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Trump Indictment Explained

The bottom line on the latest Democrat indictment of former President Donald Trump can be explained in one short sentence: It’s to get Donald Trump before a biased, DC swamp judge and jury.

And, surprise, surprise, the judge assigned to the case is District Court Judge Tanya Chutkan, an Obama appointee.

Judge Chutkin has already shown her bias against former President Trump and the J6 defendants.

Judge Chutkin has repeatedly spoken out in very strong terms against what she calls the efforts to overturn the election and disrupt the transfer of power.

As CNN Reported:

In November 2021, Chutkan forcefully rejected Trump’s attempts to block the House select committee investigating January 6 from accessing more than 700 pages of records from his White House.

“Presidents are not kings, and Plaintiff is not President,” Chutkan wrote in her ruling.

Chutkan, like many other federal judges in Washington, has presided over dozens of criminal cases against alleged January 6 rioters. She has been outspoken about the riot at several sentencing hearings – calling the violence an assault on American democracy and warning of future danger from political violence – and has repeatedly gone over what prosecutors have requested for convicted rioters’ prison sentences.

At a December 2021 sentencing hearing, she looked ahead to the 2024 election, saying that “every day we are hearing about reports of anti-democratic factions, people plotting potential violence in 2024.”

“It has to be made clear that trying to stop the peaceful transition of power, assaulting law enforcement, is going to be met with certain punishment,” she said.

Chutkan has even tacitly referenced Trump during criminal sentencings, saying to one rioter that he “did not go to the United States Capitol out of any love for our country. … He went for one man.”

At a sentencing hearing on October 4, 2021, she acknowledged the nationwide attention on the Capitol riot cases.

“The country is watching to see what the consequences are for something that has not ever happened in the country before,” Chutkan said, adding that the January 6 rioters “soiled and defaced the halls of the Capitol and showed their contempt for the rule of law.”

At that same hearing, she also rejected comparisons between January 6 and the 2020 protests against racial inequality.

“To compare the actions of people around the country protesting, mostly peacefully, for civil rights, to a violent mob seeking to overthrow the lawfully elected government is a false equivalency and downplays the very real danger that the crowd on January 6 posed to our democracy,” she said.

At a sentencing hearing on October 13, 2021, she decried the historic implications of the “violent occupation of the US Capitol.”

“What you’re being punished for is the decision to take that protest and turn it into a violent occupation of the US Capitol… at a time when we were attempting the peaceful transfer of power. Something that has never been interrupted in our country’s history,” she said.

At a sentencing hearing in January 2022, she said the pro-Trump insurrection nearly succeeded.

“This wasn’t Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure,” Chutkan said before sentencing two friends who came to the Capitol. “They came to Washington knowing full well the events of January 6,” adding that “their actions were an assault on the American people.”

She added: “This was a violent attempted overthrow of the government … and it almost succeeded.”

All the extraneous comments disparaging the defendants’ political views and claiming that a violent attempt to overthrow the government almost succeeded (which is complete nonsense) are clearly disqualifying.

Every DC judge has denied every change of venue motion in every J6 case, even for high profile trials. We’re predicting Judge Chutkin won’t willingly take herself off the case because her role in getting Donald Trump convicted is a feature, not a bug, of our present two-tiered system of justice.

Trump’s lawyers have less than a week to brief and file a motion for a change of venue and to disqualify Judge Tanya Chutkin from hearing the case, they should start typing.

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What these fools do not get is our nations freedoms are being stolen every time the Democrats do anything! They speak of Democracy, but they do not know the meaning of the word! The left and the Dems want communism, NOT FREEDOM AND THE CONSTITUTION! THEY LIE AND PLAY GAMES! WE HAVE GOT TO GET THEM OUT OF THE GOVERNMENT OF AMERICA IS TOAST TO COMMUNISM!!!!!! Americans HAVE THE RIGHT TO THROW OUT ANY GOVERTMNMENT THAT IS AGAINST THE TRUTH OF OUR FOUNDING! THEY DESERVE TO ALL BE THROWN AS FAR OUT AS POSSIBLE AND THE REAL GOVERNMENT and THE CONSTITUTION STOOD FOR! We are in a very serious time: THERE IS PROOF OF THE STOLEN ELECTION THAT IS …


Judge Tanya Chutkin is a nasty corrupt woman. She has no business being a judge. She is a prime example why we need an Article V Convention of the States. Judges, among other federal employees, need to be term limited.


Chutkin has made up many falsehoods as shown in the article. That is proof positive that she is a True Democrat and shouldn't be a Judge because she is clearly biased. And yes, she is CORRUPT, and her comments prove she is nasty.


Phil O'Connell
Phil O'Connell

He will be found guilty, the supreme court will eventually over turn. The left will use this as a reason to make changes to the court. I believe this is the long game.

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