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The Right Resistance: Why Democrat impeachment unity will be their downfall in ‘22 and ‘24

Democrats don’t give a lick about your opinions or thoughts.

The earth tremored last weekend as members of the United States senate voted on whether or not to convict former president Donald J. Trump of inciting an insurrection at the federal capitol building on January 6.

The result wasn’t in doubt, of course, so what little suspense there was concerned whether Nancy Pelosi’s gaggle of overly dramatic Democrat House Managers had managed to pick off another “conservative” (according to the media) or two to inflate the size of their powerless majority -- and in the process, swell their egos. Liberals surely realized in advance that serial turncoats Mitt Romney, Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski, Ben Sasse and Pat Toomey were in the proverbial bag for them.

Newly reelected (and therefore emboldened by hubris) Louisiana Republican Sen. Bill Cassidy indicated Trump was “guilty” and voted in the affirmative. Retiring North Carolina Sen. Richard Burr, not exactly renowned for being a titan of liberty and conservative principles, also opted to side with Chuck Schumer and his angry band of fifty lockstep Democrats.

The establishment didn’t win this one, but they definitely made their presence felt. The disunited Republican Party did what it always does when faced with a pretty simple proposition (acquitting Trump of a crime he didn’t commit): it split the difference and came up with nothing. Now the question is where the parties go from here. Donald Trump was the leader of the GOP before. And by all appearances, he’s still the undisputed title holder now, too.

“The 57-43 vote for acquittal Saturday demonstrated that Mr. Trump still enjoys a strong grip on the Republican Party’s base and, by extension, Republican lawmakers. In the aftermath of the verdict, however, Republicans are split on whether he can lead them back to power in 2022 and beyond...

“’I think he’s going to find himself further and further isolated,’ Nikki Haley, a former Trump ambassador to the United Nations, told Politico in an article published Friday. ‘I think his business is suffering at this point. I think he’s lost any sort of political viability he was going to have. I think he’s lost his social media, which meant the world to him. I mean, I think he’s lost the things that really could have kept him moving.’...

“Sen. Kevin Cramer, North Dakota Republican, voted to acquit Mr. Trump, but he said the former president has lost support in the party. ‘He’s made it pretty difficult to gain support,’ Mr. Cramer said after the verdict. ‘As you can tell, there’s some support that will never go away, but I think that is a shrinking population and probably shrinks a little bit after this week.’”

Needless to say, there were other Republican senators who were more bullish on Trump’s future quoted in the article as well as the former president’s son, Don Jr., who made several excellent observations on the current state of health of the Democrat party -- a.k.a., the disloyal majority. After all, just because you can get all 50 Washington Democrat senators to follow Schumer like rats scurrying to the sweet fluting of the Pied Piper of Hamelin doesn’t mean there’s bliss in liberal land. Far from it, actually.

If anything, the fact that every Democrat found it so easy and convenient to hide behind the leadership and their ridiculous vendettas against Trump exposes a party-wide cowardice that won’t easily be explained away at election time. It should not be forgotten that Democrats lost on the impeachment farce -- twice -- and made it even more obvious where the Republican problems lie. We all know there are 10 RINOs in the House and seven more in the Senate. Get those primary challenges ready!

Nancy Pelosi and “Chucky” Schumer aren’t exactly popular. And if it looks like they hold every one of their sheep together at the mere crack of a whip, well, it’s hard to tell the voters that there’s “unity” and a “bipartisan spirit” on the Democrat side. For example, it won’t take much for Republicans to brand their opponents as anti-free speech and anti-free-thought now, will it?

The disgraced political mouthpieces of The Lincoln Project aren’t even called upon to defend Democrats anymore. Numbers don’t lie.

No Democrat in either chamber voted against impeachment (last month in the House and last Saturday in the senate). Even after hearing and seeing all the evidence (or lack thereof), there wasn’t a single elected liberal who reasoned that a president’s right to speak was considered unassailable above the witch hunt mob’s desire to lynch him (metaphorically, of course). Extending the logic even further, no Democrat member of the House voted “no” on the historically disastrous, free speech and privacy squelching H.R. 1 in 2019, either. And they’re likely all lining up to do so again when the bill surfaces out of committee in a month or so.

Will Republicans see H.R. 1 for what it is and do everything within their power to stop the all-encompassing, institutions-bending legislation? If Republicans won’t go out on a limb to stand up for free speech, who will? Certainly not their antagonists. With political wokeness as their standard, Democrats are moving closer and closer to criminalizing something someone says. Scary, ain’t it?

Democrats are like zombies in search of brains. If they don’t eat ‘em (the brains), maybe they can use ‘em to transplant their own and learn the meaning of the open exchange of ideas, including those you don’t personally agree with.

There’s huge unease on the GOP side as well. Having seven Republicans vote to convict Trump was a big disappointment because it provided the appearance that a good percentage of rank-and-file GOPers supported the effort when really there was no foundation for it at the grassroots level. Further, the media won’t talk about the former president being acquitted -- for the second time -- or him being exonerated. Instead, they’ll crow about how “rational” party people were open to the evidence and made a principled decision upholding the spirit of their oath of office.

Democrats are the anti-First Amendment party. But Republicans look like a herd of lost goats on a mountainside with shepherds too busy looking out for the orange wolf to notice that wayward grass chewers are wandering away a few at a time. What brand is left to tout?

Post-impeachment, Donald Trump will be fine. His statement indicated, again, that he would reemerge on the political scene in the near future. No one knows what form Trump’s comeback will take, only that it’s imminent. And it has Trump’s enemies -- both within and outside his own party -- quaking in their boots.

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John Finafrock
John Finafrock
Feb 19, 2021

It's time to cleanout the DC Swamp. We must insist on term limits to ensure that new leaders have an opportunity to lead this nation into our tomorrows and rid the taxpayers of paying for the excessive costs of Pork Barrel spending by our current leaders. We must stop electing politicians who are liars, who refuse to represent those who elected them, while taking care of their favorite Lobbyists. The leaders who have been in DC for more than 2 decades and are now rich political thieves, must be stopped. Term Limits is one answer to obtain that goal.


"Democrats don't give a lick about your opinions or thoughts" because the 2020 election proved they don't have to. Even if it looks like they'll be defeated in a landslide (which it did November 3, 2020), all they need to do is reprogram the vote-tabulating machines (as they did the night of November 3). Until that problem is cured, all talk about whom the voters support is irrelevant. As the "Democrats'" ideological predecessor Josef Stalin once said, "Those who cast the votes determine nothing; those who count the votes determine everything."


Dave Rubin has come up with a new way to describe RINOs. He calls them "half-Republicans like Mitt Romney." That's a pretty good term.


Feb 17, 2021

Seems that you missed out on Trump nuking McConnell in a lengthy statement yesterday. We knew it was coming since McConnell had been provoking a response. I agree with Trump; it's time for some new leadership in the GOP. Trump focused solely on McConnell, but I think McCarthy in the House is also a problem. McCarthy saved himself by visiting Trump in Florida recently, trying to put a lid on 3rd party talk. But I believe he hurt himself by reinforcing Liz Cheney, who clearly does not represent the GOP base. McCarthy didn't get any concessions from Cheney...she still is out there with her Never Trump garbage. Why do I want to be a Republican, when they can't figure out…


Feb 17, 2021

The DIMMs and their antics have cost this nation a crippling bundle of cash and time with their planned obstruction.....It's hard enough to get the R's off their butts but America needs a congress that isn't power hungry and one that's elected by legal means and under the rule of law....

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