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Three Big Reasons Trump Will Be Reelected (1 of 3)

There are lots of reasons President Trump is likely to be reelected – some are purely technical political campaign reasons and others are matters of policy preference for the

majority of the electorate, but in our view the top three reasons Trump will be elected are centered on how Trump has branded the Democrats and how the Democrats have branded themselves.

And the first of those top three is how Democrats have branded themselves on what are often called the “social issues” or cultural issues.

As the late former Reagan administration official and astute political observer Jeffery Bell noted in, "The Case for Polarized Politics," social conservatism has a winning track record for the GOP.

"Social issues were nonexistent in the period 1932 to 1964," Bell wrote. "The Republican Party won two presidential elections out of nine, and they had the Congress for all of four years in that entire period. . . . When social issues came into the mix – I [Bell] would date it from the 1968 election . . . the Republican Party won seven out of 11 presidential elections."

Today, the contrast between Democrats and President Trump on the social issues, or what we now call the cultural issues, could not be clearer.

Trump, to the great astonishment of cultural conservatives who backed other candidates in the 2016 GOP primaries, has made himself into the greatest pro-life President ever.

In no other area are the positions of Donald Trump and the Democrats more at odds than on the right-to-life. Donald Trump has made the right-to-life one of the cornerstones of his domestic policy – and he has gone to greater lengths than any President, including Ronald Reagan, to use his executive authority to protect the right-to-life.

In contrast, Democrats want to make abortion up to the moment of birth not just legal, but a constitutional right, they want to abolish the Hyde Amendment, so Catholics and other abortion opponents are required to participate in the sin of infanticide and they want to guarantee a dead baby to any woman seeking an abortion by opposing President Trump’s Born Alive Executive Order and stymieing legislation to guarantee medical care to infants born alive in the course of an abortion.

Democrats have also made it clear they think that your religious liberty and freedom of conscience are not natural rights bestowed by God, and protected by the Constitution, but privileges bestowed by the State. And if you disagree with the State, then your right to practice your faith is forfeit, and should your conscience contradict the State’s demands then the State must always win.

In contrast, President Trump has embraced protecting religious liberty as a central domestic policy – and Attorney General Bill Barr has regularly dispatched Trump administration lawyers to defend churches and other religious institutions from discrimination by Democrat Governors and local elected officials.

While Democrats have embraced “critical race theory” to divide the country with claims that all American institutions are products of “white privilege,” at the direction of President Trump, the Office of Management and Budget is ordering all federal agencies to “cease and desist” any government training programs that include any reference to the divisive fictions of “critical race theory” or “white privilege.”

Finally, while Joe Biden and the Democratic Party have aligned themselves with “woke” teacher unions, the Trump Administration and Education Secretary Betsy DeVos have been strong proponents of pro-American history and social studies and school choice, pushing policies that would favor charter schools and vouchers.

Calling school choice the “civil rights” issue of our times, branding himself as the school choice president is a big piece of Donald Trump’s appeal to urban African American families who see their children stuck in failing urban school districts run by Far Left teacher unions. It also appeals to culturally conservative parents of all races who do not wish to see their children indoctrinated with Far Left cultural propaganda in the form of kindergarten sex-education, acceptance of non-standard English and anti-American history and social studies curricula.

In an op-ed based on the research for his book On the Road in Trump’s America: A Journey Into the Heart of a Divided Country, author Daniel Allott observed, after Obama was elected the Democratic Party began to embrace positions that only a couple of years earlier had been regarded as extreme, even among Democrats.

Once-fringe positions – including race-based reparations for slavery, decriminalization of illegal border crossings, government confiscation of certain types of guns and defunding of police departments – have suddenly become not only mainstream but almost mandatory for any candidate running for high office in the Democratic Party.

And previously acceptable positions – opposition to same-sex marriage, any restrictions on abortion and support for even modest enforcement of immigration law, for example – are now verboten for any Democrat aspiring to lead the party.

In three years of travelling through Trump country Mr. Allott learned that Democrats are increasingly seen as being out of step with residents of rural and industrial America because of their positions on the cultural issues, and that, we submit is the first big reason Donald Trump is going to be reelected.

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