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Trump Stronger After ‘Conviction’

According to an exclusive snap poll for the “guilty” verdict in Manhattan only improved the former President Donald Trump's standing with likely voters ahead of the 2024 election.

Of those who said the 34 guilty counts had changed their view of Donald Trump, 22 percent said they now had a more favorable rating compared with 16 percent who said they viewed him more negatively.

That six-point net positive result, and in particular the numbers that show a four-point net positive impact among independent voters, is another sign that the Democrats’ lawfare against Trump is backfiring.

What’s more, within 24 hours of the verdict, almost $53 million was donated to Trump, about a third of it reportedly from new donors. Some donations were small, some were big, Elon Musk and other very wealthy Americans threw their support to Trump, including Sequoia Founder Shaun Maguire, who donated $300,000. In a long explanation he told how he had changed his mind about Trump and why this is “one of the most important elections of my lifetime,” reported our friend Clarice Feldman in a column for the American Thinker.

Ace pollster Tony Fabrizio, who polls for the Trump campaign, has been tracking awareness and impact of the Trump Trial across seven top target states for several weeks. In his Wednesday night combined data, 26% of likely voters said that the New York trial was the top story they were following. In his May 30 data, it spiked to 41% who said that the New York trial was the top story they were following. Further, when asked what they had seen, read or heard about Donald Trump in the past day or so, on Wednesday 49% mentioned the New York trial case. On Thursday night, those mentions jumped to 61%. He also saw the number of voters who said they were following the trial closely tick up from 62% on Wednesday to 65% on Thursday.

Yet despite this marked increase in awareness, there was no change in voters’ opinions of the trial – 52% said they thought the trial was politically motivated in Wednesday’s data and it stayed at 52% in last night’s data. As importantly, as illustrated by the table below, President Trump’s lead in every ballot iteration remained statistically unchanged.

The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Friday shows that 44% of Likely U.S. Voters approve of President Biden’s job performance. Fifty-five (55%) disapprove.


The latest figures include 24% who Strongly Approve of the job Biden is doing and 45% who Strongly Disapprove. This gives him a Presidential Approval Index rating of -21.

A YouGov poll conducted in the wake of the verdict found that 27% of voters said the conviction made them less likely to vote for Trump, while 26% said they were more likely to vote for him and 39% said the verdict "makes no difference" in how they'll vote.


The results were even more stark along partisan lines, with 50% of Republicans saying they're more likely to vote for Trump. Meanwhile, 44% of Democrats said they're now even less likely to vote for him.

The bottom line?

In our view the election hinges upon Trump driving his base turnout — and it appears the “conviction” is already serving as turnout and fundraising fuel.

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They have already started with hanging the moniker of "Convicted Felon" Donald Trump, as we knew they would, soooooo, I think we should counter, and the Trump campaign should embrace the moniker of "The Outlaw Donald J. Trump" as not only does it have a nice ring to it, but also brings to mind "The Outlaw Josey Wells" a true rebel and bringer of justice, a total bad ass!

Campaigns are all about snapshots and sound bites, which "The Outlaw Donald J. Trump" would be well suited for, but also, just imagine the memes!


But all the money and votes in the world will NOT overcome the fraud that will take place. They have the fraud down to a science and no matter how many millions Trump gets or how many votes cast for him they WILL NEVER let him enter the Oval Office no matter what they have to do to make that happen. The past 3+ years have also proven that no matter how much proof positive evidence is brought forward the Judicial system is every bit as corrupt at every level as our federal government. I believe they will nominate Nikki Haley at the convention. Nikki Haley is NOT a conservative and she is NOT a natural born citizen. I w…

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