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Unusually Cruel: How the J6 Political Prisoners are Treated Inside the DC Jail

Yesterday, Representatives Marjorie Taylor Greene (GA-14) and Louie Gohmert (TX-01) conducted a news conference and released a report on the cruel, unusual, and

discriminatory conditions under which those detained in relation to the January 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol are being held.

Although we summarize the major findings here, the full 28-page report is available to download through this link and we strongly urge CHQ readers and friends to read the report, forward it to your family, friends and other email contacts, and most importantly call your Representative and Senators to demand they act to put an end to the abuse of these political prisoners. The toll-free Capitol Switchboard is (1-866-220-0044) call today.

On Thursday, November 4, 2021, U.S. Representatives Marjorie Taylor Greene (GA-14) and

Louie Gohmert (TX-01)—along with their staffs—were given a three-and-a-half-hour tour of

two DC Department of Corrections (DOC) facilities at 1901 D St. SE: the Central Detention

Facility (CDF) and Central Treatment Facility (CTF). The purpose of the congressional visit was to inspect the conditions of the two facilities, specifically the treatment of inmates held in the CTF in relation to the events of January 6, 2021.

After a heated confrontation with the Mayor’s representative, Mr. Kinlow, and DOC staff,

Representatives and staff were finally taken to see the January 6 inmates in the CTF.

Congressmembers Greene and Gohmert refused to leave until the tour included the January 6 inmates. Notwithstanding the warm welcome from the inmates, the physical conditions in which they are held could only be described as inhumane.

For example, cells in the January 6 wing of the CTF were extremely small, composed of a single toilet, sink, and a small bed cot. The walls of the rooms had residue of human feces, bodily fluids, blood, dirt, and mold. The community showers were recently scrubbed of black mold—some of which remained. The interior walls of the common area were also freshly painted. According to the inmates, the U.S. Marshals had recently visited the area just days before, which caused a flurry of activity by guards to clean up the January 6 area while the U.S. Marshals were inspecting another area.

Inmates explained that they did not have access to their attorneys, families, or proper nutrition from the jail. Shortly after entering the January 6 wing of the CTF, inmates assembled for their daily salute to the American flag and singing of the national anthem. Following almost an hour of personal interviews with January 6 detainees, all in attendance—except the DC jail staff—gathered in a circle while Congresswoman Greene closed the group in prayer. At approximately 10:15 p.m., Members and staff exited the facilities.

The congressional visit to the D.C. jail on November 4 unquestionably proved that there is a two-track justice system in the United States. This two-tiered system is not based on race, violence, or conviction of crime, but politics.

This report demonstrates that pre-trial inmates related to January 6 are treated more harshly than any other inmates in the D.C. jail, even though they have yet to be convicted of any crime. While Young Men Emerging (YME) and other convicted inmates are given access to flat screen TV’s, moot court lessons, and educational iPads, January 6 detainees are denied basic medical care, bathrooms, exercise, religious services, haircuts, and a nutritious diet.

If that were not enough, the outright duplicity of those overseeing the jail could not be more

evident. For example, DOC staff were overly conscientious about every person wearing masks in the general population area but could care less about masks or face shields when the congressional delegation interacted with the January 6 inmates in close proximity for over an hour.

Moreover, almost every hallway of the jail was covered in advertisements encouraging inmates to register to vote while some inmates cannot see their families or contact their attorneys. Furthermore, it remains difficult to resist the conclusion that DOC staff support the

dissemination of racist and anti-American propaganda to inmates, whether in the form of Nation of Islam newspapers, Critical Race Theory articles, or academic studies teaching young inmates that the United States perpetuates a racial caste system. While these materials are ubiquitous throughout the jail, many inmates cannot get Bibles or basic legal materials to aid in their case work.

The sad, but unsurprising, reality of the D.C. jail reveals that the primary programming goal was centered around access to voting and anti-American propaganda. If preponderance of the evidence is any indicator, it seems more likely that the jail staff was more concerned with

inmates voting and understanding that America is racist than ensuring basic healthcare, diet, and civil liberties are preserved. While it cannot be denied that the jail does provide educational resources to some inmates, it is largely dependent on whim rather than equal access about who receives it.

While the delegation sincerely appreciates the DOC staff for providing the tour of the facility, it should not have taken three visits, one congressional letter, and a forced confrontation with the D.C. Mayor’s representative and DOC staff for Members of Congress to inspect a jail they have the constitutional duty and prerogative to oversee. As Representatives Greene and Gohmert pointed out, if there is nothing to hide, there should be no issue in seeing these inmates or their conditions.

Since the Marshals Service has already declared a portion of the facility unhospitable for more than 400 inmates, and the D.C. Mayor’s Office has already signed a memorandum of

understanding with the Marshals admitting that there is a need to correct certain problems,

clearly more work remains to improve inmate conditions throughout the jail.

We strongly urge CHQ readers and friends to read the report, forward it to your family, friends and other email contacts, and most importantly call your Representative and Senators to demand they act to put an end to the abuse of these political prisoners. The toll-free Capitol Switchboard (1-866-220-0044) call today.

To download the report in PDF format go to

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Incarcerating citizens who did nothing more than exercise their right to peacefully assemble and petition their government for the redress of grievances is unconscionable. It flies in the face of the Constitution and American tradition. This Washington DC jail is nothing more than a gulag. The 1/6 inmates need to be released and financially compensated. All government officials who have had a hand in it should themselves be jailed and heavily fined.

Respondendo a

At least they did not kill or injure anyone--the capitol police was not as kind to Ashli Babbitt. And those same police let the protesters in.


It is called an "insurrection" by the media. An insurrection with no weapons. The media hypocrisy and distortion continues.

Respondendo a

Not sure what you are referring to. By "weapons" I meant firearms (guns). An insurrection with no firearms? Deep State liberal hypocrisy.


Charles Wilkins
Charles Wilkins
08 de dez. de 2021

Crash and Grab lefts new holiday's battle cry, the left can't govern from biden to democrat governors to democrat mayors to democrat DA's.It's the American right, to protect your family, your home and your property, remember the left's battle cry, de fund the police. States follow the lead of Florida,take back your state from the crazy socialism ideas that don't work. State's, take back control of your state, from Federal abuse, un American mandates from the mental loss dictatorship just are not working. Florida takes the lead again, against biden corruption, Biden is trying to kill our Country, lack of border security,control, energy shortages, Great idea Ron DeSantic, has hope other States follow their lead, Florida Governor DeSantis to recreate…

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