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Trump ‘Careening Towards A Historic Performance’ With Black Voters

We take the burden of watching, reading and listening to Leftwing “journalists” so that the good folks who subscribe to CHQ don’t have to. Most of the Leftwing media is so

predictable (Orange Man Bad) that we can hit the mute button and still accurately summarize their reporting at the end of any given news segment.

But CNN shocked us recently with a surprisingly honest article by top data analyst, Harry Enten, whom we quoted in our article “The Democrat ‘Trump A Convicted Criminal’ Ad Backfires Spectacularly.”

Now Mr. Enten has posted another interesting analysis that has Democrats in a panic.*

Enten said on that Monday former President Donald Trump is hurtling toward a remarkable performance with black voters in the 2024 election.

Trump has significantly shrunk his deficit with President Joe Biden among black Americans in the six battleground states, with the current president leading the former president 70% to 18%, a May New York Times/Siena College poll found. Enten, on “CNN News Central,” was stunned by how Trump is performing with black Americans as a Republican candidate, as well as how unpopular Biden is becoming with these voters.

“I keep looking for this to change, to go back to a historical norm and it, simply put, has not yet. So this is the margin, or, Biden and Trump among black voters, compare where we were at this point in 2020, compare to where we are now. At this point, look at this. In 2020, Joe Biden was getting 86% of the African American vote. Look at where it is now. It’s 70%, that’s a 16-point drop, John,” Enten told host John Berman. “And more than that, it’s not just that Joe Biden is losing ground. It’s that Donald Trump is gaining ground. You go from 7%, single digits at this point in 2020, to now 21% and again, John, I keep looking for signs that this is going to go back to normal and I don’t see it yet in the polling of anything right now. We’re careening towards a historic performance for a Republican presidential candidate, the likes of which we have not seen in six decades.”


According to Jason Cohen’s transcript of the segment Enten told Berman that Biden is not losing as many older black voters but is hemorrhaging the youth.


“This is where we get very interesting,” Enten said. “So, I decided to deep dive deeper into the cross tabs, figure out where is it that Joe Biden is truly struggling among black voters. All right, so this is black voters, Biden versus Trump margin. Look at black voters aged fifty and older and you’ll see it. Look, Joe Biden was leading amongst this group at this point by 83 points back in 2020. Now, it’s 74 points, so yeah, a slight decline in that margin, but nothing out of this world.”


“Look at black voters under the age of 50,” the data reporter continued. “Holy cow, folks, holy cow. Look at this. Joe Biden was up by 80 points among this group back at this point in 2020, look at where that margin has careened down towards. It’s now just, get this, 37 points. That lead has dropped by more than half, Mr. Berman. I’ve just never seen anything like this. I’m like speechless because you always look at history and you go, ‘okay, this is a historic moment.’ If this polling is anywhere near correct, we’re looking at a historic moment right now, where black voters under the age of 50, which have historically been such a big part of the democratic coalition, are leaving in droves.”


Why the shift?

Stephen Moore suggested, in a recent edition of the Committee to Unleash Prosperity Hotline (you really should subscribe it’s free) that the reason for the defection of young black Americans from their historical support for the Democratic Party is economics – black and Hispanic families have been crushed by Bidenflation.

But Trump still has a long way to go to solidify his growing support in the Black community.

“Communities of color aren’t leaning toward the right, they’re leaning toward Trump,” Darrell Scott, a Black pastor and longtime Trump ally who co-founded the National Diversity Coalition for Trump in 2016 told WTOP Radio. Pastor Scott is calling on the RNC to ramp up and reform its efforts. Scott said Black voters support Democrats because of the party’s longtime outreach to the community, which the GOP has not matched, and said the 2024 election presents an opportunity that the party shouldn’t waste. “Trump is the draw; Trump is the magnet.”

Having worked as Jack Kemp’s lead advance representative when he was the GOP’s leading figure (often the only GOP figure) advocating and conducting outreach and events in Black neighborhoods, we can assure the GOP establishment that Pastor Scott is right. What’s more, getting a receptive audience in Black neighborhoods isn’t that hard. America’s inner cities have many young entrepreneurs and young people striving for success who are natural conservatives – they just need to be made welcome and shown that their natural political home is the MAGA Movement.

CHQ editor George Rasley first met Jack Kemp and became a supporter in 1982 when he hosted a fundraiser in Elkhart County, Indiana featuring Kemp. Rasley served as Kemp’s lead advance representative during the 1996 Dole-Kemp campaign.


*Hat tips to Jason Cohen and Steve Moore for alerting us to go watch Mr. Enten’s segment.

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