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The Right Resistance: Your guide to fun and volatile Thanksgiving dinner table political banter!

Every Thanksgiving, Americans settle down to assess their destinies and prepare to give thanks to God for the many, many blessings in our world.

But in today’s antagonistic political environment where folks can’t seem to agree on anything, it’s particularly arduous to try and discover thankfulness in our hearts. No matter how much things deteriorate, however, there is hope on the horizon. The quadrennial presidential election is now less than a year away and a fresh vote possibly represents the prospect of deliverance from the Democrat government oppressors that make so many lives miserable each holiday season.

One bit of good news in 2023: everything else at the supermarket may be more expensive than last year, but the price of a Thanksgiving dinner actually went down since 2022!

Towards the goal of a brighter post-2024, conservatives received a piece of good news the other day in the form of another poll showing former president and likely 2024 Republican nominee Donald Trump leading broken-down Democrat president senile Joe Biden in their highly anticipated head-to-head matchup.

In an article titled “Donald Trump beats Joe Biden with shift in young voters: Poll”, Jenny Goldsberry reported at the Washington Examiner:

“A new national poll from NBC News has Donald Trump in the lead for 2024. This NBC poll, taken between Nov. 10 and 14, reported Trump has 46% of registered voters' support while President Joe Biden rallied 44%. However, with the margin of error between 5.5 and 5.6 percentage points, the results are still close.

“’It’s the first time in more than a dozen polls we’ve seen a result like this,’ MSNBC political correspondent Steve Kornacki said Sunday on Meet the Press. Trump also won the vote of the youngest respondents, ages 18-34, at 46%. Meanwhile, Biden had 42% of the young vote.

“Both of these front runners reported losses when the respondents were asked how they would vote if Biden or Trump weren't the nominees. Should an anonymous candidate win the Republican nomination that's not Trump, that candidate would beat Biden by double digits with 48% compared to Biden's 37%. If Biden was not the Democratic nominee, that hypothetical candidate had 46% of the vote compared to Trump's 40%.”

This indeed is welcome news, though individual polls at this stage of the game don’t mean a whole lot. Taken together with other recent surveys, however, trends are revealed. Senile Joe Biden’s fortunes continue to sink and Trump’s continue to rise, apparently, which will make for fascinating super-charged toxic-to-harmony banter around the Thanksgiving dinner table as the dueling ideologies are represented and advocated for by various members of the extended family.

Therefore, your family’s individual test is: Can we keep it civil this year, or are emotions still too raw from 2020 and January 6, 2021 (and before)?

To calm things a bit – or merely initiate the conversation on the proper footing to begin with, perhaps someone should pose the subject to each dinner attendee to glimpse the indefinite future and predict what the state of the country will be on Thanksgiving Day, 2024. The predictions must come with the stipulation that no insults are allowed!

Based on the poll mentioned above, since young people are now ditching Biden in droves, get the fire started by querying a twenty-something first!

Here’re my Thanksgiving predictions for the coming year:

--Joe Biden will end up the liberal party nominee despite the growing chorus of Democrat voices demanding that he capitulate and be replaced by someone – anyone -- younger and more accommodating to the rabid socialist factions of Democrats.

As I’ve suggested on a number of occasions, the only Democrat who can stop Biden from being next year’s party nominee is senile Joe himself. I haven’t heard how the Bidens planned to spend the holiday this year, though it’s for sure that their intra-family banter will be subdued and melancholy compared with previous Thanksgivings. Of course, the Republican House majority is gathering a mountain of evidence of Biden family corruption, and it’s very possible that Donald Trump won’t be the only current or former president to be in official hot water come late next year.

Biden will be the Democrat leader, his handlers will do their best to keep him locked up in his Delaware basement again, and the establishment media will concoct another “crisis” to frighten gullible and reactionary Democrat voters to turn out in force to vote for their dunce-in-chief to serve another term.

Due to political necessity, Kamala Harris will remain Biden’s running mate and she, like the top of the ticket, will largely disappear from public view while Democrats tap Michelle and Barack Obama as surrogate campaigners for the Democrat duo. The party convention will feature four nights of celebrity testimonials from an ensemble of climate-change obsessed Hollywood A-listers, and the party poohbahs will recruit Liz Cheney to shoot a ten-minute “Why I hate Donald Trump” infomercial to be played just minutes before senile Joe accepts the nomination. --Donald Trump will be the Republican nominee. Kind of like with his political enemies, the only one who could prevent Trump from waging a scorched-earth campaign next summer (against Biden) is Trump himself. Trump’s legal obstacles are destined to be major inconveniences, but will also grant the Republican standard-bearer plenty of earned free establishment media coverage.

The ruling elites will do their darndest to depict Trump as guilty of every trumped-up charge without allowing him to present arguments and evidence to the contrary, due to gag orders. The Republican grassroots, after consolidating behind Trump by early spring, will stage mass demonstrations to protest the unfairness of the Biden Justice Department-inspired witch hunt. The FBI will position agitators in the Trump crowds to attempt to rouse violence. The devoted Trump backers will not oblige them.

Many in the lonely contingent of Never Trump holdouts will eventually come around to supporting Trump, with only the most embittered remaining on the sidelines. These poor souls will have no political homes and will be devoid of Thanksgiving dinner invitations in 2024.

--Similarly, Joe Manchin, who just announced he will not run for reelection to his West Virginia senate seat in 2024, will hem and haw for months and finally dramatically announce that he’s… not running for president in 2024, either. The “No Labels” organization will find it has no voice, no power, no authority and no friends.

By saying he won’t continue in politics, Manchin’s once considerable influence in the senate will dwindle to nothing and he will retire, unloved and unheralded. A revenge-obsessed “Chucky” Schumer will strip the wishy-washy pretend Mountain State “moderate” of his committee assignments when the man’s no longer useful to the greater socialist cause.

--The dust-up over GOP party leadership Vivek Ramaswamy stirred at the last “official” Republican debate will only intensify as conservatives press for accountability in the upper echelons of party leadership. Ronna McDaniel will be forced to devote a larger and larger chunk of time to defending her record. Conservatives will cease donating to the national party. Trump will endorse a number of candidates who will succeed in being nominated because of his presence on the primary ballot.

The Republican party will maintain its majority in the House in next year’s election due mostly to new Speaker Mike Johnson having initiated the near-impossible task of reforming the federal budget. With Trump leading the MAGA messaging effort, the back-and-forth over next year’s campaign will center on real issues such as illegal immigration, drawing down the American presence in Ukraine and keeping China in check rather than Biden’s insistence on worldwide capitulation, appeasement, and slavish devotion to climate change nuts.

Republicans will pick up U.S. Senate seats in West Virginia and Montana and possibly Arizona (among others). The GOP will gain the upper chamber majority. Mitch McConnell will not be Majority Leader in 2025.

--The Democrat party’s current divisions over Israel policy will intensify, with senile Joe and “Chucky” Schumer calling for supporting the embattled American Middle East ally only to have “The Squad” demand that the president pressure Israel to withdraw and recognize Palestine.

Keeping her options open, Michelle Obama will sustain her name in the news and constantly toss hints that she might run for president – but it’s only a front for buying the Obamas more influence in the nomination race, if there is one. The Obamas and Bidens find themselves in open conflict over leadership of the party. Barack Obama repeats his famous line, “Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to f**k things up.”

The Obamas subsequently endorse the leftist campus protestors’ support for Hamas and Palestine.

--On the Republican side, Donald Trump will announce his choice of running mate early, desiring to fill an otherwise slow news cycle by name-dropping his decision. Trump will keep everyone guessing until the last moment and then select Kristi Noem as his veep, claiming it’s because Noem is qualified and loyal while vigorously denying Noem’s gender and possible appeal to suburban soccer moms had anything to do with his deliberations.

--Ron DeSantis will leave the race by Super Tuesday after it’s clear no one other than Trump can win the GOP nomination. DeSantis will exit before Nikki Haley, though, who will hang on until the end so as to receive the greatest number of invitations to establishment media Sunday morning talk shows.

Chris Christie will likewise stay in, openly defying just about everyone associated with Republican politics, not caring a lick who likes him and who doesn’t. Eventually, even MSNBC will grow weary of Christie’s routine, conclude that nobody listens to him or watches him anyway, and stop asking him to appear.

The DNC leadership will lobby Christie for an endorsement.

By Thanksgiving 2024, Christie will have issued a press release that he is launching his own anti-Trump radio show co-hosted by Liz Cheney, which will last a couple months and fade away due to lack of listeners.

No one can say for sure whether America’s political atmosphere will improve over the next twelve months. Some brave folks may offer predictions on who will win the 2024 election, but the issue is too up in the air for me to dare an attempt. The only thing for certain is uncertainty on this Thanksgiving. We should brace ourselves for what promises to be a heck of a ride.

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