd, it was the completely unarmed protest of the rigged election that took place on January 6th.’”

It should be noted, again, that even after expending millions of dollars in federal resources to investigate the “participants” in the January 6 capital invasion, the feds found no coordinated conspiracies and no central plotting of the happenings of that day. If the Trump supporters were hoping to block the certification, they didn’t organize very well for it. Once inside the building, most of them just wandered around the semi-empty halls and senate chamber and did nothing. Then they left.

No illegally possessed firearms were found that day. Unless the crowd could be herded into a Braveheart-like attack force with crude weapons and a lot of screaming, nothing was going to be stopped. The only shot fired was from Lt. Michael Byrd as he ended the young and promising life of veteran Ashli Babbitt. That’s a true tragedy, not the unfortunate ransacking of Nancy Pelosi’s office by a handful of overzealous yahoos.

In other words, don’t expect Trump to mark the anniversary with a grand apology or any sort of capitulation, whatsoever. Democrats, liberals and their ideological brethren in the media will certainly use Trump’s refusal to bend as a sign that he’s still the same delusional control freak that he was a year ago and the country was right to elect the “unifier” Joe Biden, if indeed that’s what happened when the votes stopped being counted.

As numerous conservatives predicted prior to Election Day, Democrats intended to count and count and count some more until they found themselves comfortably ahead and beyond the margin of reasonable challenge in the key states, all of which switched to Democrats within hours of overnight shenanigans. Weak-kneed establishment Republican traitors such as Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger and gutless Gov. Brian Kemp ignored a large pool of evidence that funny business took place in The Peach State’s Fulton County.

Affidavits, videos, testimony from software experts and pleas from many, many disbelieving people went unheeded and uninvestigated. The rest is history. Trump is right -- the only “insurrection” that took place in the election’s aftermath was from those who hoped to bury the controversy so that it would die and never be heard from again. They were wrong.

For their part, Democrats aim to commemorate the anniversary in a different way. Speaker Nancy Pelosi said her office intends to hold a prayer vigil and a discussion among historians to mark the 365-days since the kerfuffle. Jen Psaki also indicated the White House is arranging a commemoration, but it’s not clear what it will be.

It's safe to say none of the Democrat sideshows will feature anything about the awful plight of the January 6 detainees who’ve been rotting away in a DC prison for months on end with no trial dates set and plenty of possibly exculpatory video evidence to pore over. For all the talk about an “armed insurrection” the incompetent and vengeful clown show that is the Biden justice department couldn’t come up with any charges more serious than “Obstruction of an official proceeding” and in many instances, “parading.”

They’re not even allowing the January 6 defendants to present an adequate defense because of the absence of released video from the elaborate security system that captures every second of every day on camera. What are the liberals afraid of? Could it be that the capitol police incited a lot of the violence? Testimony indicates the crowd was peaceful until officers in riot gear started picking a fight.

Nor will Democrats explain why a number of would-be “leaders” of the melee have not been arrested nor charged with any crime while the detainees are forced to spend months if not years in prison for simply walking into the capitol building, taking selfies and, at worst, raising a ruckus and moving a few papers around.

During his presentation, will Trump highlight the suspicious individuals such as the “neon hatted Proud Boys” who were captured on video in the thick of the scrum but haven’t been identified by the powers that be, nor charged with anything. Were these men working with the FBI to stir up the crowd so that something untoward would happen on January 6?

Pelosi’s “prayer vigil” will probably sound a lot like this:

“Dear supreme being, please look upon us today on the first anniversary of the Donald Trump ordered attack on this temple of democracy bent on taking over the country and denying people the right to vote or the benefit of free and fair elections. Please aid in identifying the perpetrators and give them the just punishment in the afterlife that they so richly deserve even though the vast majority of them were nonviolent, are veterans and don’t have any previous criminal records.

“We Democrats have the sole power to determine what the riot meant and to use words like treason and insurrection to define the mob’s true intentions. These aren’t political prisoners. They present an ongoing danger that justifies bringing in tens of thousands of national guard troops and surrounding our pampered rear ends with a 12-foot-high fence.

“We beseech you, oh secular and unnamed supreme being, to heal the psychological wounds of the snowflake staff that was scared crap-less yet left physically unharmed and able to live out their days advocating for real leftist causes like climate change, abortion on demand and ending systemic racism. Please supply us with wisdom to recognize the racial hate in one’s heart, but only if you’re a non-pigmented person of European ancestry.

“Bless us, oh being, as we enter a critical year for the republic. The same dark forces who strolled within these walls with American flags and Trump shirts will try to take the congressional majority in the upcoming elections. Don’t let them!

“In something’s name we pray. AMEN!”

Christmas and the end of the calendar year are supposed to be set aside for good thoughts and remembrances of another trip around the sun. But Democrats are gearing up to make the one-year anniversary of January 6 into another one of their sloppy circus acts. Donald Trump’s news conference will be full of substance. Which will you choose to watch?

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Truth is, I probably won't bother watching either one. I probably couldn't get through the leftist's "prayer vigil" without throwing up. (The only thing that shocks me, is how many regular Americans still believe that Jan 6th was an insurrection, or at least blame Trump for that really bad thing that happened that they aren't quite sure what it even was.) As far as Trump's speech, It will be basically preaching to the choir, and I have been a member of the choir for some time. It's pretty clear to me that the Jan 6th "riot" was incited by deep state leftists for the purpose of doing exactly what it did; smear Donald Trump and his supporters.


They may not pray exactly as what you have postulated, but the meaning will be the same. If the commission really wanted to get to the bottom of things, they would be investigating Nancy Pelosi, not a succession of Trump aides. Of course, they and we know the whole thing is a sham. Nancy should be praying for her own soul.

The "break-in" was described as an "insurrection", yet no weapons were found. Then they called it a "riot", yet nobody threw bricks, set things on fire, or otherwise rioted. The fact is that only minimal damage was done, and that was by the instigators, otherwise known as un-indicted co-conspirators, who likely weren't even Trump supporters, and who actually start…

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