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Trump Unbowed

Perhaps President Trump had a premonition a year ago that Soros-funded Far Left Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg was going to indict him (without evidence) when he commissioned a new paint job and overhaul of his famous “Trump Force One” Boeing 757.

The brilliant new paint job and the huge “TRUMP” in gold capital letters was an apt metaphor for the former president’s response to what Democrats hoped would be a humiliating day for Donald Trump.

Instead of a humiliation it was another opportunity for Trump to give a big “in your face” middle finger to Bragg, activist Democrat Judge Juan Merchan overseeing the case and Trump-haters everywhere.

The New York Post’s Ben Kesslen reported when the indictment was finally unsealed yesterday, it charged Mr. Trump with a stunning 34 felony counts tied to falsifying business records — claiming he orchestrated a scheme to “influence the 2016 presidential election” and continued to break the law after taking office. (You can read the indictment through this link to Mr. Kennlen’s article in the Post.)

However, if the Trump-haters expected him to be cowed they were to be disappointed.

Trump defiantly took to social media to describe the experience as “SURREAL” as his motorcade escorted him from his Trump Tower residence to the courthouse so he could surrender.

“Heading to Lower Manhattan, the Courthouse. Seems so SURREAL — WOW, they are going to ARREST ME. Can’t believe this is happening in America. MAGA!” he posted on Truth Social just moments before turning himself in.

And no sooner had he entered his plea than his campaign began a t-shirt campaign promoting “Not Guilty” t-shirts complete with a mock mugshot in exchange for a $47 contribution.

“[George] Soros believes that with his hand-picked D.A. – Alvin Bragg – having ARRESTED President Trump for committing no crime, they can bleed our campaign dry by dragging us through witch hunt after witch hunt​,” Trump’s Make America Great Again campaign said in an emailed to donors.

​”​But what better way to PROVE that our campaign will NEVER SURRENDER our country to the Left’s tyranny than countless grassroots patriots proudly wearing their very own ‘NOT GUILTY’ T-Shirts,” it continued.

The email included an image of a t-shirt emblazoned with a black-and-white version of President Trump’s official White House photo and the legend “NOT GUILTY.”

If you want one you better click this link soon because we figure they are going to sell out fast. (BTW we are not being paid or otherwise compensated if you do click the link, we just like giving the “ya muddah” to the Uniparty and other Trump-haters.)

And, in what might be the ultimate irony, on the day President Trump was indicted Soros-funded Far Left Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, 2,700 miles west the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals on Tuesday awarded Trump an additional $121,962.56 in attorney fees from porn star Stormy Daniels, AKA, Stephanie Clifford.

This is in addition to the $500,000 Stormy already owes Trump for her baseless defamation case against the former president, reported the Gateway Pundit. The order came down from the federal appeals court just as Trump left court for his arraignment on charges stemming from alleged ‘hush payments’ he purportedly made to Stormy Daniels.

Mike Cernovich pretty well summed up the day’s events when he tweeted:

FLASH: Watch President Trump's remarks on his indictment without the Leftwing commentary via this link to CSPAN.

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President Trump cannot do everything by himself. These charges a total joke; he'll beat this in court especially with his great legal team.

The big question is what will he do when he is re-elected as our 47th President. He not only has to fight the Socialist Democrats. He has to fight his own party--you know, the bunch that made Biden our 46th head honcho.

That is what needs to change going forward, and I do not think it will. The GOP is so treacherous that I almost think it might be better to see him run for election as an independent or with a third party.


Apr 05, 2023

This particular phrase has been tossed around a lot lately: "no one is above the law." Bragg himself said it in a presser after the deed was done. There is no truth to the phrase. There are plenty of people who are "above the law." Let's start with the illegal immigrants that are in this country without a valid visa. We have "sanctuary cities" and border policies that encourage this law breaking. Bragg is not cracking down on that..not on all the thugs who are rampaging throughout his city...he's sent criminals the message that he is soft on crime. Bragg doesn't care about the law, he cares about the fame (infamy) the Trump case is bringing him. For anyone else…

Replying to

Biden is essentially a foreign agent working for the CCP. He would never have shot down that spy balloon if media coverage had not literally shamed him into doing so. People in Taiwan need to start hanging pictures of Chairman Mao in their living rooms.

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