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The Right Resistance: With Hunter Biden’s laptop and the media, everything happens for a reason

Everything happens for a reason.

It’s a common mantra among disciples and religious folks who recognize that the Almighty is in charge of every aspect of living and because of it, events aren’t just random and spontaneous. Rather than presuming life is as undetermined and arbitrary as the ultimate destination of a dart tossed by an inebriated patron in a DC dive bar, true believers assume that there’s a pre-determined plan by the higher power guiding everyone in their daily existence.

Purveyors of this line of thought certainly nodded their heads in unison with the recent revelation from the New York Times that the voluminous cache of damaging emails on presidential prodigal son Hunter Biden’s laptop were not only genuine, they might also be a critical part of a secret plot to bring down senile president Joe Biden from inside the Democrat Party.

Democrats want senile Joe out? Now there’s an interesting dinner party conversation topic. Try it and watch the fireworks fly!

It’s no secret that Biden’s job approval ratings aren’t rising at the rate Democrats hoped they would be. In fact, since the president’s State of the Union speech over three weeks ago, his administration remains mired in political controversies that he and his handlers seem powerless to influence. The war in Ukraine rages on and appears as though it could bog down to a street-to-street guerilla war if Vlad Putin’s forces manage to infiltrate and take the major cities. Gas prices remain near record highs. There’s no sign that inflation is under control. And senile Joe’s Supreme Court nominee has been exposed as a woman who goes easy on child pornographers and pedophiles.

Oh yeah, Biden’s gal pal veep Kamala Harris is hitting the road to try and make everyone forget about how quickly quality of life is eroding under the Democrats’ uncaring, climate change fantasy promoting regime.

So why now for Hunter’s laptop to resurface? If everything happens for a reason -- which I personally surmise that it does -- then why would the Democrat poohbahs issue a temporary release of their stranglehold on the media and allow senile Joe’s boy’s crooked dealings to put another dent in his already ruined presidency?

As if it could get any worse for Democrats, senate Republicans are promising investigations of Hunter and Dr. Anthony Fauci (among other Biden-inspired foibles) if they regain the majority after November’s midterm elections. It could get really ugly, folks. Jordain Carney reported at The Hill:

“Hunter Biden. Anthony Fauci. Afghanistan. The border. As Senate Republicans feel increasingly bullish about November, when they are fighting to regain control of Congress, they are floating using a new majority to dig into President Biden and his administration starting in 2023.

“The potential probes underscore both the headaches awaiting Democrats if the House or Senate flips heading into 2024 but also the shifting power dynamics within the Senate GOP conference, where a stream of retirements of more pragmatic-minded senators is elevating newer, more combative Republicans.”

You gotta love the establishment media. The left-leaning The Hill newspaper labels wishy-washy swamp establishment GOP senators like Richard Burr (North Carolina) and former senator Lamar Alexander (Tennessee) as “pragmatic” while conservative boat-rockers like senators Ron Johnson (Wisconsin) and Rand Paul (Kentucky) are labeled “combative”.

Additional examples of the “pragmatic” breed are senators Lisa Murkowski (Alaska), Susan Collins (Maine), Mitt Romney (Utah? I thought he was formerly governor of Massachusetts?), Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (like Paul, from Kentucky), Bill Cassidy (Louisiana) and Jerry Moran (Kansas). Pragmatism must therefore be associated with another word that’s not necessarily a part of the English language -- “rollover-ism”.

Other “combative” Republican types include senators Mike Lee (legitimately from Utah), the never-met-a-fight-he-didn’t-like Ted Cruz (Texas), Tom Cotton (Arkansas) and, as Carney’s article mentions, Josh Hawley (Missouri, not to be mistaken with ultra-establishmentarian, Roy Blunt, who is retiring. I’m not familiar with the Show Me State’s GOP deliberations to replace Blunt, but whoever it is will likely be more like Hawley and less like Mitch McConnell’s stooge).

The main difference between the leadership types is the “pragmatic” ones make backdoor deals with Democrats to spare embarrassment to swamp creatures while the “combative” ones drag the bureaucrats and liberal decisionmakers in front of committee room microphones and then ask them pointed, fact-based and uncomfortable-to-answer questions.

How interesting will it get? One Republican senator said there won’t be a shortage of probing. From Carney’s article, “’I’m sure there will be plenty of ingenious individuals thinking about what to do on those committees,’ said Sen. Mike Braun (R-Ind.). Braun, while noting he didn’t have a pet investigation, pointed to Sens. Rand Paul (Ky.) and Ron Johnson (Wis.) as two examples of GOP senators who could have ‘some real interest in looking into stuff that has not been attended to.’”

Yes, there’s lots of that “stuff” to go around. Democrats prefer pontificating over non-existent voter suppression and working to appropriate trillions of dollars for their pet causes. Executive branch oversight? Not so much.

It would be like a dream for conservatives and still-animated Donald Trump backers to see Senator Ron Johnson call Hunter Biden before a committee and then listen to all the camera clicks and pundit finger nail chewing as the idiot raises his right-hand and pretends to swear an oath to tell the truth. This is one of the clues why the New York Times’ belated concession on the authenticity of Hunter’s laptop didn’t just happen without top level approval from somebody in the Democrat hierarchy.

The Times and other leftist establishment media outlets -- which pretty much encompasses all of them except for publications such as the New York Post, Washington Times and Washington Examiner -- don’t just admit things by accident. It’s all part of a grand plan, somewhere. Not in a religious sense, either. Could the liberal brain trust be instituting a hunt for Joe Biden’s balding scalp?

Equally enticing would be a Rand Paul-led series of interviews with Dr. fuzzball, Anthony Fauci. For well over two years, Americans have had to put up with the faux physician’s gravelly voice and absurd condescension to those who doubted the COVID government lockdown scheme. The career federal bureaucrat even had the nerve to claim he alone represents “science”, which had to leave the non-liberal portion of the brainy STEM crowd cringing at the assertion.

How would Fauci hold up when Paul counters with doctors and experts who took a more fact based and common sense approach to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP, or Wuhan, if you prefer) virus? It was abundantly evident early on in the pandemic that the flu-like bug was only a significant health threat to those with comorbidities such as age, obesity, immune-deficiencies or who were already threatened by chronic diseases.

How many times have we heard, “Such and such died after a battle with COVID-19. But he or she was also battling lung cancer, diabetes and heart disease for years. The unfortunate person thus becomes the x numbered victim of the easily transferable virus that Donald Trump failed to take seriously. Don’t forget to pull your mask up between bites of snack or sips of soda on an airplane!”

Speaking of things happening for a reason, the Biden administration’s sudden relaxing of COVID restrictions didn’t smell right when they were originally announced (just prior to the old goat’s nationally televised speech before Congress) and reeks even more today. Currently, Dr. Fauci and his fellow scaremongers are all-but forecasting another wave of infections, but there’s little talk of reimposing widespread forced-mitigation policies.

Like with the Hunter Biden story, why is now the time to reverse course? Does everything truly happen for a reason? The powers that be are purportedly debating whether to lift the mask mandate in airports and on flights next month, which would be the final domino to fall in the “masks are essential to stopping the spread of COVID” fright campaign.

Democrats are waving the COVID white flag, even if they’re begging for billions more to dump into fighting it.

The CDC has officially lifted the mask mandate (it’s now simply a recommendation) for most indoor spaces, yet you still see plenty of folks in supermarkets with their face diapers securely (or not so securely) fastened. Either these followers are devoted MSNBC or CNN viewers or they haven’t yet received the “all clear” message from the Biden government higher-ups.

With all of this backtracking practically happening at once, it’s almost like the Democrats are purposely attempting to sabotage poor senile Joe’s hopes of finishing out a full term in the Oval Office. They’re losing their grip on the mindset of Americans and opening the door for not only big Republican gains this November, it could signal the end of the party itself.

Perhaps Democrats believe their only chance is to dump senile Joe in favor of someone with more political presence. Everything happens for a reason. Liberals seem to be learning the lesson each passing day.

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24 de mar. de 2022

It is staggering to consider how many Republicans are complicit in bringing Joe Biden to power. I do not trust them to "get to the bottom" of anything relating to Biden. Nothing is gonna happen to Hunter Biden. We knew everything we needed to know back in October of 2020 and they failed to do anything meaningful. Most of them helped the media cover this up. We do have some warrior Senators, like Johnson of Wisconsin, but there are many others who just want to roll over on these issues... I do agree with the statement, "everything happens for a reason." Biden will not be running for re-election. He is insisting on it, but with these poll numbers, he is…

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