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Time To Run To The Sound Of The Guns: Urge Your RNC Members To Vote For Harmeet Dhillon For Chairman

Running to the sound of the guns when there’s a battle brewing is what separates the patriots and heroes from the 97% who wait to commit until they figure out who is going to win.

And right now there’s a battle brewing for Chairman of the Republican National Committee that will decide whether the Republican Party contributes to the battle to save our constitutional Republic by fighting for conservative principles and winning elections, or continues to play the role of the controlled opposition, feebly mouthing platitudes on behalf of Uniparty politicians who make it indistinguishable from the Democrats.

You can read our friend Scott Pressler’s explanation of why he supports Harmeet Dhillon through this link. Scott has no official position or title with the Republican Party, but he is one of the Republican Party’s most effective grassroots operatives and through his voter registration drives, letter writing and inner-city clean-up campaigns he’s done more to grow the GOP in the last five or six years than the largely moribund RNC has in decades.

As Scott put it:

Harmeet Dhillon has demonstrated that she is the fighter that the RNC needs to lead us into victory in the upcoming 2024 presidential election cycle. Through her grassroots work at every level, battling with big tech and big government in the courtroom, and helping Republicans get elected around the country, I’ve been inspired to do everything I can to help her get elected to be our next RNC Chairwoman.

After three failed election cycles the grassroots conservatives who are the base of the GOP want a change; they want the failed incumbent – Ronna Romney McDaniel – replaced and have coalesced around all-star election integrity expert and constitutional lawyer Harmeet Dhillon.

Conservative activist Mike Cioffi of Virginia summed things up this way in a recent e-mail to national Party activists:

It is well known that the American people expected a Red Wave to occur in the 2022 mid-term elections; A tsunami was suggested by many. Instead, Republicans barely took control of the House by the slimmest of margins, and lost the Senate. In an environment of wokism, an open southern border, high crime rates, a faltering military, a senile President, government school chaos, fentanyl deaths reaching unspeakable numbers and out of control government spending, these election results are unthinkable. The current RNC Chairperson, Ronna Romney McDaniel, is not entirely to blame. Many components were the cause. However, when you consider his/her position responsibility, part of the blame certainly rests squarely there. A vote of confidence, a reward, by re-electing her is out of the question. National polling suggests that the overwhelming majority of Republican voters want Harmeet Dhillon to replace Ms. McDaniel. However, as we all know, select, elitist voting representatives seldom follow the will of the majority.

However, some members of the RNC have stepped up to demand change.

Virginia’s National Committeeman Morton Blackwell, the longest serving member of the Republican National Committee and founder of the Leadership Institute, was one of the first members of the National Committee to endorse Harmeet Dhillon.

We agree with our old friend Morton Blackwell, and who wouldn’t when you look at Ronna Romney McDaniel’s record of failure. Here’s Ronna Romney McDaniel’s record as chair:

2018. GOP loses the House

2020. GOP loses President and Senate

2022. Woefully disappointing. You know the numbers.

GOP even got wiped out in Michigan in 2022. Her HOME state. Lost the legislature. Lost all statewide offices. Passed 3 awful statewide ballot issues: a radical pro-abortion law, and an amendment to the MI constitution that will make it all but impossible for the Republican Party to carry Michigan in a presidential election.

And the RNC Student Council is going to re-elect her? This is an utter outrage. There are conservative leaders who have endorsed her. Why?

We need key Senators and House members to weigh in and to call for new leadership at the RNC. It is a corrupt and weak institution that needs wholesale change. Unless we don’t want to win again. Ever.

So, why would anyone with a vote on the Republican National Committee vote to extend Ronna Romney McDaniel’s record of failure?

One reason is personal self-interest. It is well known that relationships with the GOP leadership in DC can payoff big for well connected members of state party committees, and Ms. McDaniel has been working those connections, and promising jobs and support, to solidify her votes.

Another reason is that some members of RNC have personal relationships that appear to trump any qualitative assessment of the Chairman’s results – it’s completely infuriating to hear a supposedly seasoned political professional say they are going to vote for another two years of failure because “Ronna’s my friend and she asked me first,” but more than one RNC member has justified voting for Ms. McDaniel in just those terms.

This election shouldn’t be some inside baseball or horse-trading deal decided by who gets to dole out the millions raised by the RNC. At some point there must be recognition that the grassroots demand that the institutional Republican Party respond to the base’s expectation that RNC leaders will be focused on winning elections – which is what a political party is supposed to be all about.

How do we conservatives do that?

Run to the sound of the guns and start contacting your RNC voting members to let them know you expect new leadership at the RNC that is committed to winning.

At a time when there are increasing calls for a new conservative political party – and judging by the comments on the CHQ website those calls represent a deep vein of sentiment on the Right – reelecting Ronna Romney McDaniel, who has proven herself to be an ineffective Republican National Committee Chairman would be an act of institutional suicide for the GOP.

We urge CHQ readers and friends to go to to sign on to the campaign and to urge your Republican National Committee representatives to vote for Harmeet Dhillon for Chairman when the RNC election is conducted on January 27, 2023.

CHQ Editor George Rasley is a veteran of over 300 Republican political campaigns and 10 Republican National Conventions. He served as a Republican Precinct Committeeman in Indiana and Florida. His family has been involved in Republican politics for over 160 years, attending the first organizing convention of the Republican Party, serving as Secretary of the Convention that nominated Abraham Lincoln as President and representing the GOP in elective office from City Council to Congress.

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Artie Fox
Artie Fox
Jan 25, 2023

Republicans did not lose. The election was stolen. Elections need to come to an end if by some miracle Dems fail, using fraud.

Replying to

Spot on! Even the judicial branch of government has been corrupted by the evil left cabal.


Jan 25, 2023

I heard that Ronna McRunoff was going for a 4th term as RNC Chair. I would say that we shouldn't attack her over 2018, as that historically has been unfavorable to the party in charge. However, it seems she was already given a pass for that, if these are 2 year terms. I do blame her for the stolen election in 2020 and a continuation of the same theme in 2022. So she got another pass (or perhaps an award) for 2020. Election integrity is my biggest issue and I don't believe she is up for the task of restoring faith in our elections. Some accountability would be a step in the right direction. Mrs Dhillon might not have all…

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