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Trump Leading In Swing States, But Will It Matter?

Former President Trump is pulling more support than President Biden in at least seven swing states that are likely going to determine the election, a survey reported by Lauren Sforza of The Hill found.

The Bloomberg News/Morning Consult poll found Biden trailing Trump in several critical states — Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, North Carolina, Nevada and Wisconsin — when voters were asked who they would support in a hypothetical general election. Large shares of the respondents voiced concerns with Biden’s age, while a significant percentage said Trump was dangerous.


Across all seven states, 48 percent of voters said they would back Trump, and 43 percent would back Biden. Trump’s lead appeared to be the strongest in North Carolina, where he is 9 points ahead of Biden — bringing in 50 percent support compared to Biden’s 41 percent, MS, Sforza’s analysis showed.


The Tar Heel State, which Trump won in the 2020 election, was the only state the former president garnered at least 50 percent of support in the new survey. Neither candidate clinched a majority show of support in any of the other swing states.


Trump maintained a 6-point lead over Biden in Arizona, Nevada, Georgia and Pennsylvania in the recent poll — four states Biden carried in 2020, noted Ms. Sforza.


The gap is closer in Wisconsin and Michigan — which Biden also won in the last presidential election. In the Badger State, Biden trails the Republican presidential front-runner by 4 percentage points and trails him by 2 percentage points in the Great Lakes State — where Trump has 46 percent of support and Biden has 44 percent.

 Bloomberg News noted that overall, about 8 in 10 voters across all states said Biden was too old and nearly 6 in 10 voters labeled Trump as dangerous. However, voters were also more likely to describe the former president as mentally fit than the incumbent, reported Ms. Sforza.


But conservatives remain concerned that swing states run by Democrats will not conduct fair and unbiased elections or will simply cheat to ensure that Trump does not win.


Ongoing investigations in the Swing States reveal hundreds of thousands of votes were altered and/or not lawfully cast in the Presidential Election. Joe Biden needed them. On Election Night Nov. 3, 2020, President Donald J. Trump was sailing to reelection with landslide leads in numerous battlegrounds. In Georgia, President Trump was up by 12 points, and over 335,000 votes, with 56 percent of the vote in at 10:17 p.m. In Wisconsin, President Trump was leading by 121,380 votes and 5 points at 12:12 a.m., which Fox News anchor Bret Baier noted was “not a small margin.” In Pennsylvania, President Trump was leading by 659,145 votes at 12:38 a.m., a full 15 points. In Michigan, President Trump was leading by 293,052 votes and 10 points.


But these leads were erased in midnight ballot dumps and other shady activities never seen in previous elections.


Since the 2020 election was called for Biden, investigations across the country have uncovered an avalanche of irregularities, unlawful activity, manipulation of election records, destruction of evidence, and fraud.

Republican poll watchers were denied access to the counting in multiple jurisdictions and ballots were counted in secret in the middle of the night without media or observers present. Countless irregularities emerged, including reports of ineligible voters, voting machine anomalies, “water main breaks,” improbable percentages of ballots for Biden, and more. For the study demonstrating the veracity of these claims go to

The Republican National Committee said it aims to train tens of thousands of poll watchers who can be deployed in 2024 and has launched a full-time "Election Integrity Department" that has hired more than 15 staff across the United States.

The committee said these steps would be independent of the campaign of former President Donald Trump, the party's likely nominee to face Democratic President Joe Biden.


The question is, will these efforts be enough to prevent the theft of the 2024 election, when the RNC failed so miserably in 2020 and 2022?

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"Too Big to Rig" is the only strategy that will win. Overwhelm the Democrat-RINO corrupt collusion to rig the election for the Democrat candidate.

We must all do our best to get EVERYONE to vote for Trump in 2024... the only way to save our Republic.

Replying to

Trump 47! Take down the corrupt Deep State. MAGA forever.


Brad Cote
Brad Cote
Mar 02

Mark me on this. If Joe Biden is still at the top of the democrat ticket in November the democrats know they can manufacture enough votes where it counts (swing states) so that they can win any election. Even one running an Alzheimer's patient.

Our only hope is a non-swing state flip to Trump negating the shenanigans.


If the Deep State has their way, it definitely will not matter. There will not be a United States as we know it if President Trump does not win the 2024 election. My fear is that uninformed American voters will aid their cause by voting for Biden/Harris/Newsome or whatever candidate the Socialist/Progressive Democrats saddle us with. And the GOP's horrible performance in the 2018, 2020, 2022, and 2023 elections does not inspire confidence.

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