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Transgender Ideology Spawns Terrorist Attack On Christians

Transgender ideology carried out its first terrorist attack as Audrey Hale, a 28-year-old female who “identified” as male attacked the Covenant Christian School in Nashville, Tennessee,

killing three 9-year-old children and three adult staff members.

In a predicable act of “misgendering” the establishment media has ignored Hale’s preferred pronouns and transgender identity and quickly pronounced her to be female in an attempt to obfuscate the connection between her assault on the school, her attachment to transgender ideology and its virulent anti-Christian tenets.

Rejection of the Biblical worldview and virulent anti-Christian rhetoric are central to transgender ideology. This was not a random attack – it was a classic example of the Marxism’s “propaganda of the deed,” very carefully structured for maximum ideological value on a very carefully chosen target, with great symbolic value to the Far Left radicals behind transgender ideology.

Covenant, which has about 200 students in preschool to sixth grade, was the only school that was targeted, Nashville police said. A second location was mentioned in Hale’s writings but was later abandoned “because of a threat assessment by the suspect, too much security.”

The New York Times reported the police said Hale appeared to have written a manifesto about the attack and drawn maps of the campus. The police found maps of the school that were drawn “in detail” and which noted the location of school surveillance cameras, entry points and other features.

Hale, who had once attended the school, opened fire in The Covenant School, a small, church-run private elementary school on the outskirts of Nashville, shortly before 10.13am, according to Nashville Police Department statements reported by the UK’s Daily Mail. Founded as a ministry of Covenant Presbyterian Church, The Covenant School is in the affluent Green Hills neighborhood just south of downtown Nashville.

The transgender terrorist - who was born female but often went by “Aiden” and used 'he/him' pronouns - harbored a “resentment” about having to attend the school as a child herself, reported the Daily Mail.

She shot and killed head teacher Katherine Koonce in the hallway in an 'assassination' style killing, in addition to shooting church custodian Mike Hill and substitute teacher Cynthia Peak.

Hale also murdered three nine-year-old students, Hallie Scraggs, William Kinney and Evelyn Dieckhaus.

It's unclear whether she targeted those children or their class, observed the Daily Mail. However, other reports have indicated the child killings were totally random.

Hale was armed with two semiautomatic rifles and a handgun and had planned the killing meticulously. But in just 14 minutes she was dead, cutdown by two police officers who shot her to fulfil her desire to be a martyr and die in the cause of transgender ideology.

However, before she gained her planned martyrdom she wanted to take as many Christians with her as she could. Newsweek reported Hale had come with "multiple rounds of ammunition" and "prepared to do more damage than was actually done," having been stopped from carrying out further bloodshed by being fatally shot by responding officers.

In answer to a question as to whether Hale’s transgender status might have any bearing on a motive, Metro Nashville Police Chief John Drake said: “There is some theory to that. We’re investigating all the leads and once we know exactly, we will let you know.”

Translation from cop-speak: The answer is YES, but even though police described Hale as a "lone zealot,” just as they do with Muslim terrorists, police are sticking to the line that “we may never know the motive,” thus allowing the attack to be attributed to mental instability, as opposed to having an ideological motive.

Is Audrey Hale the first of many transgenders who are ready to enact their violent agenda against Christians and others who oppose transgender ideology? Announced long before the killings at Covenant School, on April 1 in Washington DC, the transgender movement called for a “Trans Day Of Vengeance.” Vengeance against whom and for what? Believing in the Bible and science?

Radical Leftist groups like Black Lives Matter, ANTIFA and the LGBTQIA+ Movement love violence and use it as their preferred means of conflict resolution, observed writer and podcaster Michael Baxter. Indeed, there’s even a network of radical transgender gun groups that go by the name ‘Pink Pistols’. So, given the Left’s well-document love of violence to advance their social and cultural causes, it is very likely that transgender killer Audrey Hale is not a one-off nutjob, but the first terrorist motivated by transgender ideology who was willing to die for the cause.

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Unfortunately, Republicans like Josh Hawley appear to be caving in to the left--like this RESIST legislation, or whatever it is called, kicking around Congress.


Liberty Belle
Liberty Belle
29 mars 2023

The batch chose April Fools' Day...not a coincidence.


It's a tragedy to be sure. But in the end, small prices to pay for our Second Amendment rights.

En réponse à

Exactly. The solution is to have an armed police officer at the school to deter punks like this deranged nut.


I've read on Twitter that Evelyn Dieckhaus pulled the fire alarm before she was murdered


She may not be a one-off nut job, but transgenderism is a symptom of mental instability. Ideology plays an added role. What's interesting is that all of her weapons were legally purchased. That means she underwent security checks for each purchase. This leads one to wonder what good the process really is. She purchased the guns in different stores. By the third purchase by the same person in as many different stores, the FBI should have recognized a developing pattern. The background check system is about as effective as the TSA airport security system. Like most government operations, it costs a lot of time and money and is a general nuisance, but doesn't really accomplish much.

One more thought: she…

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