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Join The Sue New York Campaign: An Open Letter To State Attorneys General

Updated: Jun 9

We are honored to join our friends at Americans for Limited Government in their campaign to urge state Attorneys General to sue the state of New York for their oppression of former President Donald Trump and their attempt to rewrite federal election laws to deprive us of our constitutional rights.

As Rick Manning, President of ALG explained, State Attorneys General have a duty to sue the city and state of New York, which rewrote federal election and state business records law to interfere with the 2024 election, throw former President Donald Trump in jail and disenfranchise tens of millions of Americans’ right to vote for their choice for President, all in violation of the Supremacy Clause under Article VI.


Under the doctrine of preemption, states have no power, zero, to rewrite federal election laws, let alone to enforce them. States have original jurisdiction under Article III, Sec. 2 to all “controversies between two or more states,” and Attorneys General have an obligation under the federal and state constitutions to ensure that one state cannot determine the outcome of any presidential election in this manner.


This is a constitutional crisis, and one that can only be cured by the states and the Supreme Court in a timely manner.



In addition, the city and state of New York have trampled upon the constitutional rights of former President Trump, including unconstitutional gag orders on his First Amendment rights, but also denial of due process under both the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments, and violations of his Sixth Amendment right to have clear charges brought before him.


Since these also impact voters’ rights to hear and see both candidates in the general election, state Attorneys General have a duty to preserve their franchise in the Electoral College.


Failure to act by states and the Supreme Court would incentivize and perpetuate political prosecutions of presidential and other candidates for public office, with endless reprisals and show trials, effectively destroying faith in the justice system’s impartiality, the rule of law, the Constitution and the civil society that the vast majority of Americans depend on.


If both political parties cannot agree not to prosecute political opponents, we don’t have a country.

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'Under the doctrine of preemption, states have no power, zero, to rewrite federal election laws, let alone to enforce them.'

We read this kind of statement ALL THE TIME! The states can't do this! The dems can't do that! The radicals can't do this, that and the other thing! And yet, IT ALL GETS DONE!!!!! HOW???? Is the 'right,' the law, the Constitution, the courts, the Supreme Court, ALL paralyzed from stopping all this supposed illegality? Re we a bunch of eunuchs? AFRAID??? What's the sense of supporting or voting for he politicians on the right if they are either unwilling or incapable of stopping the left's law-breaking? Yet we'll spend millions NOT impeaching Biden and likely not incarcerating Hu…

Me gusta
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