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The Right Resistance: Why doesn’t the media ask a conservative about what’s wrong with Democrats?

They’re at it again.

I’m referring to prominent Democrats speaking to leading liberal establishment media figures, weighing in about what happened on January 6, blowing the “crisis” way out of proportion and bloviating about how Republicans just don’t get it when it comes to “voting rights” -- and that conservatives should simply be cooperative in “having a conversation” with Democrats on how to fix everything that’s wrong in politics today.

Naturally, if said “conversation” were to transpire, there would be a serene period of blissful tranquility where no one disagreed with the Democrat powers-that-be and everyone would henceforth move forward in peaceful harmony. Birds would sing. Unicorns would trot happily across the landscape. And who knows, maybe Congress and the states would even pass a constitutional amendment in a single day, making Barack Obama president of the universe all over again.

“Mr. Obama said he supports a national conversation on voting rights, the future of the legislative filibuster, and ending the partisan gerrymandering of congressional districts. He said he is concerned that GOP-controlled state legislatures are making election laws that make the certification process more partisan. ‘When that is all done against the backdrop of a large number of Republicans having been convinced wrongly that there was something fishy about the last election, we have got a problem.’

“’I think we have to worry when one of our major political parties is willing to embrace a way of thinking about our democracy that would be unrecognizable and unacceptable even five years ago or a decade ago,’ he said. Mr. Obama attributed the increased polarization of politics to the ‘nationalization of media and the nationalization of politics,’ as well as the growing ‘economic stratification and segregation’ in public schools.

“’All that has contributed to the sense that we don’t have anything in common,’ he said. ‘So much of our work is going to have to involve not just policy, but it is also: How do we create institutions and occasions in which we can come together and have a conversation?’”

Hmpf. Do you mean a shouting match, Barack? Democrats and liberals don’t converse. They lecture. When someone like Obama mentions bringing people into the same room to hash over issues, he implies that a miraculous epiphany will take place among the non-Democrats and everyone will magically agree there was no fraud in 2020 and laws should be passed to federalize all elections from now on. Yeah, sure, that’s going to happen.

But Obama is who he is. The Big O made the comments to CNN’s Anderson Cooper on his 360 show, which begs the question: Why is there a forum for a blowhard like Barack to condescend to Republicans in the first place?

Admittedly, I’ve never been a Republican president -- I don’t even play one on TV -- and therefore the mainstream establishment (translation: liberal) media members don’t give a hoot about my opinion on what’s wrong with the Democrat Party, but if they ever came a-knockin’ at my front door, or booked a one-on-one for me with my non-existent publicist, here’s what I’d say on the topic.

Interviewer: “Let’s turn to the subject of what’s wrong with the Democrats today. How would you help them? Let’s have a ‘conversation’ about bringing people together and bridging the political divide.”

Me: “Well, we have a problem when today’s Democrat Party is made up of people with no connection to reality. Look at their leadership. House members and senators go on and on and on about ‘diversity’ and inclusion and racial healing and justice for minority communities, blah, blah, blah, and they’re led by three well-past-retirement-age pasty white people, all from privileged backgrounds, who probably haven’t set foot in a poor and brown-dominant neighborhood their entire lives. The only way they’ve seen how the ‘other half’ lives is to instruct their limo drivers to floor it when they enter the ‘hood or cross into the shady side of town.

“Further, to my knowledge, none of them have ever run a business. They’re all career politicians. President Joe Biden and Senate Majority Leader ‘Chucky’ Schumer both went into politics right out of law school. The Constitution indicates the minimum age for senators is thirty years-old, but Biden was elected as a 29-year-old who would turn thirty before taking his oath of office. Schumer went to Harvard (both undergraduate and law school) in the early 70’s and immediately ran for the New York state assembly after finishing school.

Nancy Pelosi was born into a political family, her father having served in Congress and then as Mayor of Baltimore, her home city. After moving to California, she laid the foundation for a thoroughly political career. She was one of the Golden State’s Democrat National Committee members for 20 years. She was elected to Congress in 1987. For you math challenged people out there, that was thirty-four years ago, almost as long as Biden lingered in the senate before becoming Obama’s veep. How has she kept in touch with the people on the ground on the other coast, so to speak?

“Therefore, the Democrat brain trust has been in Washington practically their whole productive lives. How many Americans can say they’ve worked at the same address for decade upon decade?

Have any of these people ever signed a paycheck? Or had a meeting with a comptroller to go over expenses? Dealt with personnel issues? Had a heart-to-heart chat with the human resources department to go over healthcare plan coverage for their employees? Do they know how small increases in wages -- which they themselves do not pay with their own money -- has a huge impact on a business’s bottom line?”

“Have they ever had to personally fire an employee for incompetence or misconduct or insubordination? Or dealt directly with constituent service? Have they flipped burgers in the lunchroom when it was ‘Take your staff to lunch day’?

“The joke around Washington is that it’s full of toothy swamp creatures who know nothing but how to conduct press conferences, spout platitudes, evade direct questions and go from meeting to meeting tossing around numbers like it’s Monopoly money and not worry about ever losing their seats -- literally or figuratively. I’d have to look it up, but I don’t think any of the three -- Biden, Schumer or Pelosi -- has ever lost an election. Think about that. Their paychecks are guaranteed, not that they rely on the government’s payroll to eat at night.

“My advice for the Democrat Party? Concentrate on recruiting people who can tell a simple truth and relate to the average voter, the one who’s struggling to save and invest money because interest rates are so low that their retirement accounts don’t grow and inflation will suck the life force out of their accumulated savings. Stop all this nonsense about ‘systemic racism’ and elevate people who can talk about job creation and economic growth. Stop dreaming about trillion-dollar pork-filled spending bills and take a lesson or two from economists who understand debt and its catastrophic impact on regular people.

“My grandfather was a lifelong Democrat who voted for FDR. He was a tradesman. People like him worked with their hands and forged a pretty darn good life by working their way up. The Democrat party used to pretend to represent those people, even if their view of economics was not exactly free-market and capitalism oriented. These hard-workers didn’t want government handouts, but they saw government as a means to ensure fairness and guarantee a safety net.

“Today’s Democrat Party is based on a perpetual ruse. First, that ‘systemic racism’ exists and there are visually identifiable white supremacists who have woven a huge conspiracy net to entrap ethnic minorities, non-Christian religious groups (including Catholics if you’re talking about the KKK), gay people, women, old people, young people, whatever.

“Then there’s the infamous ‘climate change’ conspiracy theory which is billed by followers as an ‘existential crisis’ and used to promote boondoggle government investment into favored industries. Elites from Europe and North America get together in big international conferences and talk about global trends and predict doom x number of years into the future if this or that isn’t scaled back now. Greta Thunberg was a worldwide celebrity as a teenager because she snarled a lot, looked like Pippi Longstocking and because she called out capitalists. What the heck does she know about ‘science’ or economics?

“The problem with the Democrats? They promise and promise and promise and pander and pander and pander and talk out of both sides of their mouths, demonizing anyone who stands up to them as against progress or racist or sexist or backwards or misinformed or uneducated or a denier of ‘science’ and scholarship.

“Sooner or later, Americans will get wise to them. I hope that day comes soon.”

This was more like a monologue than a “conversation,” but Democrats aren’t any more interested in talking things through than they are about turning off the sound of their own voices. Think of this the next time someone like Barack Obama drones on about what’s wrong with his political nemeses. He doesn’t have a clue.

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Charles Wilkins
Charles Wilkins
Jun 12, 2021

Who is more disloyal or a disgrace to their Country, he Leader of Russia Vladimir Putin for giving 3 million plus to the Biden's(Hunter) Chairman of Communist China Xi Jinping for giving a Billion dollar contract, 200 million commission to the Biden's {Hunter] or "the persons who stuck out their hands to received that money" [Hunter}? This is the question all Americans should be asking now, under the current political decision process, Who is giving public quotes, using the "Communist leaders"? Who is trying to cancel July 4th holidays? Who did a "piss poor job" talking about our hero's on Memorial Day? Who is trying to kill our "pipe lines"? Who is driving our Country towards bankruptcy? Who won't protect…


Jay Robison
Jay Robison
Jun 10, 2021

BHO must be a self-loathing bigot. He hates his white half and must truly resent his mother for giving birth to him.


So Obama wants people to sit in the same room , be non-partisan and come together just like he did when Obama Care was hashed out in a caucus room that included Democrats only, Republicans weren't invited? Is that what he is talking about? Roflmao


That's right, Fox, Newsmax, and OAN don't count as legitimate news media.

Replying to

But that's because they aren't.

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