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Tidal Wave of Opposition to Biden Gender-Identity Plan Growing

Last June the Biden Department of Education (DOE) released a proposed regulation that would expand the definition of biological “sex” to include the fluid concept of “gender identity.” (1) In response, over 200 members of the Title IX Network recorded their

disagreement with the plan (2). Numerous lawmakers and attorneys general issued strongly worded statements of disapproval, as well (3).

Last month, the DOE issued a second proposal designed to promote the participation of transgender athletes in women’s sports (4). In response, opposition to the Biden Title IX proposals has grown dramatically in recent days.

Even Democrats who hold otherwise Far Left positions are coming out against child mutilation. For example, Texas Democrat Rep. Shawn Thierry recently testified in support of a bill that would protect underage children from medical interventions designed to change their gender (9).

During the vote for Texas SB 14, a bill that bans child gender mutilation "treatments," Rep. Shawn Thierry (D-Houston) explained that over the past two years, she has researched the issues related to banning child gender modification, and she thought the best way to protect those children suffering from depression and gender dysphoria was to vote in favor of the legislation.

“As they navigate through the challenging journey of finding the best version of themselves, after listening to the debate today, I absolutely believe we should raise the age to 18 for children to receive GnRH analogs, cross-sex hormones, and to undergo potential irreversible body altering surgeries,” Thierry said on the House floor.

Thierry was applauded for her statements on the floor. The bill’s sponsor, Rep. Tom Oliverson (R-Cypress), called her speech “one of the most intellectually honest things I have ever seen” and said that “the world needs more leadership like this, courageous, thoughtful, and genuine,” according to reporting by The Texan.

State Senator Theirry was immediately condemned by Houston-area Democrats and later censured by the Meyerland Area Democrats Club.

May 10: Thirty-four state lawmakers sent a letter highlighting the growing wave of violent incidents by transgender activists, and urging the DOE to “immediately abandon its plan to release a new Title IX regulation.” (5)

May 12: A coalition of 26 state governors signed a letter calling on DOE Secretary Miguel Cardona to withdraw the proposed athletics regulation to “restore the protection of fairness in women’s and girls’ sports.” (6)

May 15: Twenty-two Republican senators called on the Biden Administration to withdraw its plan, which could prevent states from enforcing bans on transgender athletes competing in women’s sports (7).

May 16: The Attorneys General in nearly two dozen states sent letters urging the Biden Administration to uphold Title IX protections for female athletes (8).

A strong majority of the American public is opposed to the Biden gender-identity plan, as well. A YouGov public opinion survey found that 63% of American oppose expanding the definition of sex to include “gender identity,” and 71% do not believe transgender athletes should be allowed to participate in women’s sports (10).


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James Bryson
James Bryson
May 22, 2023

Sick criminality...PROSECUTE!


May 19, 2023

Finally, something sensible-sounding comes out of DC...and I fully expect the political hacks in both parties work on a "solution" that will totally disregard the will of We The People.


Mike M
Mike M
May 18, 2023

Wouldn't expect anything else from Bite-Me Biden and the rest of his Communist cronies. They're so dam*ed stupid they can't even define what a woman is in the first place!


COMMON SENSE must prevail to stop this attack on COMMON SENSE.

Mike M
Mike M
May 18, 2023
Replying to

Common sense is highly uncommon in Washington District of Corruption. In fact it's almost totally extinct these days.

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