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This Is So Important I'll Say It Again: Stop Complaining About Joe Biden, Or Liberals, Or Socialists, Or…

The subject of last week’s blog post was so important and well received, I’m going to continue discussing the subject, including with today’s blog.

The principle point of last week’s and this week’s blog is that conservatives need to be about the business of BRANDING the Democrats as the cause of most of America’s problems.

Of course, our political enemies are hardcore liberals, progressives, socialists, and a growing number are Marxists.

In the 21st century the Democrat party has moved hard and far left on almost all public policy issues.

In fact, their radical policies are so numerous it’s hard to keep track.  So, in the coming weeks I’ll return to this subject and devote my blog posts to specific problems the Democrats have caused, such as, an open border, crime, inflation, weak economy, boys in girls’ sports, bathrooms, and showers, 100,000+ fentanyl deaths, etc., etc.

This will help you have the information/facts you need to educate your family, friends, neighbors, and others.  This is how we’re going to defeat our enemies, win elections, and save America—by you and millions of other conservatives spreading the truth about the Democrats like modern-day Paul Reveres.

The American people won’t get the information you and I have because of the biased mainstream media.

“The truth will set you free.” John 8:32.

Perhaps the person I’d most like to see adopt my advice is Donald Trump.  In recent days as he’s commented on the results of the recent New York trial, he has failed to adequately lay the kangaroo court and the details around the trial at the feet of the Democrats.  The following are some of Trump’s recent comments:

“Very unfair.”

“Crooked Joe Biden threw the book at me.”

“The devil judge was conflicted.”

“The district attorney was ignoring crimes in New York.”

  Referring to the court “they are in total conjunction with the White House and the DOJ.”

“Just so you understand, this is all done by Biden and his people.”

 The judge, Juan Merchan, was “highly conflicted.”


“Driven by politics.”


“These are bad people.”

“Witch hunt.”

“Political prisoner.”

 Manhattan district attorney Alvin Bragg “failed.”

Unfortunately, Donald Trump very seldom has identified those who did him wrong as “Democrats.”  Remember as I’ve repeatedly said liberal, the Left, progressive, socialist,

Marxist will not be on the November 5th ballot this year—but the word “Democrat” will be.  Democrat will appear not just once, but over and over, as those who oppose Republican candidates will be identified as Democrats, including candidates for president, Congress, governor, state legislature, etc.

However, this is also true for far too many conservative/Republican leaders, including political leaders at the federal and state level.  Share this blog, as well as last week’s blog, with your Republican elected officials, including party leaders. and urge them to go on the attack BRANDING the Democrats as the direct cause of this, this, and that problem.  Also, urge conservative leaders to do likewise.

Your feedback is helpful, appreciated, and needed.  Please email me at with any thoughts or comments you may have.

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This may be a bit off-target, but, it's my time to rant. This isn't even about: Rads. or libs. or dems, or rebubs. IMO the whole optic is wrong. It's not about one side or the other. IT'S ABOUT OUR ENTIRE COUNTRY! What kind of country do 'you' want to live in? To raise your children, your family in? To work in? To play in? If I were a candidate that is the first and maybe only question I'd ask voters. If you want all the negative aspects (and I wouldn't be shy about enumerating them--without hateful embellishment) of a democrat regime, then by all means vote for them and get ready for the worst. If you would prefer the…


You keep telling WTP, but WTP don't have outreach to the media or the general public! Telling my brother or sister doesn't mean squat. I hope you are conveying that same message (IN SPADES) to Rep Johnson (etal) and the members of the Senate. Don't waste your time on the traitor mcconnell who should be a resident in Guantanamo. Those are the 'right's' point people to spread that word. You and Newt, and others keep preaching to us. Why? We are the choir! Preach to the GOP: mods, progressives, RINO's, swamp-scum, and the few actual conservatives there are about the massage they should be spewing every minute of every day to the Independents, and fence sitters. I can't reach th…

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