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Was January 6 An FBI Set Up?

If you haven’t been following Revolver’s reporting on the players in the lead-up to and day-of the January 6 Capitol riot and the great Julie Kelly’s reporting on what’s happened to those

arrested for their alleged participation in the riot you should.

No other reporters have delved as deeply into the players, the events of the day and the aftermath than have those two and the picture that has emerged from their reporting is both scandalous and frightening.

Julie Kelly reported for American Greatness on the release of video the Biden Justice Department and Capitol Police have been trying to keep under wraps. It shows what we reported in the immediate aftermath of the riot – that many of those accused of trespassing and similar crimes by the Capitol Police and FBI were actually invited into the Capitol by the Capitol Police.

To us this means, in a rational world governed by the Constitution, the government’s case against anyone identified in the video, such as Ethan Nordean who forced the disclosure of the video, couldn’t survive a motion to dismiss.

The continued incarceration of Ethan Nordean is shameful commentary on our two-tiered system of justice. Mr. Nordean is accused of “forcibly” entering the building; he faces two felony counts for conspiracy and obstruction of an official proceeding. He’s been incarcerated since his arrest last February. His trial is set for May 2022, so we shall see if disclosure of the exonerating video gets him out or if he must fester for another year in a Seattle jail.

But the biggest new development in the investigation into the origins and aftermath of the January 6 riot is the release of Revolver’s deep dive into the video evidence of who was involved in inciting the “breach” of the Capitol.

And what the evidence revealed by Revolver’s reporting shows is that the riot was likely incited and led by federal agents, informants and provocateurs.

Indeed, Revolver’s reporting shows that the first breach of the Capitol was orchestrated by a team led by one Ray Epps, a longtime associate of Oath Keepers FBI informant Stewart Rhodes.

Epps and Rhodes go back at least to 2010 and both were in the middle of the January 6 riot, yet both have remained not only unindicted, but both were effectively ghosted by the FBI from any association with the riot.

Revolver documented how on the night of January 5 Epps made a 90-minute excursion in the plaza where Trump supporters were gathered, as he moved from group to group, his one task was getting them “focused” on the mission for the next day. Whenever a different speaker or conversationalist aired a different grievance against any MAGA adversary, Epps would insist: “We’re here for another reason.”

And that reason was storming the Capitol. On multiple livestreams captured by Revolver, Epps moves from group to group throughout the plaza, barging in and insisting everyone “stay focused” on “what we’re here for” — which he would then explain meant going inside the US Capitol building. When asked to give a reason for his crazy plot, Epps would continually fall back on his catch-all rationale: “It’s about the Constitution.”

Epps’s insistence that everyone “stay focused” on going inside the Capitol came across as so disingenuous that the crowd started calling him out with chants of “Fed, Fed, Fed” but he persisted for better than an hour and a half the night of January 5 and showed up front and center on January 6 and being caught on video actually giving orders to “Breach Team 6.”

But there’s a final piece of the Revolver reporting that is even more shocking.

Once people started to notice that Epps was easily identified and had even given an interview to his local newspaper in Arizona – while remaining on the FBI’s list of “most wanted” unidentified January 6 suspects – the FBI, as Revolver intuited, panicked and Ray Epps and his associates suddenly disappeared from the FBI’s Capitol Violence most wanted list.

In our previous reporting on FBI involvement in the events of January 6th, we have been careful to distinguish the case of “Federal foreknowledge” from that of “Federal incitement.”

Here’s the bottom line from the Revolver report:

The case of “mere” Federal foreknowledge of the so-called “siege on the Capitol” is bad enough, and amounts to a national scandal in its own right. Indeed, if elements of the federal government knew in advance of conspiracies to “siege the Capitol” or otherwise disrupt the Senate proceeding on 1/6, the natural question arises as to why they did nothing to stop it. Given that the government and their allies in the Regime media have framed 1/6 as a 9/11-caliber domestic terror event, the possibility that elements of the federal government knew about it in advance, and yet sat back and let it happen for political purposes, is incredibly damning. This would amount to nothing less than the government conspiring, for the most malicious of political reasons, to falsely cast tens of millions of law-abiding patriotic Americans as domestic terrorists.

Here's another FBI-related datapoint to ponder courtesy of American Greatness:

Kash Patel, the chief of staff to the Acting United States Secretary of Defense under President Donald Trump, told Epoch Times host Jan Jekielek that on Jan. 4, 5, and 6 he was on the phone with President Trump, then-Chief-of-Staff Mark Meadows and the Department of Homeland Security to discuss security around the Capitol, but Wray was noticeably absent from those phone calls even though his participation was requested, and it was in the FBI’s purview to help keep the Capitol safe.

Where was Cristopher Wray and what was he doing that was more important than managing the response to the predicted riot?

We urge CHQ readers and friends to read the entire Revolver report and watch the embedded videos – it is long but worth it, but the inescapable takeaway will chill you to the bone.

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"And what the evidence revealed by Revolver’s reporting shows is that the riot was likely incited and led by federal agents, informants and provocateurs."

Of course those of us with eyes open knew this already. Sure does seem to take an awful lot of time and "investigations" to get around to "discovering" what we already know to be true. Things like the election was fraudulent, COVID is not as dangerous as it is made out to be, the vaccines don't work as well as we're told they do are are not as safe as they are claimed to be, masks and lockdowns don't work, the greatest spreader of misinformation is the main stream media, the left is not just wrong…


Oct 27, 2021

John Sullivan , of the BLM , was there at the doorway where Ashley Babbitt was murdered . Why was he there ? He wore Trump hat and other Trump / patriotic paraphernalia . John Sullivan is the person who videoed the murder of Ashley Babbitt. This means , he was at the point of deepest penetration into the capital. And, he was at the point of deepest penetration because he led the crowd into the building . He was part of the set-up .

Replying to

Yes, he was. And will the officer who killed Ashli ever be charged or indicted criminally?


The whole thing was a Deep State plot to discredit President Trump, plain and simple.

Replying to

I actually like when the name calling begins, I merely yawn, check my watch and NEVER deny any name they use, as we are expected to go into defense mode. No a smirk is generally much better, as the name calling usually mean they got nothing and are close to tears, your job at that point is to take obvious glee in their frustration, thereby assuring the tears will flow. It truly is a sight to see, watching a Snowflake melt down, nature at it's finest!


Cliff CliffordG
Cliff CliffordG
Oct 26, 2021

It was well-known and DOCUMENTED (as well as recorded on VIDEO) that vans carrying BLM and "antifa" members were HIRED (probably by soros and piglosi) bused in, given "MAGA" gear to blend in, and were seen ON VIDEO being let in by "capitol police" LONG before PRESIDENT TRUMP'S speech was done. This was INDEED a "government-funded" "soros funded", "set-up", and anyone that disagrees, is either deaf, dumb, BLIND, and BRAINWASHED, or a part of the "takeover" of this country by the communist CABAL that stole the election to install their two bought and paid for chinese communist "puppets" mentally-ill, dementia-Joe, and the constitutionally-ineligible, worthless, brainless "HO" "heels-up harris.

Replying to

I think you mean "No," because you're not capable of providing a shred of court admissible evidence. You even say yourself it can't be found by the most powerful search engine on earth.


Oct 26, 2021

The left will take this event as far as it can up to the 2022 mid-terms, and probably further. The old hag from San Fransicko, who is at the bottom of J6, is taking a giant dump on this country as her last insidious act before she rides her broom off into the sunset...sunset of the Republic, that is.

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